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If you use television for your dealership, you are well aware of the value of having a strong spot to drive traffic to your store. If you are not using a professional ad agency to produce your commercials and just going to your local cable company or TV stations, however, you are playing in the major leagues with minor league players. Here are a few tips to look for that will elevate your production quality. Let’s talk some more about car dealership marketing with a TV commercial.

According to NADA data released in March 2011, new car dealers are spending $604 per new vehicle retailed. Many independents are spending less than half of that to retail used vehicles. 
The media buy is a big part of the story, but equally important is having a good television commercial. Remember, a successful TV commercial is one that sells more cars. Being cute and clever can help a commercial get noticed, but don’t ever forget, the goal is more sales.
Crafting a script
The length of a typical commercial is 30 seconds. Some advertisers, however, are using 15 second spots to get more frequency without spending more money. Make sure your commercial’s script times out to the specified length. Use short sentences that grab your potential customers’ attention. With limited time to capture your audience, you must get right to the point. Your audio should also tell the customer what product you are advertising; quite often the potential customer is in another room listening to your commercial and not paying close attention.
Audio and video should be the same
When writing your commercial, make sure your audio and video are in sync. When you’re talking about specific vehicles, you must make sure you have that exact vehicle on the screen. Not showing the proper video with audio is one of the biggest mistakes novices make.
Every commercial must have a call to action
This is the most important part of any commercial and what gets customers out the door to your store. Make sure the majority of time you spend on your script is on your “call to action”. Give customers a specific deadline, less than week away from the commercial airing.Remember, everything depends on your offer! Image advertising can still achieve this message, but without a compelling offer, you are simply wasting money.
Give complete contact information
Include a website address, phone number, and street address and perhaps a brief description of landmarks or major cross streets near your dealership. Much of this can be covered in graphics.

Don’t Spread Your Commercials Out, You want To Concentrate Them Within Limits

  • You want to first focus on one show.
  • For half hour show, you ideally want to show two advertisements.
  • For an hour show, you ideally want to have two or three ads.
  • One way of making your TV ad dollars go farther is to use 15 second commercials instead of 30 second commercials.

You want the viewers of a show to think you’re a major advertiser and remember your ads. By delivering two ads in 30 minutes or 3 during the course of an hour, you dramatically increase the chance of viewer noticing your ad. Off course, too many ads becomes a wasteful spend.

Lets say you only have enough money to buy 5 spots per month. In this case you would want to concentrate those ads over the course of 3 days. By concentrating the ads over a shorter period of time, you will increase their impact. If the advertising works, you can expand your TV advertising out into another week of the month. When you have the month saturated, you can jump into advertising in another program on the same station.

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