How to Increase Your Automotive Lead Conversion Rate

Lead conversion

Lead generation is at most times a very challenging process for virtually all kinds of business. Even more so in the automotive industry where many dealers just cannot seem to easily drive more consumers to their showrooms. According to a recent survey it is estimated that only one out of every five individuals makes a purchase after doing their own research. This naturally poses several pertinent questions on the lead conversion tactics that most automotive dealers utilize in their day to day operations.

· Are these professionals evaluating the right metrics to improve their sales?
· Are they in a position to meet their prospects needs when and if they have their undivided attention?
· Are they offering the ideal incentives to get more consumers into their showrooms?

Well, by answering these three questions, automotive dealers can optimize their lead conversion in more ways than they would have thought possible.

What are the ideal lead conversion channels to employ?
One of the main factor they need to take into consideration is the marketing channels they can employ in their favor. To begin, there are now than ever many platforms of effectively engaging with prospects. With the advent of the internet, this once tiresome process has been significantly simplified. By putting in place a user experience rich website that your would-be clients can visit, you can put yourself in an excellent position to convert a good number of them. But just having an attractive website is by far not enough if your are keen on getting colossal lead conversion in your dealership. This is where email marketing comes into play.

Email marketing and effective lead conversion 
This innovative medium can permit you to conveniently engage as well as educate all new users to your site with refreshing content. Which can easily spark their interest and prompt them to make purchases.

Immediate email deployment
The trick in effectual email lead conversion totally lies in deploying messages the moment a new user signs up for your website’s various services. It is again estimated that 90% of leads turn cold after just an hour of inactivity. Hence it is critical to send emails to your new prospects the minute they sign up. To this end you can make use of appropriate marketing automation tools and even auto-responders that will deliver your emails on time and keep your potential clients’ high.

How do you deal with Inactive Buyers?
When it comes to inactive buyers, you can effortlessly engage them with handy instructions of how to make the most of the services you offer. This can include sending them your very best vehicle guides or even tips that can assist them in making an informed purchase decision.

Intuitive call-to-actions & personalized emails
You should also put appropriate call-to-actions below the emails you send that can serve as ideal marketing tools to spark your prospects interests on the various products you offer. You should also go out of your way to personalize the emails you send. Which in most cases than not creates trust and can help you build mutually beneficial relationships with all your prospects in your lead conversion efforts. Always address them by their names and sign off with you signature. Not forgetting to include you contact details, especially an email address they can respond to, and if applicable your social media profiles.

Send follow up emails
Even if any lead does not result in a sale, make it a point to send follow up emails to get feedback on what you may have done wrong. This can in the long run permit you to effortlessly access the necessary information that you can use to enhance your customer experience. Which will most definitely result in more conversions over time. Should you have a trial software that you offer to your prospects , you can review their activation status and promptly offer them an extension of the services you offer. This of course is only applicable for those users who are active, but are still undecided when it comes to making purchases. Doing this can go a long way in renewing their interest, and in most cases, prompt them to buy.

Text messages  


Text messages are also excellent means for effective lead conversion in the automotive industry. To begin with, they present lesser competition when compared to other marketing channels. It is estimated that the average mobile phone user receives only 178 text messages as when compared to the 1216 emails they receive. This means you can easily get the attention of your prospects by sending them text messages as opposed to email notifications. Additionally 99% of all text messages are usually read , and a whooping 90% of them just within three minutes of been sent. The click-through rate of text messages (22%) is significantly much higher than that of emails (19%).

Effectual engagement of inactive users & failed conversions
This medium can be particularly excellent when it comes to engaging inactive users or those whose trials may have expired. By getting in touch with this category of your prospects via text messages, you can conveniently access invaluable feedback. Which will permit you to answer all their pertinent queries, while also be in a position of pointing them to the right resources that can assist their purchase decision.

Then again, text message lead conversion can be ideal for keeping in touch with users who were converted but failed. There is a wide range of reasons why this can occur. Perhaps the prospect inputted a wrong credit card number, maybe your website crashed while they were making the payment. Or they may have been using a wrong browser. By prompting sending them a text message, you can offer them your personalized assistance on completing the payment. Or maybe send them a link to a pre-filled alternative payment option page on your website.

Phone calls
Making phone calls to prospects can also be a good way of following up on them. Google estimates that 61% of mobile searches usually result in a phone call. While inbound phone call leads are normally 10-15 times more ready to convert than those of inbound web leads. Consequently the utilization of this lead conversion can result in successive calls, which can enable you to close a sale in a stress-free manner.

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