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How can I send my MotorLot data to Quickbooks?

Currently, the best way to do this is to export a CSV file from MotorLot and import the CSV file on Quickbooks. You will need to make sure to line up the correct fields on the Quickbooks side so that the data imports properly.

Asset Accounts

Cash and Contracts

1000 Petty Cash Fund 1010 Cash in Bank 1015 Cash in Bank – Payroll 1020 Contracts in Transit 1030 Cash Investments 1040 Undeposited Cash Clearing 1050 Cash Sales Clearing


1100 Retail Vehicles 1110 Wholesale & Dealer Transfer Vehicles 1120 Lease & Rental Accounts 1130 Finance & Insurance Receivables – Current 1140 Customer Notes 1150 Service, Parts & Body Accounts 1160 Service Contract Claims 1170 Allowance for Doubtful Accounts 1360 Trade Receivables – Affiliates 1370 Other Receivables


1380 Demonstrators 1440 Other Automotive 1450 Used Cars 1470 Used Trucks 1490 Remarked Vehicles 1500 Parts & Accessories 1520 Fuel, Oil & Grease 1530 Paint & Body Shop Materials 1540 Sublet Repairs 1550 Work in Process – Labor 1570 Other Inventory 1580 Allowance – Parts Inventory Adjustment 1595 LIFO Reserve – Used Vehicles 1600 LIFO Reserve – Parts & Accessories

Prepaid Expenses

1610 Prepaid Expenses 1620 Prepaid Taxes 1630 Prepaid Rent 1640 Prepaid Insurance 1660 Prepaid Other 1670 Other Current Assets

Lease & Rental Vehicles

1680 Lease Vehicles 1690 Lease Vehicles – Accumulated Depreciation 1700 Rental Vehicles 1710 Rental Vehicles – Accumulated Depreciation 1720 Driver Training vehicles 1730 Driver Training Vehicles – Accumulated Depreciation

Fixed Assets

1750 Land & Improvements 1760 Land & Improvements – Accumulated Depreciation 1770 Building & Improvements 1780 Building & Improvements – Accumulated Depreciation 1790 Machinery & Shop Equipment 1800 Machinery & Shop Equipment – Accumulated Depreciation 1810 Parts & Accessories Equipment 1820 Parts & Accessories Equipment – Accumulated Depreciation 1830 Furniture, Fixtures & Signs 1840 Furniture, Fixtures & Signs – Accumulated Depreciation 1850 Company Vehicles 1860 Company Vehicles – Accumulated Depreciation 1870 Leaseholds & Improvements 1880 Leaseholds & Improvements – Accumulated Depreciation 1890 Other Fixed Assets

Other Assets

1900 Life Insurance – Cash Value 1910 Notes & Accounts Receivable – Officers & Owners 1920 Investments in Affiliated Companies 1930 Advances – Affiliated Parties 1940 Advances – Other Parties 1950 Notes & Accounts Receivable – Deferred 1960 Finance Receivables – Deferred 1970 Other Investments & Miscellaneous Assets 1980 Deposits on Contracts 1990 Other Assets 9020 Cash Discounts Earned 9040 Capital Assets 9050 Interest Income 9070 Other

Liability And Net Worth

Current Notes

Payable 2000 Accounts Payable – Trade Creditors 2010 Deposits Received 2020 Customer Accommodations 2030 License & Registration Fees 2040 Service Contract Payable 2050 Trade-In Lien Payable 2060 Affiliated Company Payable 2110 Notes Payable – Used Vehicles (Floor Plan) 2120 Notes Payable – Lease & Rental Vehicles 2130 Current Portion – Long Term Debt 2140 Notes Payable – Other

Accrued Liabilities

2200 Interest Payable 2210 Salaries, Wages & Commissions Payable 2220 Insurance Payable 2230 Payroll Taxes Payable 2240 Sales taxes Payable 2250 Income Taxes Payable 2260 Other Taxes Payable 2270 Employees’ Bonuses Payable 2280 Owners’ Bonuses Payable 2290 Pension Fund/Profit Sharing Payable 2300 Other Payables 2310 Reserve for Repossessions, F&I & Service Contract Losses 2320 Other Reserves

Other Liabilities

2400 Long Term Debt 2410 Notes Payable – Owners/Officers 2420 Notes Payable – Affiliated companies 2430 Mortgages Payable – Real Estate 2440 Deferred Income Taxes 2450 Other Liabilities 9030 Cash Discounts Allowed/Given 9060 Interest Expense 9100 Lease, Rental & Other Veh. Income/Expense 9200 Casualty Losses 9220 Other Expenses

Owner’s Equity/Net Worth

2500 Capital Stock 2510 Additional Paid In capital 2520 Retained Earnings 2540 Dividends 2550 Investments 2560 Drawings 2570 Profit & Loss – Current Year


Do you have an Android app?

At this point we do not, but have plans for adding an Android app.

How do I download the MotorLot app for my iPhone or iPad?

Please download the app here Download App


How to Post a Payment and Print a Receipt

It is easy to post payments and print receipts through MotorLot. Take a look at the attached doc file for complete instructions.

Posting Payments in MotorLot.docx


Setting up MotorLot to run credit reports

MotorLot can run credit reports from within the contact screen. To see how, see this article. This article shows how to set-up MotorLot to be able to run those credit reports. First and most importantly, checking Credit through MotorLot requires an account with Credco. Sign up here. Once the account has been established, make note of your CredCo login information. In the MotorLot app, select “Settings” in the top right corner

Then select “Partner settings” from the setting sub-menu

In the partner list, click Credco.
In the drop down that opens after clicking Credco, enter your Credco username and password.
That’s it! MotorLot can now run credit reports.

