9 Tips for Auto Dealers to Increase Your Click-Through Rates on Facebook

Facebook Marketing for Auto Dealers

Could your click-through rate on Facebook use some improvement? Although there is no question that social media is an excellent place for auto dealers to market their product and service, the fact is that it takes more than just active posting in order to get people interested. In this article, we will talk about the different techniques you can use to boost your CTR and get more than decent cash flow from your auto dealership.

#1 Know When to Post

Posting 3 to 5 times a day would be ideal if you are posting for business purposes, but the rate does not really matter as much as the timing. What are the usual times when your target audience is likely to be online? These should be the times when you update your timeline, posts status, and do whatever needs to be done to get noticed. Studies show that posting just once may not be enough either – instead, you should post two different statuses within a few minutes apart. This increases the chances of your market viewing the post while scrolling downwards. For reference purposes, most Facebook users are online between 4PM and 11PM.

#2 Use a Measurement Method

Possibly the hardest part of increasing your CTR is figuring out the CTR number in the first place. This is why link shortening websites such as Bitly became so popular. They are not just there to limit character use on Twitter but also to give you an accurate representation of clicks from Facebook leading to your blog, YouTube account, articles, and so much more. Once you have done this, visit your Bitly account and gain access to the CTR information – both aggregate and individual. Study this information. What type of information gets the attention of most of your users?

You can also choose NOT to use Bitly but simply make sure that all fans are led to a single blog or website. For example, you can bring them over to your official WordPress site with every click. From there, WordPress analytics will give you the scoop on click through rate and exactly where they are coming from. This works well with other social media accounts, allowing you to segregate traffic sources.

#3 Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights for Auto Dealers
All social media platforms provide their business users with the chance to do some tracking and analytics. With Facebook, the program is called Facebook Insights, providing you with a straightforward way of telling exactly when your fans have their accounts opened. It does not stop there though as you will be presented with valuable information in the form of graphs, allowing you to easily gather data and formulate a marketing approach based on those. Explore Facebook Insights and find out what else can be done with this handy tool.

#4 Have a Target

The goal is to increase your CTR, but by how much should it increase? Pinning a number down is crucial if you want your auto dealership to constantly improve. The average CTR actually changes from one industry to another, but when it comes to auto dealership, your goal should be around 2 to 3 percent. Note that this is the average number. If you are already getting this amount, then good for you. If not, aim for this and then slowly boost your CTR goal to 4 or 5 percent. Through constant measurement, you would be able to graph and even allocate the improvements according to the tactic you happen to be using.

#5 Check In

This one is simple by highly effective. The check in option is usually only available with restaurants or hotels, but you can also use this for your auto dealership. By doing so, fans of your page can unconsciously share your dealership and increase the extent of your exposure. While you are at it, go the whole nine yards and enable star ratings on your page.

#6 Promotion Requirements are Less Strict

Remember when Facebook used to ban promotional materials that require fans to like orcomment on a post? Well, that promotional technique is back now. You can use this to boost your following’s loyalty and create a bigger impact for your brand. Note though that you still cannot ask people to share your post since Facebook still considers this a bad promotional practice so try to stay within those guidelines.

#7 Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

Your headline and image are the first two things every fan will see so make them count. Keep it short but very intriguing with an image that creates an impact. Headlines should cut to the chase, telling readers exactly what benefit they would be getting from the service. For auto dealership, this can be “Get Your New Car Now!” with a picture of a flashy red sports car with a white background. Depending on your target market (families, singles) then your advertisement should vary.

#8 Invest in Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads for Car Dealers

If your CTR is still low, perhaps it is time to invest some money on the task. When it comes to business, you will need to spend some cash in order to reap some cash. Fortunately, Facebook does not charge a large amount of money for their ads. It is best to first study your niche completely, making sure that the keywords you use are the same ones your target market is constantly looking for. Check out the competition as well; they can provide wonderful insight on how to approach your CTR improvement campaigns.

#9 Stay Updated

Lastly, do not forget that Facebook is a constantly changing platform. Zuckerberg and his team are constantly making updates to make the Facebook experience better, not just for the individual users but also for the business paying for ads. That being said, always pay attention whenever news about Facebook comes along, taking note of how this will change your setup and how to maximize the positive effect of this setup.

Remember that Facebook is just one of the few platforms for your auto dealership. If you really want to boost that business, other social medial accounts such as Twitter would be highly useful. Click through rate techniques can also be used for these, but make sure to analyze the platforms separately so you will be able to create a marketing strategy for each one. Good luck!

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