Do’s And Don’ts Of Blogging For Your Car Dealership



It’s time. I might even say you’re a bit late too it. It’s time to jump on the bandwagon and start a blog for your dealership. Blogging helps drive traffic to your site and ultimately sells more cars. Let’s look at some do’s and don’ts of blogging at your dealership.



Blog at least once a week. Try to have a minimum of 300 words to each article. It can be hard to think of topics to write about that often, but remember you’re an expert! You own a car dealership! Some great topics are detailing your car, tips on shopping for a car, maintenance tips, feature some of your best cars and write about why they’re great. Write about why your dealership is different from the other dealerships in your area, compare new vehicles… There are an endless number of topics for you to write on. Do your research, and write good helpful articles that appeal to a wide variety of people. When people search Google for the topic you wrote on, they will end up at your dealership’s site.



Copy and paste articles from other. Steer clear of plagiarism. Say something unique from your own perspective. You’re the expert, remember. This doesn’t mean every article needs to be an intense, in depth study on a topic, just don’t steal. Dealer Refresh has a great idea about looking at a vehicle (or vehicles) on your lot and writing a top five features list of that vehicle.



Make sure your blog is hosted on your dealership website. There are plenty of free blogging platforms in the world including blogger, WordPress, Tumblr and more. All of these will give you a free site, or you can host it on your own domain. Always choose hosting it on your own domain. Hosting with another service does not lead traffic to your website, which defeats the purpose of writing it in the first place. I recommend putting your blog as a page on your site for example



Have a lead form on your blog. Use MailChimp or a similar service to create a form on your company blog to collect email addresses. Give visitors some kind of incentive for them to give you their email. For example, give us your email for $500 more towards your trade, or something similar. Then use those email addresses to market to your customer base. Stay in contact with them and ultimately sell more cars.



Don’t forget to market your blog. Have a link to it on your homepage. Share every new post you write on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, anywhere you can. Encourage your friends to share the post as well. The more you can do to get your blog seen, the more traffic will be at your website, seeing what you have to offer.



Have an editor, especially if you don’t consider yourself a good writer. Have someone look over your posts, and make sure they are grammatically correct and that there are no spelling errors. Your blog is part of your public face. Make sure you are presenting your best face.



Have your employees help with the blog. Every new perspective helps. Take some of the pressure of yourself from time to time. Have your salesperson or service manager write about their job, and what their end of the business has to offer.



All this is to say DO WRITE A BLOG! At the end of the day, writing a blog makes your dealership more money, and that is never a bad thing!

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