Managing Contacts in MotorLot

MotorLot includes a full CRM (Customer relationship management) system with all packages. CRM is useful for keeping track of all contacts, set-up call reminders, and keep track of leads.
Select “Contacts” from the navigation menu to get into MotorLot’s CRM. The most basic function of a CRM is adding and deleting contacts. To add a new contact, click “Post a new contact” on the right.
Enter as much contact info as possible. This will help when creating deals. It also helps with credit and OFAC checks. Enter tags in the final field. Separate tags by a comma. Tags make that contact more searchable and also act as quick notes when looking through the contact list. For example “purchasing in October” or “Interested in small convertible” When finished filling out info, click “Add contact”
Adding the contact will take you to the contact overview screen. Information can be added or edited from this screen. Once edits have been made to a contact, be sure to click “update contact” to save those edits.
Along the right of the contact page, are options to help keep track of that contact.
Marking the lead status (hot, warm or cold) will help identify a lead’s status quickly when looking at the contact list.
Sarah is labeled in red because she is a hot lead. Her tag is also shown in the contact list. OFAC check automatically checks the customer’s name against the current OFAC list. Click “Check OFAC” to run this check. This is free to check and can be checked an unlimited number of times. Credit report can be checked from the contact screen as well. Full name, address and SSN are required to pull a credit report. Click “Run credit report” to get credit report. This requires additional set up. E-mails can be sent to the customer directly from the contact screen. Under Email, the drop down will contain any templates that have already been set-up in MotorLot. Select a template from the drop down, or select “With no template” to start with a blank e-mail. This will bering up an e-mail editor. Click send e-mail to send it to the customer.
The Notes section on the contact page can be used to add longer notes about a customer or to set up reminders such as callbacks about the customer.
To simply add a note, type the note in the text box, select a user, and click add note. To add a reminder with a note, type the reminder in the note box, select a user from the drop down, and check the set a reminder box. Select a date for the reminder, and click add note. The reminder will show on the day set in the top navigation bar
Clicking the reminder will pull up a screen of all reminders for the day. Click “Archive” to take the contact out of the contact list but save the info within MotorLot. Archived contacts can still be found by searching and can be brought back out of archive if needed. Click “Delete” to completely delete the contact. MotorLot always recommends archiving over deleting.

How do I add an alert to follow-up on customers?

Under an individual Contact, look on the right-hand column for Notes. You’ll want to add a little reminder message, select who the reminder is for, click Set a reminder, pick the date and click Add note! Easy as that.

Is there a way to run an OFAC check?

Yes, you do that right inside of the Contact edit screen or in the Deals section when first entering a Contact.

How can I run a credit report of a customer?

We work with CredCo to run credit reports. You may signup for an account by going to Settings – Partner Settings and clicking on the Create an account link under Credco.

Craigslist Posting

One Click Craigslist Posting

Now that Craigslist has gone paid in most markets for cars and trucks, Craigslist auto-posting has changed. In paid markets, auto-posting no longer works. For those markets, we have now switched to a one click posting system. To post to Craigslist now, make sure your Craigslist credentials are entered in partner settings.
Enter the e-mail address associated with the posting Craigslist account in the account email field. Enter the account password in the password field. Default post type changes the default category vehicles will be posted in. Default Craigslist area will edit which metropolitan area Craigslist posts will go by default. Default Craigslist location will change the written location on Craigslist posts. This can be an address, cross streets, even a website. Default Craigslist trailing title will edit the default text that follows the year make and model of the vehicle in the Craigslist listing title. EG. 2006 Mazda Miata Best Prices In Town. In the example, “Best Prices In Town” would be the trailing title. Multiple trailing titles can be entered. Just press enter between each one. Once all settings have been entered, click “Update vendor settings” at the bottom of the page. This will save the changes made. Once that is set up, go to inventory and select a vehicle to post to craigslist. On the right of the vehicle page, under the export heading, there is a link to post to Craigslist.
From there, a box of posting options will open. Edit setting and then click “Post to Craigslist” You will then be sent an e-mail from Craigslist. Click the link in the email, enter payment info, and save post. Your post will then go live.

Current Craigslist Posting Information

4.18.13 In the past several weeks there have been a lot of unannounced changes in what types of ads Craigslist will allow. It is a FREE service, and their choice to not give any information or guidelines out. We can only react based on trial and error. Please keep in mind that these changes are not happening with MotorLot. You pay us to help market to the Craigslist service, but we can only work with what we are given. Craigslist typially makes small changes without warning. And every year they seem to come in with one big nuke that changes things completely. Most likely this latest adjustment is a result of too much spam. Usually along with those big changes, they tighten up on what is allowed to post. As of April, 2013 there is simply less flexibility than there was before. We expect that things will gradually open back up. Cleaner search results benefits everyone. Easier for customers to search through and more coverage of the ads you do post. —————————————————————————— We’ll keep a list of updates on this page until things calm down. – We’ve had to remove IMG (image based ads completely). As a results we can’t track ad status, view or clicks. – We’ve replaced IMG ads with text based ads. The benefit is that the ads will come up more often in search results simply because there is more content to search. – You can view all of your live TEXT based ads by simply searching for your dealership name on Craigslist. – KEEPING ADS LIVE There is no rhyme or reason to what they are flagging. Around late afternoon their bot goes in and flags vehicles for deletion. Typically they go after ads with links. It seems the more basic the ad the higher the chance of it sticking. We’ll continue to adjust with the goal of having every ad stick. – MAKE SURE to match up the Craigslist login email that you are logged in with on the Craigslist site with what you have set as the Craigslist posting email under Settings -> Partner settings. – Continue to randomize titles and content to create a unique ad each time. – USE THE RENEWAL FEATURE. Once an ad does go live you can renew them with no penalty as frequent as every few days. This is a great way to push your inventory to the top of the list.

How to set up Craigslist auto posting

Note that craigslist auto-posting requires one of the Craigslist plans or the Pro Plan. MotorLot can automatically post inventory to Craigslist. In addition it will monitor posts and automatically repost flagged posts. In addition it will renew active posts every 48 hours and repost every 5 days, in accordance with Craigslist’s Terms of Use. A free Craigslist account is required to use MotorLot’s Craigslist auto-posting tool. Sign up for an account here. To autopost to Craigslist, Craigslist account settings must be entered in to MotorLot. To do this, select “Settings” from the top right of the MotorLot app
In the settings sub-menu, select “Partner settings”
Select Craigslist from the Partner list. This will bring up the Craigslist settings pane.
Enter the e-mail address associated with the posting Craigslist account in the account email field. Enter the account password in the password field. Default post type changes the default category vehicles will be posted in. Default Craigslist area will edit which metropolitan area Craigslist posts will go by default. Default Craigslist location will change the written location on Craigslist posts. This can be an address, cross streets, even a website. Default Craigslist trailing title will edit the default text that follows the year make and model of the vehicle in the Craigslist listing title. EG. 2006 Mazda Miata Best Prices In Town. In the example, “Best Prices In Town” would be the trailing title.Multiple trailing titles can be entered. Just press enter between each one. Once all settings have been entered, click “Update vendor settings” at the bottom of the page. This will save the changes made. Be sure to set up an auto-forward with your email provider. Craigslist auto posting will not work without this. Instructions for auto-forward will differ by email provider, but general instructions can be found here. Once these settings have been set, MotorLot will automatically post all live inventory to Craigslist.

