Pinterest Marketing for Auto Dealers – Build Your Brand

Pinterest marketing for car dealers

In the modern, competitive world, it has become harder to survive, but easier to build your brand identity. With a lot of social networks getting increasingly popular, a business organization can make the most of its social networking profiles. Besides Facebook and Twitter, one more social networking giant has been helping auto dealers promote their products, services and building a strong reputation in the market.

As compared to other social networks, Pinterest is relatively new. However, it rapidly became one of the biggest and most popular social networks on the Internet. Thus, Pinterest marketing for auto dealers has been extremely popular. Pinterest allows its users to manage and create image collections called boards. Users can even also follow other people with similar interests and tastes. Due to the increasing popularity of Pinterest, the possibilities of using this social network to promote and market your auto dealership is becoming significant.

How Does Pinterest Help Develop Your Brand?

At one point, Pinterest has been able to grow over 4000%. Many auto dealerships have realized the tremendous potential of Pinterest to build brand identity. Other businesses have also been using the power of Pinterest to promote products and services. For instance, numerous photographers, graphic artists, fashion designers and interior designers have created storyboards showcasing their work.

With Pinterest, auto dealers have the freedom to display their cars using personal style and creativity to create exceptional portfolios, which can be shared and seen by Pinterest users. Consumers can check out businesses before contacting them.

Auto dealers can even use Pinterest as a tool for their market research. They can gather information about what is being pinned and how many users are sharing stuff posted by their business. This data can be an inspiration for product development or marketing campaign. It can also help determine marketability, popularity and interests.

In case you want to get started on Pinterest marketing for auto dealers, but don’t know how to begin, you should consider the following ideas for building the perfect Pinterest board, and building a strong reputation on this extremely popular social network.

1) Education – It is worth mentioning that How To information has always performed well on Pinterest. You should look for certain materials in your company, which can educate, inform or teach your prospects or customers. For instance, if you have a stylish white car, you can pin the image of the content with a link to play the video of a test drive. This can keep prospects or customers engaged and encourage them to know more about your auto dealership.

2) Feedback – There are times when you might be thinking about launching a new marketing campaign. You should try a virtual focus group. This can be easily done by creating a board that allows you to test your target market and obtain feedback.

Brand managers or executives can post, and pay some attention to what gets repinned, commented on or liked. This allows you to gain valuable insight about what the target market thinks of your car models and dealership.

In fact, beyond seeking feedback of the target market on just cars and marketing campaigns, you can also ask for their opinions on a specific aspect of your business, like customer service, engagement and more.

3) Events – In case your business is hosting an upcoming event, meeting or training, you can create a board that introduces this aspect of your business to the audience. There are many different and interesting ways to promote your events on Pinterest without seeming spammy. You can pin information about :

● Sponsors

● The Speakers

● Workshops and other informational sessions

● Special events within a particular event

● Location and surrounding areas

In addition to this information, you can also include :

● Special offers and incentives for early registration

● Blog posts about the topic of the event

● Attendee comments

● Event photos

Auto dealer events

4) Makeovers – In case your business lends itself to showcasing some before and after images, such boards can be perfect for you. For instance, you may upload photos of a car as it came to your dealership and after its interior was given some modifications.

Auto dealers can use these boards by creating pins showcasing impressive outcomes, like increase in sales, more web traffic or better business branding resulting from their intervention. Such Pinterest boards give a positive impression about your business, and make people show their interest in your services.

5) Company Culture – This allows you to generate more customer engagement by giving your prospects or customers an inside peek at your dealership. You can use a board or boards, which offer a feel for your company’s ideas, commitments, style, mission, level of professionalism and projects.

It is important to understand that these boards would not make your Pinterest profile a superstar overnight. However, they can still get you on the right track to find and engage potential customers with visuals that speak about your message and their needs. In order to build your brand, you need to focus on the wide reach of Pinterest. It offers a great opportunity to connect with your target market and keep them interested in your business.

It is important to understand that Pinterest has quickly become one of the most popular social networks within a short period of time. Due to this, Pinterest marketing for auto dealers can not be overlooked. When you are trying to build a brand on Pinterest, you should consult professionals for the job. It is important to hire experienced and reputed social media experts.

These days, most social media agencies can be accessed online. You can look for a company, and check out its services. It is also important to consider the company’s prices, experiences and other factors. Before you choose a company, you should compare several options. You should also check customer reviews and testimonials. This will give you a better idea about the quality of services provided by the company. When it comes to Pinterest marketing for auto dealers, you need to hire the best company to build a powerful brand. You should not just rush into making a decision.

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