How To Sell Cars On a $0 Budget


Selling cars on $0 budget

The internet has revolutionised the way we do everything including marketing goods and services. Gone are the days when marketing was restricted to expensive platforms like TV, radio and newspapers which had and still have a limited reach. You can advertise effectively today using numerous online platforms regardless of your marketing budget. You can even market your goods and/or services effectively for free. You just need to be equipped with the right information and use the right tools. That’s it! Our focus in this article will be on how auto dealers can effectively market cars online for free. If you’re keen on discovering such information, look no further.

The internet is the only free and effective marketing platform in existence today. You must pay to use other marketing platforms such as TV, radio and newspapers. You must therefore think online if you want to sell cars on a $0 budget. There are a number of ways of getting free leads online. For instance, you can use free social media marketing sites or use other free and effective online marketing methods such as using free classified advertising sites, blogging etc. Below is an in-depth discussion of each of these methods and many others to help you understand how you can sell cars on a $0 budget.

1. Use social media sites

Social media sites are the most popular sites online today and they’re free to use which makes them perfect marketing tools. It costs you nothing to join the most popular social media sites i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. It also cost you nothing to set up a business profile in these social media sites for advertising the cars you want to sell. Considering all social media sites have over 2 billion active monthly users combined, their marketing potential can’t be ignored. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter have over 1.4 billion, 500 million and 300 million active monthly users respectively. LinkedIn and Pinterest have 300 million and 48 million registered users respectively. Although most people are active in more than one social media site, social media sites are still the most popular sites online today.

You can advertise for free on Facebook by setting up a Facebook business page that highlights information about your auto business i.e. location, website, contact information among other information to enable your potential customers get in touch with you easily. You should also upload pictures of the cars you sell on Facebook to increase your chances of getting useful leads. Provided you set up a targeted business profile page, you shouldn’t have a problem finding leads since Facebook matches its users with their interests. You can also share your page with your existing friends on Facebook. The share feature is free and very effective to use for marketing.

Twitter also allows its members to create business profiles for free. Provided you create a professional profile that is complete and packed with useful information, you shouldn’t have a problem getting leads from Twitter. You can use free Twitter marketing tools like hashtags on your tweets to target people who are interested in buying cars. You can also tweet your existing followers for free and request them to retweets your tweets. These are some of the free ways you can use twitter to effectively market your car selling business.

You can also create free professional business profiles on Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. It’s very easy using each of these sites. Google+ is a great platform to get leads because Google favours Google+ profiles when ranking websites. You therefore stand to enjoy great SEO benefits using this site to get leads. LinkedIn is perfect for targeting professionals who may want to buy cars. The site is free and easy to use. The site is great for finding potential customers in business or formal jobs. Pinterest is a great free social media site to use when you want to target female car buyers since 85% of all Pinterest users are women according to the latest statistics (May 2015).

In a nutshell, you should focus on creating complete and professional business profiles on all popular social media platforms to enjoy free effective advertising. It’s important to note that every social media site has its own unique attributes so it’s important to have presence in all popular social media sites to enjoy maximum benefits. Creating perfect business profiles shouldn’t be a problem since all social media sites have user guides.

2. Use free classified advertising sites

Kijiji website

You can also generate leads for free using free adverting sites like Backpage, eBay Classifieds, Vast & Oodle. Backpage is a free popular classified ads site you can use to sell cars. The website is perfect when you have great photos. The website has a strong presence in over 700 cities worldwide. Backpage is also easy to use. A “new” strong player is eBay Classifieds (formerly Kijiji). This is Canada’s version of Craigslist reimagined for the US market. With a strong parent company and listings that show on eBay this is a great marketplace to list your vehicles on.

3. Use free video sharing websites like YouTube

You can also sell cars on a $0 marketing budget using video sharing websites like YouTube. YouTube is the most popular video sharing website in the world with over 1 billion unique visitors every month. The site is also free to use. You can get leads easily on YouTube by posting car review videos. You can make simple videos for free using your Smartphone or video camera and post them on YouTube with the appropriate headings to attract search traffic. Most car buyers visit YouTube to view reviews of the cars they want to buy. If you make high quality and informative videos reviewing the cars you are selling, you shouldn’t have a problem getting free leads. Furthermore, Google favours YouTube videos on search results. As long as you get the car model right, you shouldn’t have problems getting plenty of leads from YouTube for free.

4. Start a blog

Blogging is another great way to generate leads for free. Anyone can start a blog for free. There are very many good free blogging platforms you can use to create a good auto blog. The secret to generating leads for free using your blog is to make sure your website is perfectly optimized for search engines. Anyone can perform effective SEO (search engine optimization) provided you have the knowhow. There are many types of SEO from content optimization to keyword optimization. All these different types of SEO are meant to increase the visibility of your blog or website on search engines.

You can do effective keyword optimization by using free keyword research tools like Google’s keyword planner. Your focus should be finding and using popular keywords that people use to find information online via search engines. Content optimization is all about creating high quality content for your auto blog that makes people want to buy cars from you. Your blog should also have good back links (links to other popular auto blogs) for you to get leads. You can do all these effectively on your own without having to spend a dime. SEO is one of the most effective forms of internet marketing today and anyone can learn to do effective SEO on their blog for free.

5. Word of mouth

Word of mouth

This is another rather obvious but commonly overlooked and effective way of selling cars on a $0 marketing budget. It doesn’t cost you anything to inform your friends, family members, neighbours and colleagues that you are selling cars and that they should share that information with anyone that might be interested in buying a car. Word of mouth is in fact one of the most effective free marketing methods for someone in the auto business since many people like buying cars from people they know or referrals. You should in fact start with this method before you consider other methods discussed above since you use the least effort generating leads using word of mouth.



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