Setup an autoforward rule or filter

To forward Craigslist email notices from to us you need to setup a rule or filter in your email client. Below are some examples of how to setup common email clients like Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc. Gmail: Hotmail:… Outlook: Mail: Here is how it would look in Gmail:


Can I download all my files at once?

We don’t offer mass downloading of files at this time. Data from each section of the app can be exported via CSV, XML or JSON to easily get your data in and out of MotorLot.


How do I add a customer or contact to the deal?

You can either pull them in from already saved information in Contacts or add a new one. Adding a new contact under Deals will automatically save their information as a new Contact.

Creating a deal – Adding a trade-in

This article will show how to add a trade-in while writing a deal. To see how to write a deal from the beginning, see this article. When editing a deal, to add a trade, click the “add a trade-in” link.

This will open a box within the deal edit page. Be sure to the trade allowance and ACV for the vehicle. The ACV is the appraised value of the vehicle, and the trade allowance is how much you are offering the customer for the vehicle.
If there is a payoff still on the vehicle, check the payoff box. This will open another new box to enter the payoff info.
Make sure to fully fill out this portion as well. The Vendor is the current loan holder that the payoff is due to. If the vendor for the payoff is not currently in your vendor list, click add new vendor. This will open a new box. Again, fill out all info as thoroughly as possible.
Account number is the customer’s account number with the vendor. Payoff value is the current payoff for the vehicle. Finally, enter in the VIN of the vehicle being traded in and click decode. This will auto populate most of the info about the vehicle. Make sure to check the info and fill in any info the decode missed. From there, write the rest of the deal as normal. MotorLot will automatically calculate the deal with the trade in. Note that multiple trade-ins can be added to a deal. Click add a trade-in as many times as needed. To remove a trade, click remove trade-in from the trade-in field.

Creating a deal – Adding a co-buyer

This article deals specifically with adding a co-buyer to a deal. To see how to write a deal from scratch see this article. To add a co-buyer, click Add a co-buyer underneath the customer field.
This will add another customer field. You can use an existing contact, add a new contact, or edit an existing contact.
To use an existing contact, select them from the drop down, or start typing their name in the field and then select them from the list of matches. If they are not already in contacts, click add new contact. This will bring up a box to add a new contact. As always, be a thorough as possible filling this information out. When finished, click Save contact & assign to deal.

Proceed with the deal as normal. Note that as many co-buyers as needed can be added to a deal. Just click add a co-buyer until there are enough co-buyer fields on the deal. To delete a co-buyer, click remove the co-buyer under the co-buyer field.

How to add BHPH deals

This article will deal directly with BHPH deals, to see how to create a deal from scratch, see this article. In the process of creating a deal, under Type of sale, select Buy Here Pay Here

Payments can be calculated by the number of payments or by the payment amount. When calculating by number of payments, Enter the total number of payments the customer will be paying. Enter the interest rate (e.g. entering 20.00 would be 20%) Enter the payment frequency (Generally monthly or bi-weekly) Enter the first payment due date. This can be done by manually typing the date in or by clicking the calendar icon and selecting the date.
Enter in the late fee percentage (e.g. entering 20.00 would be 20%). Or, enter a flat or minimum late fee. If using a flat fee, do not enter a percentage. Enter a maximum late fee if there is one. Enter a grace period, if any, in the “Grace period” box. Check the “Don’t report to credit reporting agency?” box if delinquencies will not be reported. Save the deal as normal from there. Be sure once the deal is completed, select “Sold? Close” from the deals list. This will archive the deal and the vehicle. BHPH payments can only be received once the deal is closed.

Editing defaults for deals

To edit the default values when writing deals, select “Settings” at the top right from anywhere within the MotorLot app.
Enter either a default commission percentage OR Flat rate commission amount. Not both.
Enter Local tax rates and dealer related fees.
Under state specific setting make sure to select the correct state the dealer is in as different states have different tax requirements.
Finally click update default deal settings to save these settings. Note that this will not edit past deals. Changing default settings only affects future deals
If update was successful a green success banner will appear near the top of the screen.

How to use the price adjustment tool

Sometimes a customer has specific terms in mind when creating a deal. The price adjustment tool within the deal is built to help. When entering the payment info in the deal, click the “Pricing adjustment” button.

Pricing adjustments can be made by selecting a number of different criteria.
There are three different criteria that can be selected from to be changed: Total amount financed, Payment amount, or the Total payments. This can be achieved by auto adjusting three different criteria: Cash price, cash down, or interest rate. Once selections have been made, click the “Make pricing adjustment” button. This will change the selected criteria in the deal and close the pricing adjustment box.

How to manage BHPH accounts

To process payments for BHPH deals, select BHPH from the navigation menu in the header
From the BHPH screen, an overview of all BHPH accounts and their status can be seen.
Note that under days delinquent, a negative number indicates the payments are on time and the number shown is how many days until the next payment due. To process payments on an account, select a name from the list. This will bring up a payment screen.
Enter the payment date. Enter the type of payment, generally it will just be a standard payment. Enter payment amounts, and charges along with any notes. Click the “Enter amount” button to process the payment.
The payment will drop down after the “Enter mount” button is pressed. From there, click “Receipt” to print a payment receipt for the customer. From the right hand column, the account can be closed for repossession or complete payment. Payment coupons can be printed, amortization schedules can be printed etc.

