Five Dealer Phone Sales Tips To Finish Your Year Strong

Act As If

How is your year going? Selling more cars year-over-year and month-over-month? With so much focus on internet marketing and communication, the old fashioned phone call has probably gotten rusty at your dealership. Most auto dealer salespeople never get training on gathering leads, nurturing them, building rapport, ultimately getting the customer in the driver’s seat and closing the sale.

It comes down to a simple fact; work harder on the phone and you’ll close more deals. Focus on the tips below and I can guarantee that you’ll close out your year on a high note. And hopefully get a raise!

1. Call More

More calls = more warm leads = more visits = more sales. This is the hard work, grinding it out to get more customer’s in the door that you can close. Your CRM is crucial here. You need to quickly identify likely candidates and move them on to the next step or close them out. Be relentless and make quick decisions.

2. Call Leads Immediately

Leads are gold. As soon a lead comes in, an auto responder email or text should be sent out to the customer letting them know that their inquiry has been received and that they will receive a response in the next few hours. This builds rapport and puts the customer at ease. They never know for sure if the dealer received their note or not. Odds are they are a buyer in the short term, act as if.

3. (Don’t) Use a Script

A scripted messages sounds just like a scripted message. It may have worked well in the 80s and 90s but more than likely everyone has head the pitch you are about to give. Your a salesperson, speak candidly about the vehicle as though you were talking about it with a friend. People appreciate the honesty and breath of fresh air.

Call script

4. Leave An Irresistible Message

You will get voicemail more often than not. People don’t recognize the number and they’ll immediately ignore or send straight to voicemail. Let’s face it, we don’t like talking to a salesperson. You’ve got to leave them something compelling to have them call you back. Keep it short and sweet. Let them know that you’ve received their info and give them a quick teaser on the car, let them know that you have availability at a specific time to come check out the car. Bonus: tell the customer you’ll call back if you don’t hear from them that day. This primes the customer to act quickly instead of just ignoring your communication.

5. Followup

Some customers may get stuck as a warm lead. You can tell that they are definitely on the fence and can’t make a decision. Most likely they are doing their research and even test driving cars. Stay on them, but know that you won’t win every deal. As a rule of thumb, try to contact the customer three times in a week. If you don’t get anywhere give it a two week break and put a note in your CRM to call them back and see if anything has shifted on the customer’s end.


Remember practice makes perfect. Get out there and don’t be scared about making mistakes. You’ll figure out what tone, flow and information to include and not include works best for you. Keep track of everything you can and try to improve those numbers weekly and monthly. Small percentage gains add up big over the course of the year!

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