How to use Retargeting Ads to Gain 20 Extra Sales Per Month

Ad retargeting for auto dealers

Retargeting is also called remarketing. Retargeting ads are an effective way to build awareness for your products and services. It can help drive more clicks on the website. Most experts consider it a B2C-first strategy due to its ability to bring back abandoned visitors and repeat purchases. However, retargeting is also an effective tool for B2B marketers.

How Does Retargeting Work?

First of all, a person visits your website, and is tagged with a basic retargeting cookie. The person starts seeing your advertisements on various websites, such as Facebook. Last but not the least, the person clicks on the advertisement coming back to the website, and complete a call to action.

A major limitation for B2B companies is the number of visitors to the website. If there are less visitors on the website, there’s less scope for retargeting. For most startup businesses, the traffic on the website is relatively small.

However, retargeting ads can change this scenario, and not only help you attract more traffic, but even generate more leads. In this post, we’ve discussed how to use retargeting effectively to generate more sales.

Segment Visitors By Funnel Stage

Sales funnel

One of the key benefits of common retargeting platforms, such as Google or Adroll, is that you can easily show messages and ads to visitors on the basis of specific sections or pages they’ve viewed. With the information about page visits, it gets easier to estimate the funnel state of each visitor.

In addition to this, these platforms offer them the right content that pulls them easily through the funnel. This allows you to create new form submissions along with increasing value. Here’s how you can identify the funnel stage of your visitors.

● TOFU or Top of the Funnel – These are the people who visit website pages to check the content rather than the product. A blog can be a good example of TOFU. You can run retargeting to easily distribute ebooks and capture the initial lead.

● MOFU or Middle of the Funnel – These are the people who visit website pages to check your product, but only remain at a high level. You can use retargeting to drive them to other consideration material, such as case studies and whitepapers.

● BOFU or Bottom of the Funnel – These are the people who visit website pages about decision making, such as pricing range and case studies. You can use retargeting to drive the visitors to request a demo.

Use Test Date Ranges and Industry Targeting

As mentioned earlier, relevant messages always matter a lot for your retargeting ads campaign. When you write industry specific ads, you always enjoy higher click through rates. In fact, they are about 20-60% higher than average content ads. Retargeting should also be customized. You should think about the pages your prospects are visiting, and make the advertisement shine.

Another important consideration is when a visitor last visited the URLs you’re trying to target in the campaign. A lot of platforms allow you to specify a finish date for the ads. You should test different options, and make this a rul. Since most marketers pay on the basis of a CPM model, showing advertisements for too long proves to be less effective. At some point, it’s not worth the cost.

Optimize for Mobile and Use Cross Channel Retargeting

Facebook retargeting

With over 50% traffic on Twitter and Facebook coming from mobiles, it’s important to use cross channel retargeting. It’s also important to optimize the social media profile or website for mobile. This reality isn’t going to change in the coming years. It’s important to make sure all the messages don’t truncate on mobile. They should make some sense in the context of their form factor. Your website should also be properly setup to support mobile.

When it comes to cross channel, you should consider running different messages on the basis of your website visitors. There are some platforms that let you run retargeting ads across Twitter, Facebook and other channels. You can also use Google Display Network to make sure you build enough impression share and frequency to drive action.

Combine Time Based and Account Retargeting

On the basis of some factors, such as goals, company type, traffic and more, you need to consider high end time based or company based retargeting with enterprise retargeting platforms. DemandBase and Bizo can be good choices. If you’re a small business and can’t afford these, you can also choose from many other options easily available in the market.

Use Email Addresses While Running Retargeting

In case you’re only using website visitors to run your retargeting ads, you may be missing out on a huge opportunity, which is custom audiences on Facebook. They may it easier to run Facebook advertisements to target specific users on the basis of email address. When it comes to B2B contacts, you may notice only a 12-15% match rate. The primary reason is that most Facebook users don’t list their primary work email addresses. When you have thousands of email addresses in your database, it may lead to a great opportunity.

A good reason for retargeting on the basis of email address is to easily and effective target people in funnel stages. You can export your leads, opportunities, free trials and MQL to deliver a customized messages specifically designed to bring them into the next funnel stage without any web visit correlation. Some services can even update the customized audience list on the basis of people in the marketing automation system.

Use the Right Marketing and Tracking Attribution Model

Running retargeting ads is considered excellent. However, you should be able to measure its impact. It’s very important to use an appropriate attribution model. In case you’re using first touch tracking, your ROI will be zero. It’s worth mentioning that retargeting isn’t the first touch point. However, it should be given credit to increase your sales. When you’re using last click, retargeting will often be overvalued. This also needs to be considered.

According to experts, retargeting can drive both opportunity creation and lead creation. Professionals can automatically track and tag your remarketing efforts directly in popular platforms to make it easier to see how many leads are driven, and how much revenue is generated.

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