Creating a deal – basic

To create a deal in MotorLot, Select deals from the navigation menu and then select the green “Post a new deal” button on the right.
If the customer is already in MotorLot, select their name from the Customer drop-down list. If they are a new customer, select “Add new contact”
If using an existing customer, make sure all of their info is correct in contacts before making a new deal under their name. If creating a new customer, thoroughly fill out all of the customer’s info, and then click Save contact & assign to deal.
Next, select the vehicle being sold from the drop down list. Enter in the close date (Date the papers are signed and customer leaves with vehicle) Enter the account this deal is under (Only valid if dealership has more than one MotorLot account) Enter the salesperson in “sold by” field Enter the cash price (The price the vehicle is being sold for) Enter the down payment amount. If the customer is deferring all or part of the down payment, enter the amount that is being deferred and a due date for that payment. If there are any rebates on the vehicle, enter them under “Rebate”
Enter the type of the sale For cash sale: leave payment terms blank, only one payment is necessary. For outside financing or buy here pay here: Enter the terms for the loan. If the customer has specific numbers in mind, Use the payment adjustment tool. Click fees & taxes to edit the taxes charged on the deal. To change the default taxes and fees, edit deal settings. Click Additional products to add attachments to vehicle such as service plans, GAP contracts, accessories, etc. Click Commission to change from the default commission. To change the default, edit deal settings Click Save deal to save the info. Once the deal is completed, select Sold? Close from the deals list. This will archive the deal and the vehicle.

How do I do a trade-in or buy a vehicle from a customer?

Deals -> Add customer information in section #1 -> Add vehicle you are buying to #1 Customer Information – Trade-in near the bottom -> Pick Wholesale trade-in under #5 -> Pick forms -> Save.

Can I email a packet of forms for signing?

Yes, you can! On a specific Deal click “View” and then look for the Email selected forms button. Simply enter the email address that you want the completed forms sent to and click the button.

Where can I find a one page breakdown of each deal I do?

Go to the individual deal and click “View”. On the right-hand side click “Print the deal recap”. This will give a breakdown on the deal creation date, customer details, vehicle information and sale details.

Where can I view the profit I make on each deal?

On a specific vehicle click on View and then on the right-hand side click the “View deal breakdown” text link. You’ll see something like this:


The Deals section isn’t working or Inventory isn’t being pulled over, why?

Most likely this is a browser issue. Internet Explorer is slow and buggy. Upgrade to a more modern browser like Google Chrome or FireFox that plays nice with web based applications. You may download them here: Chrome – Firefox

Feature Request

How do I request a new feature?

We love feedback and feature requests. Please send an email to with your requests.

Forms Printing

How do I add my own forms?

To customize to the needs of your dealership we can add any form that you have to MotorLot. The best way to do this is physically mail the forms. We require 5 intact originals and 1 filled out example of each form to be programmed. Please send them to:
MotorLot, LLC Forms Department 3805 Avenida Madera Bradenton FL 34210 The second best option is to scan them in high resolution and email them to us at

Organizing forms into folders

Forms can be organized into folders to make printing common sets of forms easier. For example, folders can be created for BHPH deals, cash deals, or deals with outside financing. To organize form folders, go to Deals and the select Form folders from the sub-navigation menu.

MotorLot comes with a cash and finance folder which both include the most commonly used forms for each type of deal. To create a new form folder, Select Create a new form folder from the right side of the screen.

Enter the name for your folder, could be anything that will help you remember what type of deal the forms are for. For example purposes, we will title it BHPH. Once it is named, click Add form folder.

Forms are organized by state, select the state for which the forms in the folder will be printed. Then check the box next to the forms to be included in the folder. Finally, Select Done at the bottom of the screen when finished selecting forms.

How to print forms from MotorLot

This can be done one of 2 places. One is at the top of the deal edit screen.

The other is from the deal list.

From the deal overview, check the boxes next to the forms to be printed. Some forms will require extra info to be filled out.

MotorLot makes it easy to print window stickers and buyers guides for the vehicles on your lot. To print out the window sticker or buyers guide, first go to the inventory tab, then select a vehicle.

Fill out any additional info needed. If more forms are needed for a specific deal, Select them form the forms drop down and select add form.

Finally, there are a few different option to save forms. “Save forms & print all” will save a local copy of all forms as a PDF and print all forms. “Save forms” will just save a local copy as PDF. “save forms & email all” will save a local copy of all forms and email a copy of all of them to the specified address.

Which printer do you work with and recommend?

MotorLot can take advantage of your current hardware; ink jet, laser or dot matrix (impact printers). Our forms can be printed in both styles. Our preferred impact printer is the Lexmark 2×00 series printers (currently 2580) I always recommend 9 pin printers. They seem to have a greater impact making the last page of a thick multi-part form more legible. I also recommend narrow carriage printers (unless wide carriage is necessary. Some forms are 14” wide!). The Lexmark also prints lower on the page than other printers. In the Lexmark series printers, the 2×80 is the narrow, 2×81 is wide. The 2×90 series printers are 21 pin. The current models are 2500 series. Depending on the op sys, we sometimes need to use the “Generic 9 Pin” windows driver to allow for the longest forms (Vista often requires this setup). Another option if one is having difficulties w/drivers is to change the emulation to an Epson FX and then use the Epson FX 85 driver. I have rarely had trouble getting a Lexmark to print the length of some of these long forms. Epson FX series printers would be my second choice. The FX 890 would be the first choice here for a narrow carriage. The 2180/2190 for a wide carriage. The Epson is a good printer, but its bottom margin is slightly greater than the Lexmark. This means that sometimes we cannot print as close to the bottom of the form as required. There is a workaround for this – place a sheet of paper under the last page just before the end of the form runs through the printer. This keeps the paper out switch from being tripped before the last line can be printed. Lastly would be the Okidata printer. These printers – though very good, high production printers for reporting – aren’t the greatest for forms as their left margins are different from all other printers and their paper out switch is set higher. Also, the factory settings almost always need to be changed. By default, these printers are set up to expect 8.5” x 11” paper. And they have a setting which causes them to “skip over perf” which, if not turned off, will cause a gap of about 1” of unprintable space starting at about 11”. We often have to have the customer either reset the top of form via the internal menu settings or roll the forms down to the red line on the guard plate. Again, the best would be the 9 pin series – typically the ML 320 and 320 Turbos. Whichever printer/driver is used, to print a long form, typically a custom form size needs to be created in the Server Properties for the driver. If the driver does not see or save the custom paper size you created, then it is outside of the driver’s limitations in either width or length.

