How To Decrease Bounce Rate On Your Dealer Website

bounce rate

As an auto dealer, you want to stand head and shoulders above your competitors. You also want to become a magnet for potential clients. Lastly, you desperately want to be as relevant as possible to your site visitors. In order to achieve all that, you need to make sure that you have a very low bounce rate.

What is a Bounce Rate?

This is one of the most misunderstood metrics in Google Analytics. In simple terms, the bounce rate is the total number of visits of a single page of your website from each unique visitor. In other words, it represents the number of visits a unique visitor has on your website before leaving it. The bounce rate of a web page or website has nothing to do with the amount of time spent browsing. The connection is in the number of pages visited. A high bounce rate means one of the following: either your visitors did not find what they were looking for, or the webpage was too difficult to use.

A high bounce rate is dangerous for your dealer website, as it means your entrance pages are not relevant for new visitors. A bounce rate over 35% should be a cause of concern, while one higher than 50% is definitely worrying. Reducing your bounce rate is paramount for your dealer website, as it helps you increase engagement, draw your visitors in increase conversion rate.

Here are 8 Useful Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate on your Dealer Website

1. Make Sure your Attract the Right Visitors

For starters, ensure that you focus your efforts on the right niche. Improve targeting of your online advertising campaigns and create content that is relevant to your target niche. For instance, if you sell car parts for companies, focus on commercial customers such as big corporations and local businesses that might need your products. Create content and use keywords related to this niche. Try to maintain top rankings for branded terms and do not forget to write meta descriptions in order to rank higher in search engines. Ultimately, create several unique landing pages for different types of visitors to narrow down your marketing efforts even more.

2. Enhance your Website’s Usability

Making your website more usable is the surest way to decrease bounce rate and make potential customers fall in love with you. Use proper layout and include a quick navigation tab, a search button and content in sections in order to make your web pages as user-friendly as possible. Choose larger fonts over small ones in order to grasp attention. Complement all of this with good color contrast, bulleted lists, plenty of white space and large headlines. De-clutter your website and your visitors will enjoy spending time on your dealer website platform.

3. Speed up Page Load

Google PageSpeed Insights

Your site visitors spend less than 5 seconds on a website they don’t like. That’s all you have to get their attention. However, if your website does not load in 5 seconds, you have no remaining time to sell yourself. They will leave disappointed and will more than sure end up working with one of your dealer competitors. To speed up your page loading time, use little or no multimedia content such as flash videos or pictures. Additionally, set external links to open in a new window. Google uses page speed as a ranking factor with a threshold of 1.4 seconds.

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to speed up your website load times:

Also, look at tools like Google PageSpeed Insights and YSlow.

4. Avoid Pop-Ups at All Costs

avoid popups

One of the biggest factors of annoyance on dealer websites are pop-ups. Most people will turn away from websites where pop-ups are ever-present. Additionally, because of the annoying nature of pop-ups, people will more than often fail to find what they are looking for, so they either go away or keep opening multiple pages of the same site. Say no to pop-ups and you will definitely decrease bounce rate on your website considerably.

5. Make your Website Mobile-Friendly

As the total number of mobile users (1.7 billion) has beat the number of desktop users (1.6 billion), having a website that is not mobile friendly is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. You don’t only need to ensure your website is mobile-friendly, but that it is also mobile-usable. If your website content can’t be accessed from a mobile device or it does not appear properly, your bounce rate might increase exponentially. Mobile usability is not all about having a good site with a flawless design, a site compatible with mobile devices and accessible from all these devices. Usability also means using clear words and phrases that make sense. Content is equally important as design and compatibility.

6. Choose the Right Color Contrast

You need to remember that your customers want contrast. Having the right contrast can transform even the dullest and most boring story into an exciting one, full of life and passion. Conversely, the most intense content can be turned into a tedious story that is uninteresting for readers. It is important to use color palettes that draw your site visitors’ attention and spark their interest. In addition to the traditional black and white, you can use various tints of red, lime green and deep blue to make your website interesting and appealing to everyone.

7. Cut out any Distractions Present

There are still websites that autoplay audio or video. These intrusions which do not require the consent of visitors to play can easily break a pleasant navigation experience. Cutting out distractions does not only lead to a higher customer satisfaction, but it helps you to dramatically reduce bounce rates.

8. Offer a 404 Page

MotorLot 404 page

The most important reason to use a 404 page is to turn a seemingly negative experience into a potentially positive one. Add a bit of design and humor to your 404 page and make sure you don’t miss any precious customer ever again.


By developing a need to explore your website even further and by making sure each one of your customers finds exactly what he needs in the shortest period of time, you ensure a reduced bounce rate and a high customer satisfaction. Be there for your site visitors and offer them something more than your competitors. Your dealer website will definitely be successful if you transform it using the 8 tips listed above. If you know of other effective methods to decrease bounce rate, do not forget to list them below.

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