11 Sample Drip Emails to Gain More Sales

Drip emails for auto dealers

Drip emails can go by other names like, drip marketing, lifecycle mails, marketing automation, but they all mean the same thing. Essentially, they are automated emails that are sent out to spread the word of a marketing campaign that could come in different forms. For example, drip emails may be sent to remind customers of upcoming deadlines, or promote a new deal to gain additional sales. Regardless of the reasoning behind the email, the objective of reaching many people (usually numbered in the thousands) periodically with the same message is the point.

Points to Consider When Creating a Drip Email

  • Purpose – In this case, we want to generate more sales
  • Benefits – Staying in touch with prospective customers, reminding them of you and your business, keeping them “in the know”
  • Time – Generally, sending an email once a week is too often and two weeks is not often enough, so about every 9 days
  • Content – Informative and research-based, like give a positive example and then follow with a real-life experience to back up the example
  • Email Type – Text emails usually give a more personal-feel, be sure to include personalized variable tags so that the email will include a person’s specific name

#1 When a potential customer clicks on an item, they want to know more about it, so you know you’ve got them interested. Now, a drip email should be sent out to hook them and encourage them to make a purchase.

“Hi Jane,

You wanted to know more about our Honda CRV, did you find what you were looking for? Do you want to come test drive the newest model? If that’s the case, let me extend to you a $0 down, no interest for the first 6 months if you decide to purchase during your next visit! In order to redeem, just come on down to the dealership and show this email at the end of your test drive.”

#2 Sometimes, people are just going to peruse your website to see what it is you have to offer. If you have a pop-up that allows them to enter their email address, use it to send an introduction email.

“Hi Tom,

I’m Jim, your helpful representative here at (insert company name). Our company is unique, because we offer our vehicles at an affordable rate, but never diminish the high quality you are accustomed to. Please feel free to use these convenient links to navigate around our site: (insert links in bullet form).”

#3 If a customer has already made a purchase, you will want to write an email that not only thanks them for their recent purchase, but also lets them know what else you have to offer. Since these people are considered high-potential return customers, make sure to make the email personal and gives them the option for more information.

“Hello Josh,

I now you recently purchased a Honda CRV 2015 from our dealership. I hope that you are enjoying your new car and are taking it to lots of new places! I just wanted to let you know that we also have a few other deals on car products that you may be interested in. Click (here) to check them out!”

#4 After a customer makes a purchase, and especially if they have made more than one with your dealership, this is the time to encourage them to become loyal to your company. If your business offers a membership, you want to make sure your customers know about it.

“Hi Kristie,

We are super excited that you have continued to trust us to fulfill your family’s vehicle needs. Since you have been such a loyal customer, we want to extend an invitation to you for our annual customer appreciation membership. In addition to getting priority on new vehicle releases, we also offer our membership holders 5% discount on all purchases! Click (here) to learn more and sign up.”

#5 Another time to send out a drip email to either customers or potential customers is holidays and your business’s anniversary. Be sure to always add a link or attachment for additional information.

“Hey Helen,

We are looking forward to the holidays and hope you are too! Don’t forget about your loved ones who, like yourself, are always in need of car accessories! We offer multiple selections of tire packages that everyone in your life from your mother-in-law to your brother could enjoy as well as gift cards for services such as oil changes and car wash with detailing!”

#6 Contests are another good idea to increase sales, especially if you can get current customers to “post” a link to their social media. This will draw attention to your business from people who may not have previously known about it. It also engages your customers in a fun and exciting way.

“Hello Michael,

As a way to get into the holiday spirit, we have decided to give away 10 free oil changes! All you need to do is share this (link) on your Facebook page or Twitter and you will be entered into the drawing, good luck!”

#7 Along the same lines as the previous example, ask your customers to “follow” you on Twitter or “Like” your page on Facebook. This is an easy, simple, and free way to market your company in today’s technology driven world.

“Hi Sean,

Thanks for your recent purchase of Goodman tires. Do not forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to keep in the loop with frequently released promo codes and events!”

#8 For customers who use your site frequently to make purchases, but still haven’t signed up for their membership, give them a little reminder to do so and how they could benefit from it.

“Hey Helen,

We noticed that you have made quite a few purchases recently and we really appreciate it! Just wanted to remind you about our membership program and how you could have saved $30 on your recent purchases by joining! Click (here) to sign up and start saving!”

#9 For those customers who maybe started the process, but didn’t finish, send a reminder that you haven’t forgotten about them and their interest.

“Hey Michael,

When you last visited our office, you stated you were interested in leasing a new vehicle, but needed to check on your insurance. If you are still interested, let us help you out by offering a deal of 5% off the leasing agreement per month. “

#10 Along the same lines as before, using a little bit of guilt can help make a sale.

“Hey Michael,

Are you still thinking about purchasing that Honda Civic that you test drove? That particular car just went on sale for an additional 12% off! But this price only lasts until the end of the week, so feel free to head on over or give your representative a call and grab one before they’re sold out!”

#11 After a customer decides to sign up for their membership, thank them and remind them of why they did so.

“Hi Helen,

We are thrilled that you have decided to join hundreds of others in our membership program! If you ever need to update you information, please do so by clicking this (link). We like to show our appreciation to those loyal to us, so here’s a (link) for a free oil change with your next order.”

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