17 Tools Car Dealers Can Use for Marketing

Marketing tools for auto dealers

Selling vehicles is far more competitive than it used to be in the past. What surprises me is that despite the alarming competition few car dealers are able to achieve better results. What can dealers do different? Start to leverage different marketing tools or more specifically online marketing tools. There are multiple platforms that every dealer should work on: websites, social media profiles, e-mail marketing, SMS marketing and others. To be popular on all these channels, a dealer needs multiple marketing tools to turn a full-time job in to 15 mins of work per day. Here, are 17 important marketing tools car dealers can use.

Tool 1- Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the finest tools that you can use to measure the potential growth of all the inbound marketing efforts taken by the auto dealers. The Google Analytics will help you view and review the volume of traffic on your website, track the origin and destination of the users and understand the purpose of the visit of the users. In order to achieve absolute results in marketing the car dealers must create the campaign goals seeking conversions. Custom dashboards too can be created. This will aid in generating a consistent report or a high level view of your overall progress. The car dealers can set up custom alerts to track any unusual activity. Further incorporation of Google Webmaster is an essential step as it will help you auto dealers understand the health of the website.

Tool 2- Chat Software

Getting in-built chat software is the most important marketing tool for every car dealer opting for online promotion. This software is an essential tool that can be used by the business houses to connect with their customers. There are multiple advantages of having chat software. Below, we have listed some key advantages.

  • Customer support representative can connect with multiple websites visitors or customers at the same time.
  • Customer support and service can be provided instantly to the customers.
  • If a customer experiences good marketing support then he or she is bound to tell their friends or other users about it. Word of mouth publicity plays a major role.
  • Using the chat software, the car dealer would be able to know, which car or product is searched the most and take measures to promote the other cars and pick up the target audience.

Tool 3- Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a quite similar to Google Analytics. This marketing tool can be used by car dealers in order to track the behavior of the user. The servers of this application will generate a report that will give you a fair idea about the clicks on the pages. The analysis of the tracking will be available in the dashboard of the Crazy Egg. Crazy Egg enables you to segment the traffic and target preferentially. Example, you can target location, age or gender, as per the needs of the business.

Tool 4- Retargeting

Retargeting or remarketing means targeting the users who have already visited the site sometime in the past. So, when the car dealer adds a remarketing tool on the specific web pages of the website then every time a new visitor comes to the website, the retargeting code will drop an anonymous cookie. Now, when these cookied’ visitor will browse the web, the cookie will let the retargeting provider know, that he has to serve the ads. So, this will enhance the user of clicking through the ads and finally buying the car from the site of the car dealer.

Tool 5- Buffer


The buffer application allows the website owner to Bookmark or schedule the tweets or Facebook updates from any browser or via any mobile device. This way the car dealer will be able to effectively spread out the tweets or the status posts throughout the day. The time when the updates will be posted are preset by the buffer app and based on the statistics and analysis of the segmentation of the user, the car dealer can manage the content on the promotional pages. Thus, whenever a user visits such promotional pages during the specific hours, a status message or a tweet will shoot up. The buffer app will give more eyes to the tweets or the status updates.

Tool 6- Evernote


Do you make a lot of lists offline? Why not assemble them and put it all online. This will segregate and make things simpler for you to understand and analyze anytime in the future. Why undergo the hassle of storing so many pages in your drawer.

Tool 7- Prezi


Prezi is a marketing tool that can be used to create visually sound and effective content. You can design good presentation that runs on the cloud. The content displayed via prezi will be visually appealing and attractive.

Tool 8- MOZ


Moz is an SEO tool that’s absolutely easy to navigate and use. With this, you can know the quality of your keywords, how your keywords are ranking, compare the keywords, etc.

Tool 9- MailChimp


Using this, you’ll be able to work on your e-mail marketing. The dealer will be able to send bulk e-mails to their subscribed users. This can be an effective marketing tool to inform the users about the sale or seasonal offers.

Tool 10 – Mavenlink


Mavenlink can be used to manage tasks, track projects, share and receive files and do a lot more. So, this is totally an all in one app that will even integrate the Google apps. Users can use Mavenlink to assign tasks and give deadlines to the clients and the team members.

Tool 11 – Trello


Trello app lets you create a tiny board for every project. You can create lists related to the projects, make graphs showing the progress of the project and create a card that will outline every task.

Tool 12- Google Alerts

This is a handy tool that will let you know every time your brand is mentioned online. There is also a setting in this tool that will allow you to find out when a competitor is mentioned.

Tool 13- Google Trends

This tool will let you know which keyword is gaining or losing popularity over time. You can use these insights, to add the useful keywords to your content and add the low performing keywords as negative keywords.

Tool 14- Google Apps for Work

This tool is one important marketing tool that will let you manage the business via the mobile. The app has features such as Gmail, Calendar, Google Groups, Google Docs and Google sites all integrated in one.

Tool 15- Google Calendar

The car dealer can use this marketing tool, in order to keep track of the meetings, conference calls, office reminders, etc. There is an option to share this calendar with your team or your secretary. Different calendars can be created for managing different purposes.

Tool 16- Flexadex


Have multiple business cards? Don’t know where to store? Here, get this incredible marketing tool Flexadex that will let you store all the important contact details of all your clients and colleagues online.

Tool 17- PassPack


In case you are managing multiple accounts, blogs, social media profiles, and have a trouble remembering the passwords, then this application is for you. Feed in the entire user IDs and Passwords and keep it secure at a solo location.


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