Seven Marketing Tools Every Dealer Should Be Using

What’s the fastest and cheapest way to make more money right now TODAY? If you are like most dealers the answer is leveraging and optimizing what you already have! Unless you are a new dealer, you’ve spent a ton of blood, sweat and tears building your business up. You are getting steady website and floor traffic through your marketing efforts and you have a positive mix of referral customers and new. It’s time to take advantage of all that hard work. Acquiring new customers cost 5x – 10x the cost of retaining a customer you have already worked with. The lifetime value of a repeat customer is 67 percent more than a new one!

Here is a must have collection of seven marketing tools you should be using. Many of these tools are free or low cost and worth multiples of the value they will provide you. Implementation is easy and you can get started using them immediately.

1. Google Analytics

The undisputed king of website analytics. If you take advantage of only one item on this list, make it Google Analytics. Signup is free and all you have to do is add a few lines of code to your website to start tracking all kinds of great data. You’ll get actionable insights on where your customers are coming from, which pages they are looking at, how long they are on the site and you can spot problems with your sales funnel.

Google Analytics for dealers

Cost – FREE
More info –

2. LotSight

LotSight will give you actionable insights directly from your customer base. You can use it as a lead gen tool by asking what type of vehicle the customer is interested. LotSight can be used to find out if you’ve priced a particular car to high or low. You can gather testimonials and opinions from customers you have sold vehicles to. Test new ideas or promotions on specific pages or cars before launching across your complete website. The options are endless and LotSight provides some great starter surveys that can be implemented with one-click!

LotSight dealer survey tool

Cost – $29/mo

3. Facebook Business Page

If you pick one social media site it’s got to be Facebook. I would consider this a must. Most of your customers are already on Facebook with over 150 million US users. There are many ways to leverage Facebook. The basics are adding your logo, dealership info, hours and an app showing your current inventory. The next steps would be to continually update your page with new inventory as it comes in (MotorLot automates this). It’s a great way to gather customer testimonials. My best tip would be to take a photo of a recent customer and tag them on your page. This photo is then seen across the customer’s network, a great way to go viral! If you want to go advanced, research dark posts. It’s amazing laser direct marketing.

Bernard Motorcar Facebook page

Cost – FREE
More info –

4. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a toolbox to quickly check that your search engine optimization and site management efforts are running correctly. You can review any problems Google may be having crawling your site, get suggestions on improving titles and content and give Google your site map to crawl all the pages you want to show. The most valuable tool is search queries and clicks; it’s data that you won’t see in Google Analytics. GWT tells you your most popular keyword, where you rank and how often you get clicks. Cool stuff!

Google Webmaster Tools

Cost – FREE
More info –

5. Woorank

If you haven’t done an SEO audit, give Woorank a spin. They offer a 7 day free trial and with that you get a ton of actionable insights on ways to improve your SEO, website and social sharing. Pay particular attention to your mobile ranking. As I’ve pointed out before mobile traffic is on the rise!


Cost – FREE trial
More info –

6. Pingdom

How fast does your site load? What about your competitors? Do you care? Trust me, your customers care and Google cares. Two groups you definitely want on your side. The faster your customers can get to the data they seek, the more sales you’ll get. Google uses site speed as a ranking can actually test your speed as well within Google Analytics, but I prefer Pingdom as you can test site speed from multiple locations easily. Your goal is to get every page on your site to load faster than 2 seconds.


Cost – FREE
More info –

7. Hootsuite

If you are like most dealers you probably don’t have much time to dedicate to social media marketing. HootSuite makes it easy to manage multiple social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook from one place. As a bonus Hootsuite even helps you analyze your posts and then lets you schedule posts to hit your customer at the perfect time! Social media sites covered include Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, foursquare, WordPress and Mixi.


Cost – FREE
More info –



Take some time and check out these tools if you aren’t using them already. They’ll pay quick dividends. You’ll be ahead of your competition before you know it!


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