Our Dealers Best Cars – All-American Edition

To celebrate the US’s not entirely expected win in the World Cup earlier this week, today’s edition of “Our Dealer’s Best Cars” is all-American! Let’s get started!


For starters, check out this beautiful Hummer H1 from Auto Xchange Auto Banx. AM General (a division of AMC, remember them?) bid on a military contract in 1979 for a new “High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle”. Clearly with the beast they created in the Humvee, the US Army bought up their bid. Thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s push, AM General bought the Humvee to the public as the Hummer in 1992. It was only slightly modified from the military version (Air Conditioning, comfortable seats, radio, sound deadening), and remained more or less the same until it went out of production in 2006. It’s a true beast of a vehicle that will climb over anything. This is a great example with relatively low mileage and in the awesome wagon configuration. This is a vehicle that will only increase in value as the Hummer brand was discontinued in 2006.


Next up is America’s take on the roadster from the Muscle car era, a Shelby Cobra from Cars Cars Cars. This is a clone, not an original (originals can go for as much as $1.4 million), but it looks beautifully built. And at $42,000 it’s downright a bargain compared to an original. Carrol Shelby wanted to cram a large American V8 into a british style roadster body, so he worked with AC to help him adapt their roadster to fit a Ford V8 (Ford happily obliged Shelby with the engines so that they could have a Corvette competitor in their stable). This is truly an all american car, as we are the only ones crazy enough (in a good way) to cram a huge powerful V8 in a small lightweight chassis like the cobra.


The late 50’s in the US were all about big beautiful luxury barges, like we have here in this 1956 Packard Clipper from Family Motor Sports and Toys. This car was built in the same plant as the Studebaker President and shares, well, pretty much everything with it. From the grill up front to the giant fender flares in back this vehicles defines American Luxury of  the 50’s. It may not have modern fuel economy or safety, but I can’t imagine having more fun on a family road trip than in this car.

grain truck 003

I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about this 1946 Chevrolet Maple Leaf work truck from GWB Auto Sales, but I sure do love it. This is just a great example of late 40’s car design. And that patina on it, I would not in a million years paint that car (though I may put a coat of protection on it so it doesn’t get eaten up with rust).

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