How Does Your Dealership Stack Up? An Inside Look At Dealership Metrics

Every business on the planet has some form of competition and it is natural to wonder where you rank; how well you are doing compared to others. In the used car dealership world there is little transparency. Sure, you can analyze data from large public companies like CarMax or AutoNation, but that data represents large, nationwide companies with efficiencies of scale. What about dealerships with one or two locations? What are the guidelines or metrics of dealerships my size?

Well I have a treat for you, we crunched the numbers across all of our over 1500 dealers to give you some average metrics. Some dealers are startups with only 6 vehicles and some are large multi-store companies with 500+ vehicles. This data is great and gives a peek inside the world of an average used car dealer. These are the guys that wear many hats at their store; selling, hiring, accounting, marketing, negotiating and even janitor. It’s sometimes a thankless job, but can be very rewarding with the people you meet and the ultimate growth of your business! I’ve put together an infographic that gives you a peek behind the scenes below.

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Used Car Dealership Metrics Infographic

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Conclusion Your dealership may be well below or above the numbers listed here. What these numbers do is paint a story and give you benchmarks to beat. Working harder on your mobile strategy, avg profit per vehicle or inventory age all will pay dividends short and long term.

How do your metrics stack up? Would love to read about some of your dealership stats.  

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