Our Dealers Best Cars For Sale 9/12


We have a whole new batch of awesome cars to ogle from our MotorLot dealerships. Let’s get right to it today!


Let’s start out with one of my favorite cars. Texas Autowerx has this beautiful 2008 Mazda MX-5 Miata. I may be a bit partial… I own one. This is the grand touring model, so it has the beautiful leather seats, the tighter suspension, and the 6 speed transmission. If you’ve never driven a Miata, do it now. The transmission on it is beautifully tight, almost feels gate. The steering is direct and communicative. This model also has the retractable hard top. The top has all the benefits of a hard top, while only adding 79 pounds of weight. In case you don’t know, the answer is always Miata.


On the opposite end of the size spectrum, Halo Autosports has this American La France Fire Truck. You read that right, It’s a fire truck. A ladder truck to be exact. The question you ask your self is not “What would I do with a fire truck?” it should be “Why don’t I own this yet?” Need to change a  high hanging lightbulb in your house? Fire truck. Need a ladder to get on your roof? Fire truck. Want to scare your friends who live on the 4th floor of their apartment complex? Fire truck.


Have you ever wished your Corvette had a supercharger, four doors and five seats? Well here it is. Novak Motorcars has a great looking 2012 CTS-V for sale. The CTS-V is what happens when you let the engineers raid the parts drawer and just go nuts. The CTS-V is has the body of the CTS, with more aggressive bodywork and a huge hood bulge to fit the supercharge. It has the engine from the Corvette ZR1, but adds a supercharger that makes it good for 556HP. I have driven one of these and it’s every bit as fast as it sounds. This car is a ton of fun.


If you want to go offroading, one of the best options will always be a Jeep CJ/Wrangler. While the modern Jeep Wrangler is a great option, you can’t beat the bare-bones feeling of a classic CJ. This 1984 CJ from Decorah Auto Center is a great option. Nothing beats the feeling offroading of a manual transmission, manual 4WD selector, manual locking hubs. This vehicle will take you anywhere with huge ground clearance, locking front hubs, and 4 wheel drive.


This may be the most clinically insane vehicle I have seen offered by any of our dealers. This is a 1968 Plymouth Barracuda offered by Mosing Motorcars. While the details are scant, we do know that has an incredibly large 572ci Hemi engine in it. From pictures, we can see that is has an enormous fuel cell in the trunk and a NOS bottle sitting next to it. I can’t imagine this thing is street legal with those mindblowingly large rear slicks, I would be willing to bet it would absolutely dominate at your local drag strip.

From American brute force to Italian finesse. Somerset Automotive has this absolutely stunning 2008 Maserati GranTurismo. There are few things as attractive as a finely made Italian GT car, and there aren’t many better examples than the Maserati. It may not have the same extreme Ferrari looks, but I actually prefer this. It’s clean and classic looking but still very aggressive. It has an engine created in partnership with Ferrari good for 399hp. You still have a (small) back seat and an actually usable trunk. GT cars are just a great balance of usability and looks and absolutely insane performance.At the price of a Corvette, this is a no-brainer.

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