Benefits of Creating a Google My Business Listing for Auto Dealers

Google My Business

Auto dealerships have been around for over a century. Different types exist; some exclusively sell only one make of an automobile, others several makes and models, some both new and used cars, and some used cars only. In the not too distant past, the primary way for a customer to find these businesses was by looking through a phone book. This method had several limitations; the owner of the dealership had to compete against those that had more prominent ads, the only businesses listed were local ones, there was no way to assess the quality of the product or service, and unless the owner spent considerable money on the Yellow Pages ad, the customer may not even know the days and hours of operation. Sure, they could call to find out, but they may find it easier to simply go to a dealership that already spent the money listing that information on their ad. In other words, spending more money meant earning more money; dealerships that couldn’t finance large ads missed out on that additional revenue.

The internet changed all that. It is now possible for auto dealerships to establish their own websites at very little cost. These can contain brilliant photos, even video clips where sales people can describe the cars they are selling. People all over the world can view these websites, easily locating the dealership in their home town, if the business has multiple locations. Those who live far away from the nearest location can plan a trip. This can even be done by potential customers who live in another country.

Multiple options for advertising and websites abound. However, the differences in cost and quality are just as variable. Paying a small fee for a site that facilitates only minimal exposure is money wasted, yet just because a site charges a large sum is no guarantee of success. Here are factors to consider when choosing a web based advertising venue:

1) Understand the use of keywords. Keywords enable your customer to find your dealership when they type them into a search engine. Short ones, such as the make and model of the cars you sell, are used by multiple dealerships, making it less likely your business will come out at the top of the list. Long tail keywords (those that use several words in a phrase that is less commonly used) are more likely to give your business top ranking, but people are less likely to think to type them into a search engine. It is necessary to come up with keywords that are relatively uncommon, yet ordered in a way people are most likely to think of entering.

2) Know your target audience. It doesn’t do any good to spend money advertising to people who are not in the market for cars. Place your banner ads on sites where you are most likely to get customers.

3) Your internet advertisement account should provide a tracking service. This helps you know how much you are earning, which ads are getting the most and least visits, and whether or not you should continue with a particular style or change it. Any advertisement account that doesn’t provide a tracking service is a waste of time and money.

Google business listing

Google My Business provides all of the above, plus information on how and where to locate your business. Listed below are the many benefits to using Google My Business:

1) It makes your company highly visible to your potential customers. Brilliant ads, photos, even virtual tours of your facility are available through this medium. Your clients can even research a particular car they may want to buy before coming out to your site.

2) It streamlines information about your dealership. It makes it easy for your customers to locate the addresses, phone numbers, and hours of operation to all your sites, even with the assistance of Google Maps and Google+ in the process.

3) It groups your business along with others that sell similar products, enabling small business owners some level of competition with larger corporations. It also provides a place for customers to review the quality of your products and service. It helps rank these reviews, and gives the business owner insight as to how to improve their rankings.

4) Whenever you make a change to your information, Google My Business automatically updates it everywhere, rendering it unnecessary for you to search all over the web to do this yourself.

5) Google My Business supplies information about how your clients found your business, what other products they are inquiring about, and trends regarding the merchandise you are marketing.

6) Best of all, you can sign up to Google My Business for FREE!!!

Enrolling is easy. All you have to do is visit and click the blue button at the top, “Get on Google”. Then follow the step by step directions. There are requirements to consider; you must own your business, or at least be eligible to represent it, it has to be in good standing with the community, and person to person customer contact is required. Your business will appear only after you have sent in verification of the above.

If you already use Google+ Pages Dashboard, or Google Places for Business, you will get an automatic upgrade to Google My Business. If your company has a website, Google My Business can easily incorporate it, greatly increasing your visibility. If your business has multiple locations, as in 10 or more, the “Bulk Upload” tool can be used. You can edit the various locations of your business using this tool as well. This makes multiple lot updating a breeze.

With the whole process being so simple, and all these benefits being available at no charge, there is absolutely no reason for auto dealerships not to incorporate their advertising campaign with Google My Business. Join today, and enjoy watching your sales grow!


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