How Using Better Ad Titles Will Increase Your Sales by 30%

How to write better titles

When you have a car to sell (or, like most dealerships, have several cars to sell), you know the strong points of each vehicle. You know about the safety features that will protect drivers and passengers. You know about the great gas mileage, the towing capacity, everything that makes the vehicles you sell worth a look.

But think, for a moment, about your potential consumers. Maybe they’re scrolling through Craigslist in the “cars + trucks” section, or they’re flipping through the local paper with their morning coffee. Regardless, your potential buyers can’t get an in-depth sense of your vehicles. At best, you have a sentence – or less – to draw in potential buyers.

When you think of it from the perspective of a buyer, it’s no wonder that doing something as simple as including better ad titles in your day-to-day marketing can actually increase your sales by 30%.

However, “better” is a vague term, and trying to improve your automobile sales by bettering your titles without having concrete examples for reference seems counterintuitive, or at the very least, ineffective. Though it’s ultimately up to you to decide the right ad titles for your chosen demographics, it can be helpful to consult ads with catchy titles for inspiration.

For many dealers, craigslist is an inexpensive platform for advertising large numbers of vehicles. However, because many dealers feel the same way, craigslist is typically inundated with thousands of new car ads each week. This Greensboro, NC Craigslist search is one example of the vast sea of craigslist ads consumers see every day. While most ads list at least the year and make of the vehicle, it’s necessary to have something that stands out.

Craigslist listings

You can’t just list every single benefit to a given car you’re selling, but it’s wise to select something. Some dealers opt to put “LEATHER” in all caps after the make and model. Sometimes, especially if you’re hoping to pull in some first-time car buyers, you may wish to put something along the lines of “Easy 1st-time buyer program,” “Bad Credit and No Credit OK,” or “Only $100 Down.” On a platform like craigslist, where your ad is just one line of blue text among many others, you need to pick one to two aspects of the car or the sale that you want to highlight. When you have something that will get your buyers’ attention, you’re that much more likely to get more attention from buyers.

If you want to sell your vehicles online using more platforms than one, finding a site that specializes in car sales may be worth it as well. is one site that allows you to sell cars. It allows you to reach millions of buyers, and this, like craigslist, is both a benefit and a drawback. likely has many cars for sale just like the ones you want to sell, so it’s crucial to pick an ad title that will capture attention. When you have s title that quickly encapsulates something that stands out about either the vehicle or your dealership (maybe a used car you’re selling has had one owner, for instance, or your dealership has financing offers that beat most others), your ad is more likely to stand out. Because this platform offers a way for you to see how many times an ad has been viewed, you can experiment with changing titles on some ads and see if they successfully grab the attention of your target audience.

One other important platform to hit when you’re trying to get your vehicles as much exposure as possible is eBay motors. Millions of people buy all kinds of items on eBay, and the site’s auto sales expansion has done considerably well. When you market on eBay, customers can search by car model and make, so your sale vehicle will likely come up in searches alongside other similar vehicles. You also get more than just the initial line of text in the thumbnail preview – you also get the beginning of the full text of your advertisement.

eBay Motors listing

For search and classification purposes, many dealerships simply make the title line of an advertisement the make and model of the car. If a feature is especially unique or noticeable (some dealers will type something like “19 INCH WHEELS!” on a listing to draw attention to modifications or special features), it’s wise to fit this in the headline.

However, the place where you really need to shine is in the beginning of the paragraph below. Many dealers will have similar headlines, but when you make special features of your vehicles known in the bottom paragraph, you stand more of a chance of getting buyer attention. This paragraph is where many sellers will note if the car has had only one owner, if it has leather upholstery, or anything else that grabs attention. Some of them will opt for a more personal approach: one seller of a modified vehicle noted that those who drove the vehicle were complimented on it all the time.

Sometimes, though, it’s all about getting as many details in as possible. Some sellers on eBay motors opt to include the model, transmission type, whether the vehicle is AWD, whether it has power steering, etc. For the buyer who knows what he or she wants already, this sort of listing is likely to be effective. It wastes no time, it provides useful information, and it provides a picture of the vehicle.

Essentially, there is no magic formula for ad writing that will make your cars sell like hotcakes. However, when you improve your advertisements by considering the platform used, the needs of your usual clientele, and the competition you’ll have in any given advertising medium, then you’re much more likely to make a faster sale, earn the trust and respect of customers, and earn money quickly. When you want to improve your revenue, there are plenty of expensive overhauls you make, but changing the wording of your advertisements costs almost nothing and can have incredible effects.

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