What do I do if my dot matrix form doesn’t line up properly?

There are a few things to check:

  • 1. Compare the form number and revision date on the paper to that which you see on the screen (the form’s title).If yours is different, search the library to see if your exact form has already been programmed.If not, you may need to send us 5 intact originals and a filled out example of your form so we can program it for you.Start by faxing (941-718-4888) or emailing a scan of the way your form is printing to We’ll get back to you as soon as possible
  • 2. Check the Page Sizing & Handling setups in the Print Dialog Box. See the Attached Doc File for proper Page Sizing and Handling setups.
  • 3. Check to be sure the form loaded correctly in the printer. If loading is the issue, power off the printer, wait a few seconds, then power it back on and reload. If this doesn’t fix the load issue you may need to call your vendor.

How do I print long forms?

To print forms longer than 11 inches it may be necessary to add a custom form size in the Server Properties of your Printers folder and edit your printer driver to use the custom form size. Watch a video:

Can I print a single sheet paper form on my laser printer?

Probably not – we may not get a form to align properly on a laser printer. If you have a paper form which needs us to fill out only the information, you need a dot matrix printer on which to print that form just as you would a multipart form such as an installment contract.

Can I print all my forms on a laser printer?

Some forms can only be printed on dot matrix printers. If a form is copyrighted or on secure paper or has the disclaimer “…unlawful to reproduce…” it cannot be scanned and printed on a laser printer. Most installment contracts must be printed on paper and usually warranty contracts too. Contact your provider if you wish to print these on a laser printer – they may be able to provide you with the electronic format of the form.


How to Print Window Stickers and Buyers Guides

MotorLot makes it easy to print window stickers and buyers guides for the vehicles on your lot. To print out the window sticker or buyers guide, first go to the inventory tab, then select a vehicle.

vehicle. On the vehicle page, on the right there is a box that says print vehicle documents.

Then from the drop down menus, select your Buyers Guide or Window Sticker template. This will create a PDF of your window sticker or buyers guide which can be printed on any inkjet printer. Note that sometimes when adding a vehicle and decoding the VIN, fuel economy will be given in a range. This will cause the window sticker to print improperly. Make sure to correct the fuel economy to a single number instead of a range to resolve this issue.

How to add costs to vehicles

When adding or editing a vehicle, costs can be added or updated.

Vehicle costs are generally things like detailing, repairs, or upgrades. To add costs, select the vendor or add a vendor. If adding a vendor, a drop down will open to add the vendor. As always, the more information entered, the easier managing your dealership with MotorLot will be. When finished, click the update button at the bottom of the page.

Displaying sold vehicles on your website

Sometimes a dealer may want to display a vehicle that has been sold on their website. Here at MotorLot we have seen a lot of solutions to this issue, but none as clean as doing it directly from MotorLot! That’s right, one of MotorLot’s more under-used options is to display sold cars on the dealer website. First when finishing a deal, make sure the deal was marked as Sold/close from the deal list and not deleted. This will archive the deal and the vehicle.

Then, select Inventory from the navigation menu. On the left side of the inventory screen select Archives.

From the archived vehicle list, select the vehicle to be displayed on the website. On the vehicle screen, check the box next to Visible on website (as sold)? Then, at the bottom of the screen, click the “Update inventory” button.

How to exclude inventory items from exporting in feeds

Sometimes you have a piece of inventory that you do not want to export to a third party partner like or AutoTrader. MotorLot makes it easy to exclude certain cars from being exported in feeds. To do this, go to the inventory screen and select a vehicle to edit its export settings.

On the lower right of the vehicle screen, Next to Third part export, select Show exports.

How to Add Inventory

Getting started with MotorLot, one of the first things to do is to add inventory. Select the inventory tab from anywhere within MotorLot

On the right of the inventory screen, select “Post a new Inventory”

Enter the vehicles VIN and press decode. This will pull make, model, year, trim level, and options for most modern cars.This will pull most of the information, but more features can always be added.

Fill out and edit the form as needed. Be as thorough as possible when adding as inventory as this will help drive search results and sales. It will also make creating deals and accounting easier. Selecting the “Featured Inventory Item” box will put this vehicle on the front page of the dealer website. In the description section, write a description of the car, any special features about it, any special deals on it. Again, the more descriptive this is, the higher response it will have. Select the features sub-menu to select the exact features this vehicle has. Most of this will be pulled from decoding the VIN, but make sure and look through this section. Add any features, including aftermarket, that the VIN decode missed.

Once all the features have been selected, press Add inventory at the bottom of the page. This will successfully add the inventory to the dealership and post it on the website. After the inventory has been added, it can still be edited and pictures can be added to the listing. To add photos to the listing, select photos from the vehicle page.

This will bring up a file explorer window (Different on Mac vs. PC). Select photo or photos from the computer and press open. To select multiple photos, press shift+click on photos (Windows) or cmd+click on photos (Mac). Once the photos are finished uploading, click and drag photos to change their order. The order of the photos on the photos page will be the same order they appear on the website. To delete a photo, select destroy under the photo to be deleted. If there is flooring on the vehicle, select the flooring tab and enter all flooring terms. This will help accounting. Make sure and press save floor plan when all terms have been entered. After flooring info has been added, select the purchasing and costs tab. Again, fully fill out this info, this will help in accounting and writing deals later. Under Costs, enter any costs associated with the vehicle (detailing, repairs, etc.). To enter more than one cost, select add another cost until all costs have been entered. To save this info, click “Update purchasing info and costs” This will help to highlight exactly how much money is invested into a vehicle and allows MotorLot to accurately show the profit on any deal.

How can I export my inventory to AutoTrader, or another provider?

Talk to your rep and request that a feed be sent from MotorLot. They will reach out to us at with the feed details. Most of our exports can be managed under Settings – Partner Settings. The whole process takes about 48 hours. After the feed is setup, your inventory will magically be sent out every night (4 times per day in the case of

How do I setup a feed from my inventory provider?

Simply request a feed to be sent to MotorLot from your provider. They will email us at requesting the import feed details. The whole process takes about 48 hours.

