How to Setup a Photo Booth to Sell More Cars

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One of the best ROI investments a dealership can make is on a photo booth. With nearly all buyers first seeing the vehicle online, showing the vehicles in the best possible light is a no-brainer. It really is a low cost tool in the world of marketing and drawing potential customers. Spending $2,000 – $5,000 and a weekend will be money and time well spent.

If you were to peel back the curtain and see the most successful dealers, they would all have setup effective photo booths for advertising its inventory and new vehicles on the lot. It really is table stakes in this day and age, it pulls the crowds toward your offering and helps you stand above your local competition.

The advertising mechanism, although, simple and effective, setting up a photo booth for promoting your business may be intimidating. To ease your pain, this article provides tips for setting up a photo booth for your automobile venture. But first, it is important to take a look into the benefits of using this highly innovative and effective marketing tool.


You must be wondering how can a photo booth raise the sales of your car dealership. Using photo booths to take pictures of your offered cars can increase the flow of customers to your shop. Every other dealer in town is looking for ways to win over your customers and increase their sales. In this tough situation, you must take advantage of all the possible strategies to increase your market reputation and overall deals.

Setting Up a Photo Booth

Now the real question is how to set up a photo booth so that you can take appropriate and intriguing pictures of the models that you offer! There are two ways of doing that. First, you can take the help of professionals and leave the whole responsibility in the capable hands of experts. Second, you can set up your own DIY booth in your facility and take the shooting of some wonderful pictures of your new and used cars in your own hands. If you are planning to set up a booth by yourself, here are some tips (check out some other ideas here) that would guide you through the process:

  • Space: The space of the booth depend on how large a vehicle is. Consider the largest vehicle you’ll shoot photos of which will most likely be a large SUV or truck. Typically you’ll want something around 30’x30′. A higher ceiling is preferred so that a reflection is not seen on the hood and roof of the car. While not a small space, the investment is worth it. While planning on the area of a booth, keep in mind that you have to make place for the necessary lighting and workspace.
  • Lighting: Another very important aspect of setting up a photo booth is definitely the lighting. Keeping the background and flooring neutral like a tan or gray color with speckles tends to work best, allows you to get appropriate pictures of all the models without changing the background to suit each model and removes tire marks and dirt. Point the lighting at the walls and not directly at the car, otherwise you’ll have overexposure. While taking pictures of the interiors of the car, remember to use the flash, or the pictures becomes dull.  Green backgrounds are a waste of money and time, it takes away from the focus on the car. Don’t use fluorescent lighting as they give off a yellow tinge.
  • Equipment: As far as the equipment is concerned, remember to use a standard camera that will bring out the best features of the car. The better the camera and software is, generally the better the photos are. The chance of launching a successful photo booth campaign depends a lot on the camera performance. Photo editing software is also required to remove the unwanted features from the picture, cropping, adjusting it and adding the finishing touches that will attract customers. Batch editing and a workflow are really key here. The more you can automate the process the better your long term success rate will be. An added benefit is that it is a process that can be taught and handled by many key employees.

Check out some other ideas here.

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Intriguing Pictures

Humans remember what they see better than what they hear. It is likely that a customer would remember the models, pictures of what  you have displayed in a market place. An intriguing picture of your different car models will definitely catch the eyes of every online passersby and this is what will drive them to your doors in search of further information. Displaying pictures of available models will not only allure potential customers, but also spread your business information such as phone numbers and address to the local crowd.


Through the effective portrayal of professional pictures of cars offered by a dealership, goodwill is garnered. The customer can see quickly that the dealer cares deeply about the promotion and care of their vehicles which can transfer over to everything from the sales process to post sales service and warranty. If you see a car covered in dust with a dirty interior do you think it will be a good shopping experience? Would you ever expect to see that in an Apple store..better yet, would you ever expect to see that on

Cost Effective

The whole process may seem costly and time intensive upfront, but the truth is it’s only a one-time investment. Between the attention to your vehicles and goodwill created your return on investment can be as quickly as a few extra sales! Costs can vary in setting up and running a photo booth campaign, but the net profit will surpass your expectation and provide you an opportunity to grow your business quickly.

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You can increase the effectiveness of your photo booth campaign simply by spending some time up-front researching, picking the right location, position, and then focusing on testing to get the right mix of quality photos and speed. Following these steps and tips will certainly help to boost your sales and profit. Good luck!


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