6 Auto Dealer Website Landing Page Flaws That Kill Deals

Conversion of site visitors to paying customers from your marketing efforts is absolutely crucial to running a successful dealership. Landing pages are supposed to boost your calls, walk-ins and ultimate sales; but a poor landing page can damage your monthly numbers. If you are spending thousands, tens-of-thousands and hundreds-of-thousands of dollars monthly on marketing efforts a small percentage gain in conversions adds massively to the bottom line.

Let’s take a look at 6 landing page flaws that kill deals and how to fix these problems.

1. No Specific Call-to-Action

Not trying to pick on any one dealer, but almost certainly franchise stores have poorly designed and overly complex websites. Simple, usable sites with a clear call-to-action convert far better than overly complex, what-do-I-next sites. Take a look at this franchise dealer in Scottsdale:

Hard to use website

What do I do if I simply want to let them know I’m interested..do I use the Email Seller option? What if no one reads that or it goes in to spam? Do I chat with “them”? Am I actually talking to a salesperson that can get me more information or am I going to get the run around? Should I call them? I see the number twice. Or should I just stop in? As you can see a quick decision and multiple options makes it HARDER to take action.

This site is better, but still too many call-to-actions.

Complex call-to-action

Compare that with a used car dealer in South Carolina. Very simple one BIG call-to-action to let the dealer know that you are interested. Using this call-to-action has the added benefit that the lead goes straight in to the CRM and can be properly managed immediately.

Simple call-to-action

2. Not Enough Detailed Information

Your customers may have come from many different sources; Google, AutoTrader, Craigslist, etc. They have taken the next step and are interested in the vehicle. Rationally you would want to provide the customer one place where they can learn as much as possible about the vehicle. Why then do dealers skimp on detailed info and descriptions? It’s worth putting extra time in to show you care and pitch the customer putting the car’s best foot forward!

For a franchise dealer, this is a weak effort.

Short vehicle description

3. Not Enough Photos

At a minimum you’ll want to put 20 photos of the vehicle up. Get in the routine of managing new vehicles through a process. We’ve covered this topic at length on this post.

Plenty of photos

4. Site Takes Too Long to Load

Speed kills deals. Speed is a major factor not only for making decisions like staying on the page, but also quality of the website as well as a major factor for Google rankings. Use a provider that has fast servers and test your speed using Pingdom.


5. Not Testing Landing Pages to See What Works

A/B test everything you can. Test layouts, calls-to-action, colors, long descriptions, short descriptions, etc. Optimization is constant work, so use a tool like Unbounce to find out what works the best!


6. Site Lacks Credibility by Looking Poorly Designed

It goes without saying that you want to have a nice, clean, uncluttered design. Don’t use an outside provider that has never done an auto dealer website. They don’t have the years of experience to know what layouts, schemes and calls-to-action work best. Typically the newer the template from a vendor, the better overall it will perform if they’ve done testing!

Finding and fixing these flaws would be a good use of your time and the ROI is massive over the long term. Dig in and try to implement some of these ideas. With 90%+ of customers starting their next purchased car search online, you want to do everything you can do get them to the dealership ready to buy!

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