How do I import Inventory from my old program?

It’s really very simple. Just provide a csv file from your old software. Once you have your file, go to the Inventory tab in MotorLot and select the Import link on the right side of your screen. Just follow the steps from there. Watch a video: Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you.

How do I post to Craigslist?

Posting to Craigslist is reduced to only a few steps. Make sure to login to your account first and then follow the few, short steps in the video below.

You may access this tool on the right side of any vehicle page. Does everything right in your browser! Couple things to keep in mind: If your MotorLot email address matches your Craigslist email address, then you’ll be taken to the preview page. If not, then you are taken to the edit page. If you aren’t logged in you are taken to the preview page


Editing users in MotorLot

To edit users in MotorLot, select “People” from the top navigation.

From the people screen, user permissions can be changed by checking and unchecking sections of MotorLot that individual users will have access to. Admins have access to all aspects of MotorLot, including billing.

To edit info for a specific person, including login e-mail and password, select their name from the list.

Fill out the info as needed. Default commission is the commission amount this user will receive when writing deals. Not that the password does not show as a security measure. When changes are made, click “Update this person” that will save any changes made including password.

Adding people to MotorLot

To add more users, such as salespeople, accountants, managers, etc. to MotorLot, start by selecting “People” from the top right.

This will bring up a screen that shows all current users and their permissions within MotorLot. At the bottom of the screen, select “Add a new person”

On the next screen, enter the e-mail of the person being added. Enter the first and last name of the person being added. Note: If this e-mail already exists in MotorLot, a first and last name will not be able to be entered. Try a different e-mail or go to the people overview to edit that person.

Click “Save this person” to add them to MotorLot And e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address with their username and an auto-generated password. This password can be changed at any time by editing the information in people.

How many people can I add to MotorLot?

Unlimited. Add as many employees and even outside service personnel as you want!

How can I add my accountant or CPA to the system?

Start by going to People and then click Add a New Person. Fill out your accountant’s email and name which will send them login details. As an admin you will then be able to add or remove them from different sections of the software. If you only want them to see Financial Data and Accounting you can limit them to just those sections by clicking the appropriate checkboxes.

How can I change the account owner on my account?

The MotorLot account owner is the person who originally set up your MotorLot account. The account owner is the only person who can up/downgrade plans, change credit card billing information, and cancel accounts. To change account owners, the current account owner needs to go to the Dashboard and click on the “Account” tab: Then scroll down to the “Change account owner” section and choose the person whom you want to be the new account owner.


What are the different types of reports

MotorLot offers a variety of built-in reports to help keep track of the goings on of your dealership. To access these reports, select “Reports” from the navigation menu.

There are a number of reports available, following is a list and brief description of each.


  • Lead statistics
    Shows the referring site to your dealer site, number of visits, page views, etc.
  • Craigslist analytics
    Simple one-sheet breakdown of all current Craigslist ads, including clicks and calls from them.
  • Backpage analytics
    Simple one-sheet breakdown of all current Backpage ads, including clicks and calls from them.
  • eBay analytics
    Simple one-sheet breakdown of all current eBay ads, including clicks and calls from them.
  • Craigslist usage statistics
    Graphs the posts and responses for Craigslist ads.
  • Backpage usage statistics
    Graphs the posts and responses for Backpage ads.
  • eBay usage statistics
    Graphs the posts and responses for eBay ads.


  • Price list
    A basic breakdown of the vehicles currently in inventory
  • Inventory export log
    Shows a list of vehicles, when they were exported and where they were exported to (i.e.
  • Floorplan
    Gives a breakdown of all inventory items that are floorplanned along with amounts due.
  • Inventory sold status
    A list of inventory in s given date range with their sold vs unsold status.
  • End of month standing inventory
    Shows unsold inventory at the end of each month.


  • Deal wash sheet
    Lists out all deals closed within a specified time period.
  • Sales
    Shows a list of total number of sales by date, including amount earned
  • Units & Gross
    Shows a list of vehicles sold with their gross profit for the dealership.
  • Salesman commission
    Shows monthly commission breakdowns by salesperson
  • Monthly state tax
    A breakdown of state taxes due by deal.


  • OFAC checks
    A list of all OFAC checks done in a defined time period and their pass or fail status
  • Credit reports
    Shows a list of all credit reports run in a given time period with their status.


  • Income statement
    Shows total income over pre-determined time increments.
  • General ledger
    Shows all income and expenditures of the dealership
  • Balance sheet
    Shows income vs. expenses by month.


  • Delinquent accounts
    Shows a list of all late accounts .
  • Upcoming payments
    shows a list of all upcoming payments due.
  • Open accounts 0 Shows a list of all currently open BHPH accounts.

You can change the date range on most reports and they will live update to show the given time period.

Can I make custom reports?

Not at this time, but with the reports we do provide you will be able to get a very good idea of what is happening at your store on paper.

Setting Up An Account

Why should I choose MotorLot?

MotorLot has the only fully web based dealer management software on the market. MotorLot makes it extremely easy to manage your business. Plus, aren’t you sick of software built in the 90s!?

What is your system uptime percentage?

We partner with the biggest hosting companies in the world Rackspace and Amazon, used by companies in the Fortune 100 all the way down to the Fortune 5,000,000. Here is their take on uptime – Here’s our SLA: we’ll do our best to keep your machines running smoothly for as long as possible and get them up ASAP should something go wrong.

Does MotorLot support multiple dealerships?

Yes! MotorLot will support as many dealerships as you have. It’s as simple as adding new stores under Settings, on the right hand column. Note that each store will be considered a unique account. Your login will remain the same, with access to other accounts only a click away. Inventory and contacts can easily be shared between accounts.

What types of dealerships do you support?

We support auto, motorcycle, boat, RV, motorsports, powersports, golf cart dealers. Any kind of dealer that sells a vehicle. We also have the unique ability to support multiple dealerships easily with our web based system.

Do I have to buy any special hardware to use MotorLot?

No! Use what you already have. MotorLot works on any device with a web browser. That can be a Windows computer, Mac, iPad, your Android phone, iPhone, etc.

Is MotorLot reliable, secure and confidential? Is our data safe? Where is the data hosted?

