How to use Facebook Marketing to Sell More Cars

Facebook marketing

Social media is an amazing platform upon which to lay and build a marketing campaign for any business. It is incredible seeing just how little car dealers use Facebook to market their brands. Given the level of competition in that market, you get to wonder why there is no aggression towards this form of marketing. There are several answers to this puzzle, but the most prominent one is the lack of information regarding this type of exposure. Facebook is becoming more important than ever, especially after search engines like Google prioritized mobile responsiveness at the beginning of this year. In addition, Facebook users just keep growing so you should take this chance to jump into the fray.

Setting up Facebook marketing

Now that you have decided to try Facebook, you need to set up a page for your business. Do not use your profile for work related posts as you need a more formal environment to engage users. Setting up simply entails going up to your own profile on Facebook and choosing the option to open a business page. A key consideration here will be the name of the page. You need to think carefully about this, and the name should be linked in some way to your business. There is a wide range of names a car dealership could use, but you need to be different, because that is what users are looking for, and plain names do not cut it. Afterwards, move on to filling in details about your type of business, location as well as contacts. Finally, choose a cover photo that places your business in the core of things. Brand images are a great way to go here, because you want the user to remember your brand constituents like name and logo. As you wind up, like your own page.

Fishing for likes

Facebook likes

At this point, you are set up, but you are not there yet. You can start by inviting friends with a genuine interest in your cause, but that is not going to cut it. You need people in a specific demographic, so you should have that in mind before you start looking. There is always the temptation to buy likes for your Facebook page to make things move along quickly, but that largely depends on your marketing plan. In certain situations, the likes you buy could be from either fake accounts or genuine accounts whose permissions have been obtained through dubious means.

The best way to go here will be to actually connect to other pages in the same niche and build a relationship. Convince them to share some of your posts on their already established page. Businesses do not have a problem with this move, as they know that it is a win-win situation, since everyone needs exposure at one time or another. In addition, you need to spend money on Facebook marketing in order to ensure that your posts share out easier. In addition, the only way you will grow as a business is by providing regular, updated content. Use your page as an avenue of expression. Do not preach to anyone. Just share consistently and remember to mix formal language with a brand of semi-formal speak. Basically try to establish yourself as accessible, honest, knowledgeable and helpful.

When inviting users to like your page, always consider the demographic you are targeting. You can have a page that has 10 million likes and feel good about it, but all may not be as well as you think because there is a chance the users are not in your line of focus. Imagine having a page with this number of likes where half of your followers are 15-year-old children or octogenarians. In that instance, you will be veering off course because 15 year olds and octogenarians do not buy cars. You might want to look for young adults as well as those in their middle ages. You could choose a range, for example, between 22 and 50 years.

Using Facebook ads

Facebook ads

These ads will help you especially when you are targeting a specific group of people, which is a big part of selling cars. The reason why Facebook is so appealing is that a single consumer will keep login into their accounts numerous times a day. There are several options for advertisement on Facebook, and this is where the spending bit comes in. You could go with the traditional ads, which limit you to texts, or the display ad, which has an additional provision for an image. These two do not cost much, but the third one does. A Facebook engagement ad will require you to make your order through a Facebook advertising sales representative and pay quite a bit.

Using dark posts

Facebook dark posts

You obviously sell many different brands of cars, and producing many advertisements, which all go to your updated stream, can be self-destructive as it annoys followers who might decide to leave and never come back. In this instance, go with dark posts. These posts do not need publishing on the regular stream at once. You will need to use software like Power Editor (only works in Google Chrome) for this tweak. Once you are done with this procedure at the ads section, store your post. Power editor allows users to view your post even if it is unpublished, and this comes with all the privileges of a published post.

What not to do on Facebook

  • Do not either encourage or irk the trolls. Just ignore them.
  • Do not neglect the page. Your audience will not stay loyal to dormant pages.
  • Do not publish stream after stream of advertising updates, it can be annoying.
  • Do not shy away from debate. Controversy generates talk, and that is what you want.
  • Do not use blocks of texts all through. Throw in some images and video clips of the cars you have available. Use clips widely, especially when demonstrating the features of a new brand of vehicles.

Facebook marketing can be the one act that changes your social media advertising strategy. Bait your audience to obtain their attention, and then have them believing in your products. On this platform, trust means everything. However, you cannot achieve it in a day. Take time and be patient with yourself.

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