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I was raised by a gearhead. From a young age my father instilled in me a love of cars, all types and brands (though he did teach me to show slight preference to British sports cars, especially Jags). That’s why I’m happy to bring to you today our newest feature “Our Dealers Best cars” I’m excited because I get to talk, probably too much, about cars I like, and my wife can’t roll her eyes at me when she’s had enough. So in no particular order, here’s are some of my favorite cars from our dealers this month.

1976 MG MGB

IMG_7066IMG_7087 I’ll kick things off with this ‘76 MGB from Volstice LLC in Oregon. I told you, I like British sports cars. By ‘78 MG had fixed a lot of the issues plagues the earlier Mark III MGBs. The rear sway bar was now standard equipment as was a revised suspension geometry. The power was fairly low on this model, but power was never what the MGB was about. The MGB is about throwing the top back and enjoying the sun and the wind in your hair. It’s about having fun while driving, and that’s exactly what you’d do in this great little ride.

1995 Land Rover Defender D90

DSC_3550 DSC_3555 Next up we have this beautiful Land Rover Defender D90 from Outland Motors. While the Defender was sold in Great Britain for what seems like forever, we were only lucky enough to have it here in the states for 4 short years. That being the case, they aren’t a really easy find stateside. This particular Defender has been built into an absolute offroad beast. I can see an upgraded suspension, very nice mud terrain tires, sports seats, a snorkel, All kinds of lighting, body reinforcement, and I would guess a lot of stuff I can’t surmise from pictures. And to make this vehicle absolutely perfect, it’s painted in traditional British Green.

1963 Ford Thunderbird

DSC00579DSC00585 Sleek on the inside, sleek on the outside, this 1963 Ford Thunderbird  at Motorama is a stunning example of early 60’s modern design. The third gen Thunderbird only existed for 3 years. This one appears to have some custom features that really add to the overall look, it appears to be lowered and has some very nice gunmetal gray mag wheels.

1993 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo


Thanks to movies like The Fast and the Furious and games like Midnight Club, the Mark IV Supra is one of the most sought after Japanese sports cars in recent memory. This 1993 Toyota Supra from Encore Auto is a prime example of why. 1994 is more than 20 years ago, yet looking at this model you could easily believe it came out of the factory last year. The design has not aged at all. This one is in particularly spectacular condition and less than 40,000 miles on the clock! Just an unbelievable example of a Supra.

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