We take all reasonable precautions to keep your information safe and secure. Our state-of-the-art redundant server cluster is hosted and professionally managed by Slicehost, a recognized leader in high-end hosting – many of the Fortune 500 host with them. SliceHost offers a Zero-Downtime network and data center and is one of the best place to host mission-critical websites. We also use Amazon’s S3 storage technology to store and serve uploaded files.

Do you work out special accounts for larger dealerships?

No, our plans are the same price for any dealer large or small.


Managing vendors

To fully utilize all the features of MotorLot and make it quick and easy to use, it is best to enter as much information as possible. Filling out vendors adds to the ease of writing deals and in marking expenses in accounting. To edit vendors in MotorLot, select settings from the top right and then vendor setting from the settings sub menu.

To add a vendor, click Create a new vendor on the right side of the screen.

Fill out as much information about the vendor as possible.

If this vendor provides flooring, fill out the flooring default info as well.

When all info is filled out, click Create vendor. To edit a vendor, click on their name in the vendor list. To remove them from the list, click the archive button.

How to set up e-mail templates

When e-mailing customers from MotorLot, you can use templates to make emailing easier. Templates allow you to not have to type out your full message every time you send an email. To set-up templates in MotorLot, select “Settings” from the top right, then select “Email templates” from the settings sub-menu.

From there, select “Create a new email template”

Type a title for the e-mail template, and the text of the email. Finally click “Add email template” to save the template.

This template will now be available when emailing customers from the contacts screen. Finally, to edit or delete email templates, return to the email templates screen from the settings sub-menu. Find the name of the template to be edited or deleted, and select the edit or delete.

How do I add another dealership store managed under my account?

Go to Settings and on the right-hand column click “Add an additional dealership”. You’ll be taken to the signup page where you’ll enter information about the added account. Note that the additional account will be billed separately, as an additional dealership.

Can I add call tracking to my ads?

Yes! Go to Settings – Account Settings and click Add call tracking. Note that there is a monthly fee of $10 applied for the number which includes unlimited minutes. Trial users wanting this feature will need to activate their account to take advantage.

Where can I view my invoices?

Under Settings and then a sub navigation text link called Billing. You’ll be able to see details of every invoice and be able to update your credit card information.


How to update billing/CC info or change plan

To change billing info, plan, or credit card, got to Settings from the top right of the screen.

Then select Billing from the Settings sub-menu.

Click Upgrade or Downgrade under the plan you want to change to. Note that selecting a yearly plan gives you 2 months for free.

To change billing and credit card info, fill out the billing form completely, then click update billing info.

How do I cancel my account?

The account owner is the only person who can cancel the account. To cancel please call us at 480.382.0469 or email us There is no undo for cancellation. Once your account is canceled, all your project information will be immediately and permanently deleted.

Video Tutorials

Update Billing Information

You can change your billing information for you MotorLot account at anytime. This video will walk you through how to update your credit card and how to upgrade to a higher package within MotorLot.


Need to print out a copy of your price list? No problem. Want to understand how much standing inventory you have for the end of the month? We can do that. What about a print out of a deal wash sheet? MotorLot creates the most commonly used reports car dealerships need on hand saving you time and money figuring out how to create a spreadsheet or punching numbers into a calculator. Here are the reports you can print from your MotorLot account.

  • Lead statistics
  • Craigslist analytics
  • Backpage analytics
  • eBay analytics
  • Craigslist usage statistics
  • Backpage usage statistics
  • eBay usage statistics
  • Price list
  • Inventory export log
  • Floorplan
  • Inventory sold status
  • End of month standing inventory
  • Deal wash sheet
  • Sales
  • Units & Gross
  • Salesman commission
  • Monthly state tax
  • OFAC checks
  • Credit reports
  • Income statement
  • General ledger
  • Balance sheet
  • Delinquent accounts
  • Upcoming payments
  • Open account

Manage Third-Party Car Dealer Vendors

Car dealerships are constantly working with third-party vendors for financing, insurance, floorplan loans, etc. With MotorLot you can manage and monitor all of your third-party vendors in one location to help you stay on top of the numbers and be able to contact any saved vendor within MotorLot at anytime.

Add Third-Party Companies To Your MotorLot Account

Car dealerships have accounts with different companies for various reasons. Shouldn’t you be able to have access to all of your accounts in one safe environment in order to manage your business better? You can with MotorLot. Have an AutoTrader account you want your inventory pulled from? No problem. Want to run your Carfax account through your MotorLot website? We can do that. Integrate social media pages? Yes, yes, and yes. The list is constantly growing but you add your dealership account from the following companies to your MotorLot account:

  • Quickbooks
  • AutoTrader
  • Auto Check
  • CredCo
  • DocuSign
  • OpenLane
  • DealerTrack l ecarlist
  • HomeNet Automotive
  • Dealer Car Search
  • Dealer Solutions Software
  • Authenticom
  • Digital Motorworks Inc.
  • Craigslist
  • Backpage
  • Kijiji
  • Ebay
  • DealerSocket
  • AutoConX
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

Always check back with us as we continue to add new companies to the list.

Manage Accounting Ledgers

Anytime you create a ledger within MotorLot you can make changes to the ledger at anytime. Is there a number that’s off after you double-check the paperwork? No problem. Nothing is final until you say it’s final, making sure you manage your money, your way. MotorLot – the one-stop shop for all your dealership needs.


You no longer need to purchase third-party software in order to manage your finances and bookkeeping. MotorLot allows you to create general ledgers and customize multiple expense accounts. Whether the money is coming in or going out, MotorLot can create reports to keep your money in your pocket.

Post Inventory On Craigslist

Craigslist is the best way for any independent dealership to market their inventory to the public. MotorLot lets you auto-post all of your inventory to Craigslist with one-click. With Craigslist posting you get monitor your daily statistics and will get notified if a client became a lead through one of your Craigslist ads. You can even track phone calls directly from Craigslist.

Floorplan Loans For Inventory

When you add your inventory to MotorLot we go as far as helping you manage and monitor any flooring loans you have on a vehicle. This way, you no longer need third-party accounting software in order to tabulate your loan amount, payments, or interest rate, keeping you focused on running your business more efficiently and making more money.

