16 Phone Tips That Sell More Cars

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There is no doubt that the demand for cars is not stagnant, with 16.5 million new cars sold in 2014, there is very tough competition in the industry. Not all car dealers are able to make it year in and year out and quite a few of them can’t market effectively and end up closing their doors. In fact the automobile market is closely related to the economy of the world in general and the United States economy in particular. Any downturn in the market has a negative impact on car sales.

The reason why many dealers go out of business is because they are unable to find effective, mostly-foolproof ways and means by which they can weather the storm and bring sales in day in and day out. Even firmly entrenched dealerships feel the pressure and like we saw in 2007-2010 ANY dealer can end up having to close it’s doors. In this article we will try and find some tactics by which dealers are not only able to produce in a downturn but are also able to make quite a few sales on the upside.

Phone Tips Sell More Cars

In fact it is important to put that more effort in sales and marketing when the going is not good. While there are many ways to market and identify new buyers can, phone marketing continues to produce consistent sales. The main reasons why?

  • Phone marketing is a time tested and extremely result oriented form of marketing.
  • It is cost effective when compared to other expensive means of advertising including print and electronic media.
  • There is always a personal touch whenever car dealers in particular go in for phone marketing.
  • It is a highly focused means of advertising and it is possible to reach the correct and targeted customer base accurately and easily.

How To Make The Best Of Phone Marketing

phone marketing

While the effectiveness and results associated with telephone marketing has been proven, it is important to understand some useful phone tips so that it is possible to make successful car sales over and over again. Here are 16 such tips that you can use today:

  1. It is important to have a dedicated outbound telephone caller or group of callers working during the most productive time of the day.
  2. Broken or dead deals should not be ignored and they should be followed on again because they could bring in new sale.
  3. Phone calling can be monotonous and even disappointing if the desired results are not forthcoming. Hence the onus lies on the managers and entrepreneurs to keep the telemarketing team in good spirits.
  4. Phone marketing has to be highly focused and there should not be any distractions. TV, music and other forms of entertainment should be turned off when the telephone marketing team is at work. High concentration and focus are of paramount importance.
  5. Setting short term, medium term and long term goals are very important. This is considered as one of the most important phone tips which quite often slip into the background. Goals result in targets and hence this is very vital and critical.
  6. Always have a close coordination between the feet-on-street team and the telephone marketing team. On field teams always come with hot and fresh leads and the onus lies on the phone marketing team to follow on them and produce results.
  7. Set a realistic target for the phone marketing team. Ideally it should be around 15 to 20 calls. Telephone marketing is not about quantity but about quality. Even ten calls a day is fine if it provides the right results.
  8. Try to gather details about important days and events of prospective customers. These could include birthdays, marriage anniversaries and other such important events. Calling them up and wishing them or sending text messages or email greetings can help break the ice. Storing this data in a CRM ensures that you won’t forget important dates.
  9. Try to divide the customers into rankings and income profiles and then start making calls. This will help in better focus and yield better results.
  10. Never pester the person on the other end if he or she is not interested. Just say sorry and hang up. It will help you to call them another day when things are better. Pestering and persuading prospects would result in burning bridges which can never be rebuilt.
  11. Regular training and educating of the telephone marketing team is important. It is all about telephone manners, trying to understand the pulse and also about phone tips that could help to break the ice.
  12. Always educate your phone marketing team that getting a salable lead is all about numbers. The famous 80:20 rule is very much applicable here. Out of 10 calls that are made only 2 would perhaps become potential hot leads. Hence it is a game of patience and waiting and the telephone marketing team should be educated about this often.
  13. Employ high tech telephone machinery to have a review of calls done and take corrective action wherever necessary. VOIP connected with your CRM can do wonders!
  14. It is very important to also have a review meeting at least once a week to find out where the campaign is headed. This should not be a fault finding meeting but should be more about getting to know the facts and situation on the ground.
  15. It is also very important to train the phone marketing team to try out various permutations and combinations to convert a cold call into a hot one. This could include offering them different models if they are not interested in a particular model and so on.
  16. Finally, the gestation period for phone marketing to materialize and reach critical mass takes time and there are no overnight solutions. Hence it is very important to be at it on a continuous basis with persistency and consistency. This is one of the most important phone tips that one should always keep in mind.

The 16 tips above are a few of the time tested tactics by which phone marketing campaigns could yield the right results over a period of time. Good luck on the phone! What other tips would you add to this list?

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