11 Tips On How To Use Chat To Sell More Cars

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It is no surprise that the automotive sales industry has embraced the internet, which is rapidly becoming the largest sales platform all over the world. The internet provides the kind of exposure and publicity which is not only relatively cheaper than local publicity, but far more widespread and effective. So having a website is enough to drive your automobile sales off the charts? Not really, since:

  • There are several other car sales businesses who have created attractive websites to heat up the competition.
  • You need to gain the upper edge by providing more than just an online platform to your customers, you need to provide them with top notch customer support as well.
  • Nothing brings out the best of your customer support like live chat.

So here are a few tips on how to use chat to sell more cars.

Add The Chat Option On The Right Pages

The live chat option is basically a form of text messaging communication for your visitors to contact you. So the chat option must be available on the important landing pages of your website. Make sure that the chat option is highlighted on the important pages such as the homepage of the dealership, the Contact Us page, social media pages and third-party listings as well. When your visitor finds the chat option at all the important landing pages, you are creating an opportunity for them to contact you.

Use Proactive Chat Technique

Proactive chat is when you initiate the chat by sending a pop-up message to the customer. This has been proven to increase the conversion rates as when you approach the customer, you are requesting them to specify their requirements, to which they will generally oblige. In a reactive chat style, the customer approaches you, which can be tricky since most customers don’t realize that you are available to answer all of their queries at the click of a button.

Add Mobility To Your Chat Option

In a world filled with visitors arriving to your website from iPads and smartphones, not only your website, but the chat option needs to be mobile responsive as well. This makes it more convenient for the customers to contact you and clear their doubts about your services, policies and other valuable information. When the customer can easily use your chat services, they will be attracted to your products and services even more.

Add A Personal Touch To The Chat Option

It has been reported that chat conversions are doubled when the customer feels they are interacting with a real person on the live chat, instead of a programmable bot. Ask the sales rep who handles the live chat or add a personalized image and their real name to the chat option. This will not only help the customer interact openly, but also help the salesperson build a rapport with the customer.

Have A Chat Receptionist

Having a chat receptionist answer to the queries of the customers when you cannot will make sure that you never miss out a sales opportunity. A chat receptionist will be able to answer to the customer during the holidays, after hours and even during the peak showroom hours when you don’t have the time to do so.

Get Some Training

You don’t need a special certification to deal with live chat online, but some amount of training online can help you understand the tactics better. There are several free video tutorials that can help you become a better online representative and attract more customers. A trained salesperson will always be more effective in securing the customer compared to someone who has no experience in it.

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Depend On Automation

If you cannot afford to hire a chat receptionist, automation can help you secure the customer’s contact details and other information so that you can approach them later. A simple reply generation tool in the live chat will ensure that the customer does not feel neglected. Creating an automated criteria for the queries of the customers will help the salesperson respond quickly and save the customer’s time as well.

Consider Outsourcing Live Chat Operations

Outsourcing the chat operations can be a useful tactic in maintaining a stable response system to their queries of the customers. You can find chat receptionist service providers online and can enjoy the benefits at a nominal cost. This ensures that your customer services are available round the clock with no interruption.

Avoid Being Pushy

The online chat system is for the convenience of the customers, so make sure that it does not become an annoyance. The pop-up chat option is fine if it occurs once during the customer’s visit, but if it pops up every time the customer visit’s one of the web pages, it could become frustrating. Make sure that you limit the pop-up chat option to the relevant pages and does not affect the user experience of the customer.

Pay Heed To The Chat Software You Select

Apart from being pleasing to the eyes and smoothly built, you need the chat software to have all the bells and whistles needed. The software should not only help you interact with your customers with ease, but also provide you with the monitoring tools needed for streamlining the sales processes. Chat analytics, subscriber setup and IP address tracking can give you a brief idea of what your customers want and where your greatest strengths and weaknesses lie.

Initiate The Chat With New Visitors

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Your new visitors (the ones who have visited the website just a few times) are less likely to have an existing relationship with your dealership. These are the customers you want to hook in with your sales tactics and online chat can be the means to do it. Since these visitors are new, they will appreciate the chat invitation and will be willing to interact with you and explain their requirements.

Data reports show that chat options on automotive dealership websites can increase the customer conversion rates up to 153%. It is quite apparent that the chat option can be a strong factor in the number of customers you are able to secure online, so make sure you use these tips to make the best out of it.

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