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According to a recent study by Lab42, the top four frustrations in the vehicle purchasing process are, dealing with salespeople, finding the right vehicle, the time spent on the process and understanding finance. Car dealership marketing buying a car in America today will help you understand your customer more with this infographic.

Four out of four of these frustrations sit at your dealership.

  1. Spending time on the process
    What processes does your dealership have in place to prevent these four frustrations?
  2. Dealing with Sales People
    How do your salespeople treat potential customers with such respect and create that lasting relationship that will keep them in the service lane year after year – and coming back to them for their next vehicle purchase?
  3. Finding the right car
    What does your website do to lower the time spent researching their next vehicle?
  4. Understanding Financing
    Are you further complicating finance due to your own incentives and priorities?

Additional stats include:

  • 52% Don’t know what make or model they intend to buy before arriving at the dealership.
  • 73% wish there was one fixed price for each car so there was no negotiation needed – really?
  • 48% of buyers are spending 1-3 months shopping before making their purchase.

What’s really interesting is that their research shows that nearly half of all car buyers spend anywhere from 1 to 3 months shopping before making a decision. Too many car dealers forget this – people don’t sit down, do a Google search, and buy a car from the first dealer they find. Your potential customers are going to spend at least a month doing research and comparing your dealership and your inventory to other local options.

What do you think of these stats?

Add your comments, suggestions and opinions below.


Infographic courtesy of Lab42

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