9 SEO Strategies for Car Dealers

SEO for car dealers

Gone are the days when car sellers relied on their power of verbal skills to help them make sales and turn a profit. Nowadays, there are thousands of car dealership websites looking to do business. There are strategies that might work and others that do not get the job done. Search engine optimization is an important tool that can help you push your selling strategy forward. However, optimization is complex and needs a steady hand to drive; there are methods that will drive your advertising campaign forward but others will cripple it. The following information looks at top seo strategies for car dealers.

Perform keyword research

The internet is structured in such a way that search queries reflect what a user would think of in a normal situation. When users go online, they are looking for something specific. They will not sit around sifting through volumes of information in order to get an idea of what you are trying to put across with your strategy. Therefore, you need to be very cautious with the keywords you apply on your website. They should be something regular that users will not easily forget. This means you will need to perform an extensive search to understand what is trending as well as what actually makes a difference. Use tools like Google Adwords Keyword Planner and WordTracker.

Use multimedia tools

YouTube SEO marketing

Selling a car requires a certain level of demonstration. However, since you are making the sale through the internet, you may not have the luxury of showing some features of the vehicles you are selling to the audience. It is therefore a nice idea for you use multimedia concepts such as:

  • Images,
  • Video clips
  • Graphics
  • User-friendly website design
  • Quality and interactive content
  • Relevant links

All this will be done in a bid to make the experience more enjoyable and insightful for the users. Remember, people need visuals in order to get convinced. You need to make sure that your images are of a good quality. Strike a balance on this aspect. Images and clips should not be heavy to the extent of hurting the loading duration.

Create a blog for your website

Having a website for your car dealership is a good move. It puts you out there and gives you a good amount of credibility. However, you will need a less formal platform to engage your prospective customers and this is where blogging comes in. A blog allows you to interact with readers at an almost equal grounding. Through this avenue, you can explain concepts relating to the industry. It always helps to keep your content relevant and interesting. With a blog, you can create a solid SEO marketing campaign that targets the demographics to which you are trying to sell.

Use social media tools

Search engine optimization success will depend on your ability to blaze a trail across the internet. You need to be visible in order to appear on the top pages of search engines. By maintaining a presence on avenues like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, you enter into indexes that will help buyers reach you. Use these tools creatively and innovatively. Create controversies and generate debates that will bring about trending ideas. In addition, you should always try to make it relevant and entertaining at the same time.

Make use of analytics

As they say, statistics do not lie. There are services on the internet that provide you with detailed reports in terms of the traffic that comes to your pages including details of geographic locations and the nature of requests. This information will give you the figures of users that went through your page, breaking down the math to show you which users made purchases and which ones walked right by. One of the most popular services for this tracking is Google Analytics.

Update content regularly

The thing about search engines is that they have a lot of love for information that is up to date. It is therefore disastrous for you to feature online content from ages ago. If there are new changes in the industry and in your brand direction, these changes need to go online because site visitors need to know what’s going on. Strike a consistency in revamping your forums, as they will also serve to attract readership.

Avoid competitor’s keywords

You should always keep in mind that you are advertising your auto dealership and not the one that your competitor runs. Do not resort to using rival keywords. They will not help you much. In fact, they will be counter intuitive, as they will serve to guide users to resources that do not belong to you, causing confusion. In addition, search engines tend to give such keywords a wide field, as they can sort through indexes and find original owners.

Use productive keywords and modify phrases from time to time

SEO Keyword Research

A major problem with car dealerships is that they use generic keywords like car dealer or car dealership because they sound good, but there lies a problem somewhere with this thinking. There are going to be thousands of users looking for you. They will not find you if you go with such generic keyword strategies. You might own a car dealership, but so do thousands of other individuals with online fora. Use very specific keywords. For example, car dealership in Atlanta, GA’ sounds much better than plain old car dealership. Try to think in terms of the internet users. For instance

  • What are they going to be specifically looking for?
  • What will satisfy their information needs?

These angles will help you come with keywords that are simple enough yet effective.

Link to relevant sites

To generate traffic to your dealership for, you need to pull people towards you. For example, if you are dealing with a car dealership in a particular city, you should make wise linkages to sites that talk about related concepts. One way of generating good links involves penning articles of your own and handing them over to forums to use them free (with links to your site, of course).

There are many SEO strategies for car dealers that if well applied could prove to be the perfect catalyst for traffic to your website. Avoid over-using SEO as the search engines do not look kindly upon spam. In addition, stay away from strategies that slow down the loading time of your pages. Google hates slow pages and Internet users are impatient, they do not appreciate having to wait. Good luck with your SEO strategies and let us know if you have any questions!

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