11 Tips on How To Write Auto Dealer Vehicle Descriptions

Writing descriptions for auto dealers

If you are working as an auto dealer, then you know for certain how important is to develop the right online presence. This means that you should make your website so as to attract as much visitors as it is possible. However, most of the times people get bored with the descriptions of the vehicles sold, as they consider them to be either too long or too standard. If you want to transform online visitors into prospective customers, then you need to write your vehicle descriptions better and faster. Let’s see 11 tips on how to write auto dealer vehicle descriptions.

#1 Provide the right amount of information

If prospective customers will come a across a vehicle description that covers an entire page, they will leave your website sooner than you imagine. The Internet user does not want too much information; on the other hand, when you offer only the strictest details, you should make sure they are catchy at the same time.

#2 Write at a comfortable pace

Establish a certain pace for your writing process. You should not be in a hurry to write them, while sacrificing the quality of the actual writing. At the same time, you should not take too long in writing them, as this translates in money that you are losing.

#3 Respect the interest of the customer

Figure out what the client wants and what he/she is interested in. He/she doesn’t want only specifications; he/she also wants information on the little details. He/she wants to know why you would buy this car, if you were the customer. And this is the way you should write vehicle descriptions.

#4 Imagine you are talking to a friend

The simplest way to write a good description of a vehicle is to imagine that you are talking to a friend. Imagine that you are out with your best friend and you are telling him about a car you just saw. The way you are describing the car, that is the way you should write vehicle descriptions.

#5 Describe the car as if you were talking on the phone

Imagine that you are on the phone and you are trying to describe the car sitting in front of you to someone. Be sure to provide information about the way the car runs, the way it looks like and if there are any special features worth mentioning.

#6 Organize the content in a proper manner

You need to establish the number of paragraphs that your vehicle description is going to have. If you are going to concentrate on the aspect of the car, then you need to dedicate at least two paragraphs to the interior and exterior of the car. Another paragraph should be dedicated to the description of the car’s special features. Some auto dealers also prefer to add another paragraph, with the information of the auto dealership but that is completely optional. You can either add it or, if you want, you can add additional information about the car.

#7 Proofread your writing

After the content has been written and arranged in paragraphs, the next step will be to proofread it. Don’t say this is not necessary, because it is. When you write vehicle descriptions, you cannot expect your readers to pretend they are not seeing the obvious. Check your spelling and the way you have formulated the actual description of the vehicle; otherwise, you might risk losing customers because of simple misspelling. Quality writing requires proofreading and you will have to do that, if you want people to be satisfied with the vehicle descriptions you have written.

#8 Read it out loud

If you want to make sure that the vehicle description is well-made, then you should take your time and read it out loud, as if you were practicing a speech. When reading it out loud, you will definitely notice whether there is something wrong with it or not. Then, you will be able to modify the text. Do not do that after you have published the content online. Even if you are able to remove the vehicle description, this does not mean someone hasn’t read it yet. A poorly written vehicle description is bad advertising, so you need to keep that in mind.

#9 Check out the punctuation

There are certain minor things that can have a big impact and you need to take them into consideration. When you write vehicle descriptions, you ought to analyze the punctuation as well. Add commas when they are necessary but refrain from using multiple exclamation points. In writing, exclamation points are a sign that you are actually yelling. Do you want to yell at the person who is going to buy your cars? You know the answer to that question, without any doubt.

#10 Capitalize when appropriate, not everywhere

It is important that the content of the vehicle description is well-written and arranged in a correct manner. Do not forget to capitalize the start of each sentence and remove capitalized words in the middle of the sentence. These do not look good, no matter what you believe. And they will most likely turn the client away, as he/she will believe that this is probably not a serious website. You need to be careful of those small things, as clients almost always notice them.

#11 Repeat the writing process

The trick is to repeat the writing process on a regular basis. Once you do that, you will be able to write faster and better. Do not hesitate to provide all the information a customer would want to know in a manner that is appealing. If the visitor is bored, then he/she will leave your website faster and you do not want that to happen. On the other hand, if the content is appealing, you might have the chance of getting a call from the prospective customer. As there are many online auto dealerships out there, you need to write the best vehicle descriptions. This will differentiate you from the competition and it will make you stand out. Once you stand out, you have found the recipe for success. So, what do you say? Are you ready to start writing?


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