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As a car dealership owner, you love it when your customers are happy. Because when your customers are happy they tell other potential customers how happy they were with the service at your dealership. But what if you’re having an issue with getting new customers onto your car lot? Social media is a great avenue to market and advertise your business. But there are so many different sites to choose from – how do we know which social media is best for my business? Well, MotorLot is going to break down the top six social media sites used car dealerships should be utilized to market and advertise their business.

1. Facebook –

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Facebook is the king of social media sites. Make sure your dealership has a business page setup and that you are uploading content daily. Also, you and your employees should invite your friends to like your Facebook page. That way they will tell their friends, and their friends will tell their friends, and so on and so on.

2. Twitter –


Twitter is great because you’re able to get out urgent content without having to write a book. You’re limited to 140 characters. So, if you get new cars on your lot you can just say “Hey, just got five new cars in today come check us out!” It’s clean, simple, and to the point.

3. Yelp –


Yelp is the 21st century Yellow Pages. Anyone and everyone looking for a local business to potentially spend money with goes to Yelp. As a car dealership owner, you’re able to utilize Yelp’s FREE Business Owner Account which provides analytics for you based on how much traffic you get to your Yelp listing. Also as a car dealership owner, it’s important to use Yelp’s Business Owner Account to be able to respond to reviews given by customers on your Yelp listing. Remember, when a potential customer goes to a Yelp listing and they see that a business owner is active on their business page, they’re more likely to come to that particular business to spend money.

4. Instagram –

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Instagram is the top place to display your photos on a social media network online. Remember, as a car dealership owner it’s always about the experience. Photos are key, but don’t just limit it to cars – perhaps put a photo up to Instagram of a new satisfied customer standing next to their brand new car holding the keys in their hand. A dream come true.

5. YouTube –


As Instagram is for photos, YouTube is for videos. We don’t want to assume we always know how our potential customers are shopping for vehicles. Having a video uploaded to YouTube can save the time and hassle of a customer going through the process of choosing and figuring out whether the vehicle they’re looking at is for them. These days since everyone has a camera on their smartphone, shooting a video and uploading it to YouTube only takes seconds.

6. Pinterest –


Pinterest is the ultimate creative hub where people can come together to express ideas or thoughts they find similar. For example, a mac and cheese recipe you tried out the other day. The cool thing about that is the person who “pinned” that recipe after you said you tried just so happens to be in the market for a new vehicle.

Social media is essentially word of mouth on the internet. Word of mouth is always the best form of advertising, but thanks to social media sites just like the top six we have discussed, you’re able to utilize not only your current customers but your potential customers looking for a car dealership to spend money with. Since social media sites are essentially free that saves money in your pocket and your marketing budget.

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