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Use Facebook Retargeting to Get 5 Extra Sales Per Month

Over the years, many marketing savvy business owners have been using Facebook retargeting as a way to increase their sales. Some of the best & most profitable dealership business use this secret to drive more sales. This gives them the ability to capture the attention of visitors to a website who often leave without taking any action at all. Consider this, only 3% of web traffic converts on its first visit. However, with the use of Facebook retargeting, it gives the business owner the possibility of reaching the other 97%.   How Does Facebook Retargeting Works? An invisible tag is embedded in the footer of the dealer’s website and this “cookie” allows the advertiser to target the person who has visited the … Read More

16 Phone Tips That Sell More Cars

There is no doubt that the demand for cars is not stagnant, with 16.5 million new cars sold in 2014, there is very tough competition in the industry. Not all car dealers are able to make it year in and year out and quite a few of them can’t market effectively and end up closing their doors. In fact the automobile market is closely related to the economy of the world in general and the United States economy in particular. Any downturn in the market has a negative impact on car sales. The reason why many dealers go out of business is because they are unable to find effective, mostly-foolproof ways and means by which they can weather the storm and bring sales in day … Read More