Calculate Fees/Expenses/Purchase Orders For Inventory

Every time you add a vehicle to your inventory MotorLot will calculate all of the fees, costs, and expenses with the vehicle. You can even manage all of your purchase orders and print out a bill of sale right within MotorLot.

Print Forms For Every Deal

You no longer have to go searching through stacks of papers to find one particular form to fill out because MotorLot has every form from every state right within the software. Do you have a custom form that you created specifically for your dealership? No problem. You can email us any form you want added to your account and it will be saved right within MotorLot. State compliant LAW and Wolters Kluwer forms? We got em’. Is your dealership in Canada? No worries. MotorLot works with independent dealerships all over Canada. Worried about having an out-of-date printer? MotorLot can take advantage of your current hardware; ink jet, laser or dot matrix (impact printers). Our forms can be printed in both styles.

Manage Your Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) Clients

Control every status of your BHPH client from entering payments to printing out receipts to tracking if a client has a payment delinquency to viewing your custom amortization table all within MotorLot.

Create A Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) Client

Dealerships who service Buy Here Pay Here clients no longer need a separate program to manage their deals. With one-click you can distinguish a client as Buy Here Pay Here and MotorLot automatically places them in their own category, keeping you from getting confused between BHPH and Cash buyers.

Organize Forms With Form Folders

The forms you use the most when wrapping up a deal are the forms you can have the easiest access to. MotorLot lets you keep primary forms organized with Form Folders. You can save all the forms you use the most and print them all with one-click. You can even create folders for specialty forms that you may not use that often, but are the most difficult to track down.

Wrap-Up Or Close A Deal

Too many taxes and fees to calculate by hand? Put the calculator away because MotorLot will do all of the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division when you are wrapping up a close with a client, saving you time and money.


How to build a dealer website

To get started, select website from the overview page.

This brings up a sub-menu of options for editing the website.

Start by selecting a theme. Clicking the pictures of the themes will bring up a preview of each theme. Note that the themes labeled “Responsive” will automatically adapt their layout to different devices they are viewed on (Tablet, Phone, Computer, Etc.). Once a theme has been decided on, select its name from the drop down menu.

Once a theme has been selected, be sure to click update setting on the bottom of the page to save the theme selection.

If a responsive theme was not selected, be sure to also select a mobile theme from the mobile theme sub-menu following the same instructions used to select a main theme. Under the Images sub-menu, images can be added or changed. These images will be displayed as main images around the website. These can be images of past or present inventory, of the dealership, or anything that will look good. MotorLot comes with 4 sample images. Feel free to continue to use those, or delete them from your site by clicking the “Destroy” button under the image. To add more photos, click “Add images”

This will bring up a file explorer window (Different on Mac vs. PC). Select photo or photos from the computer and press open. To select multiple photos, press shift+click on photos (Windows) or cmd+click on photos (Mac). Once the photos are finished uploading, click and drag photos to change their order. The order of the photos on the photos page will be the same order they appear on the website. To delete a photo, select destroy under the photo to be deleted. Under the Settings sub-menu, are a series of options for setting up the website. If you already own a domain, enter it under the website domain field. To learn how to point your domain to MotorLot’s servers see this article. If you do not yet own a domain, you can purchase one through MotorLot by selecting purchase domain. You can also use a free one at under the temporary domain field If you have a Google Analytics account, the account number can be entered in the “Google Analytics Account” field. A Google Analytics account can be created here. In the Primary and Secondary Heading fields, enter company tag lines I.E. “The best used cars in Texas!” These will be displayed under the company name throughout the website. If you have a company logo, please select it from “Choose File” next to “Upload your logo”. This will be displayed in the website header. Main Images Edits the main image on the header of the website. These images can be added and changed from the menu on the right.

Images from the right can be dragged an dropped on to the main images heading to change the main image of the site. Check the “Collect credit applications on your website?” box to allow customers to submit credit applications over the web. Note that these are submitted securely. The “Form Style” drop down is for selecting what the contact form on the website will look like. Auto Reply e-mail and SMS fields are used to customize the auto-response sent out after a customer fills out a contact form on the website. Email recipients fields define e-mail addresses where leads and credit apps are e-mailed to. Multiple addresses can be added by clicking “Add more email recipients” In the Twitter field, enter your dealerships Twitter username to create a link to your Twitter page at the top of the website header. In the Facebook field, enter your dealerships Facebook URL to create a link to your Facebook profile at the top of the website header. Enter the dealership’s hours of operation to be posted on the website.

How do I setup email addresses?

We recommend using Google Apps for your own custom email addresses like It is $5/mo/user and their Gmail product is great. Sign up here. First, make sure that you have a custom domain – Second, configure your MX records to point your domain to Google’s servers. They’ve created a great article using Godaddy as the example here.

How do I point my domain to MotorLot servers?

How to setup your custom domain
MotorLot allows you to use your own custom domain to host your website, instead of having to use a subdomain of such as In order to have your MotorLot website on your own domain there are a few things that you will need to do. Step 1 Ensure you have specified your custom domain on the account settings page.

Step 2 – Different for each Registrar (GoDaddy Example)
Caution: Once you complete this step it will switch your web hosting over to MotorLot. You can always switch it back, just take note of the changes you make within your registrar. Create a CNAME record with your domain registrar of “www” with the value of “”. If you have an existing CNAME record of “www” then update the value to “”. In GoDaddy it will look like this:

We currently don’t support domains without the prefix of “www”, this is due to IP addresses changing over time which is required when setting up an A record. We also suggest that you setup a URL forward(not mask) to forward traffic from the non-www version of your domain to the www version of your domain. In GoDaddy it will look like this:

Other Registrars & Hosting Companies

  • Network Solutions
  • 1&1
  • HostGator
  • BlueHost
  • Yahoo
  • Tucows / Hover
  • NameCheap
  • N / LaunchRock

How do I add video to my website?

It is easy to embed video in your website! You can add video to any page including the home page, a vehicle page or an about us page. First, you need to upload your video to a video hosting website like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Second, select and copy the code from the Share -> Embed option. Looks like this:

Next, go to the description field for the page you want to embed the video in and select HTML.

Finally, paste the code in and click Update for the HTML editor and Update Inventory, Page, etc.. That is all it takes!

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