How To Get Great Customer Testimonials From Your Car Buyers

customer testimonials

The testimonial page on your website is highly influential. Customer testimonials are great means of promoting your products and services. Testimonials or good reviews actually tell people that your products or services are of high qualities and people can derive great results from it. If you manage to get testimonials which are believable, they can really improve your conversions.

If you manage to get good reviews on sites like Google Maps, Yelp, Bing, etc. more people can be attracted to do business with you. Many more customers will be interested to know more about your products. Google has recently started listing Facebook reviews in search which is a huge social signal.

Facebook reviews

So how do you increase the number of testimonials from your car buyers?

Getting more testimonials

Certain tips, can help you to get more testimonials from your car buyers:

Making customers happy: It becomes very important to keep customers happy, as unhappy customers are more likely to post reviews about the car you sold. Thus, firstly you will need to identify your happy and unhappy customers. This can be done simply by doing regular survey. If you get a negative response from any of your customers, then you will have to figure out what should be done to fix the situation.

Asking for testimonials: The customers who will give positive remarks about the car you sold or the services you provided, should be targeted for writing testimonials. You can send them some testimonials from other customers for their reference. You can even include some information about your achievements to consider writing about it. These testimonials can be put on your website’s testimonial page and some other important pages, in whole or in parts. You can even ask some clients if they are willing to do video testimonials for you.

Asking for feedback: After selling out your product, ask your customer for feedback. You can get these feedbacks by sending out standard emails. In case of the key customers make a point to reach out to them personally. Update them about latest cars or services and ask for their valuable comments.

Facebook reviews: If your company has a Facebook page, it will have a Reviews tab in it. Slide the tab among the visible tabs and persuade customers to write reviews on their experience with your product.

LinkedIn Recommendations: Linkedin can be effectively used to promote your brand and provide updates about it. In this website you cannot get reviews on your company page. So you can ask some of your employees or representatives to remain active on Linkedin regularly. These might help your employees get recommendations from the customers they work with. These recommendations can be used on your company website or employees’ bio.

Rewarding customers who reviews: An easy way to encourage your customers to post their reviews is by telling them that they will get rewarded for doing so. In certain cases, some car companies offer a chance of winning cash prizes or other rewards if their customers write reviews for them. You can even offer some vouchers or coupons for this purpose. This method can also be utilized for getting online reviews. Facebook can help you share offers especially to your fans and followers. You can even consider offering small giveaway prizes for doing video reviews. There are several other similar options that your company can try out to attract better reviews.

Google alerts: There are several customer reviews that are likely to be written about your cars, especially in personal blogs which you might not be aware of. In such cases you can consider setting up daily notifications through emails in Google alerts, to keep a track of your brand mentions and make use of it.

Seven effective ways to use your customer testimonials

Effective ways to use testimonials

Once you get the testimonials and reviews from your customers, it is important that you use them in a smart way. This will help you to get the best out of them and improve conversions.

Choose the most effective testimonials: Depending on your marketing strategy and your product, make decisions on which type of testimonials will prove to be more effective. You can consider putting client’s quotes in important sites or may even use customer reviews for promotional purposes. A simple video of customer praising your service will also provide you more footage. If you are willing to spend a little more you can even hire a video production agency.

Making an impact: Since you are selling a car, you will have to create a long lasting impact on your customers with your video to compete with other players of the market. Thus, videos of ordinary customers are less likely to make a big impact. Thus, you can consider hiring a well known personality or a celebrity to speak for your brand.

Heartfelt quotes: Whenever you are using customer quotes for the promotion of a car, try to keep it short and heartfelt. You can even use the person’s name, his job title and even the name of the company he works on to add little more weight to it.

Use creative methods: Apart from the usual ways of using the quotes, you can even consider unique and creative ways to draw people’s attention. Some of the innovative ways of inserting these quotes can be sharing them in blogs, at the back of your business cards or even in your advertisements.

Categorize the testimonials: Arrange the testimonials in an order and try to address the problems faced by your customers. Comments which emphasizes on your credibility on the swiftness of delivery can be used on the page for placing orders.

Regular updates: Make sure to update your pages on certain regular intervals. This allows your pages to look fresh with new testimonials and reviews.

Respond to negative reviews: There is one negative aspect of getting reviews on Facebook page, Yelp and some other sites. You cannot restrict the negative reviews. So, whenever you come across such reviews, make sure to respond to them. Viewers will spot some negative reviews, but they will also see that you have made an attempt to solve your customers’ problems. So, they will understand that you care for your customers happiness, which will help you make a positive impact.

Seek permission from customers before using their remarks to make sure they are happy about their comments being made public. Great testimonials are a sure fire way to put your future customers at ease with doing business with you! Everyone loves great service.

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