Auto Dealer Search Engine Optimization SEO

Auto Dealer Search Engine Optimization SEO

Type in to Google your target market and local area. For example “used cars Kansas City” or “used Hondas Salt Lake City”. Do you see your dealership anywhere? If not you are missing out on the 90% of customers that start their search online. Think about that. You could be missing 9 out of 10 leads because you aren’t ranking locally for your auto dealership.

How do you rank better? The answer is search engine optimization or SEO for short which is a system of both on-page optimization and off-page backlinking activities designed to boost your credibility with the search engines and rank you higher in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Our MotorLot search engine optimization service for car dealers uses our 15+ years of direct SEO experience to quickly rank you top 10 in the major search engines. We start with keyword research to find out what are the top terms getting traffic for your area and align that with the inventory you stock and goals you have. With that knowledge we then do on-page optimization; we create unique titles and content to tell Google what you want to rank for. Off-page backlinking and social indicators add fuel to the fire and act as votes to catapult your site to the top of the rankings. Below is a great primer on the basics of local SEO.

Ranking at the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing can easily drive 5-15 new sales per month depending on your market. Over a year, that is healthy extra gross! This is a great opportunity for you to drive customers that are searching Google for the vehicles you have in stock in your local area.

Our pricing is at $200/mo; we will do all of the on-page optimization, do the backlinks to increase rankings and every month we’ll provide your ranking increase, links built, traffic increase and most importantly your change in buying keywords. This is a low cost way to get all of those local buyers in your area that are searching for vehicles. We would love to help grow your business!

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