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How can I send my MotorLot data to Quickbooks?

Currently, the best way to do this is to export a CSV file from MotorLot and import the CSV file on Quickbooks. You will need to make sure to line up the correct fields on the Quickbooks side so that the data imports properly.

Asset Accounts

Cash and Contracts

1000 Petty Cash Fund 1010 Cash in Bank 1015 Cash in Bank – Payroll 1020 Contracts in Transit 1030 Cash Investments 1040 Undeposited Cash Clearing 1050 Cash Sales Clearing


1100 Retail Vehicles 1110 Wholesale & Dealer Transfer Vehicles 1120 Lease & Rental Accounts 1130 Finance & Insurance Receivables – Current 1140 Customer Notes 1150 Service, Parts & Body Accounts 1160 Service Contract Claims 1170 Allowance for Doubtful Accounts 1360 Trade Receivables – Affiliates 1370 Other Receivables


1380 Demonstrators 1440 Other Automotive 1450 Used Cars 1470 Used Trucks 1490 Remarked Vehicles 1500 Parts & Accessories 1520 Fuel, Oil & Grease 1530 Paint & Body Shop Materials 1540 Sublet Repairs 1550 Work in Process – Labor 1570 Other Inventory 1580 Allowance – Parts Inventory Adjustment 1595 LIFO Reserve – Used Vehicles 1600 LIFO Reserve – Parts & Accessories

Prepaid Expenses

1610 Prepaid Expenses 1620 Prepaid Taxes 1630 Prepaid Rent 1640 Prepaid Insurance 1660 Prepaid Other 1670 Other Current Assets

Lease & Rental Vehicles

1680 Lease Vehicles 1690 Lease Vehicles – Accumulated Depreciation 1700 Rental Vehicles 1710 Rental Vehicles – Accumulated Depreciation 1720 Driver Training vehicles 1730 Driver Training Vehicles – Accumulated Depreciation

Fixed Assets

1750 Land & Improvements 1760 Land & Improvements – Accumulated Depreciation 1770 Building & Improvements 1780 Building & Improvements – Accumulated Depreciation 1790 Machinery & Shop Equipment 1800 Machinery & Shop Equipment – Accumulated Depreciation 1810 Parts & Accessories Equipment 1820 Parts & Accessories Equipment – Accumulated Depreciation 1830 Furniture, Fixtures & Signs 1840 Furniture, Fixtures & Signs – Accumulated Depreciation 1850 Company Vehicles 1860 Company Vehicles – Accumulated Depreciation 1870 Leaseholds & Improvements 1880 Leaseholds & Improvements – Accumulated Depreciation 1890 Other Fixed Assets

Other Assets

1900 Life Insurance – Cash Value 1910 Notes & Accounts Receivable – Officers & Owners 1920 Investments in Affiliated Companies 1930 Advances – Affiliated Parties 1940 Advances – Other Parties 1950 Notes & Accounts Receivable – Deferred 1960 Finance Receivables – Deferred 1970 Other Investments & Miscellaneous Assets 1980 Deposits on Contracts 1990 Other Assets 9020 Cash Discounts Earned 9040 Capital Assets 9050 Interest Income 9070 Other

Liability And Net Worth

Current Notes

Payable 2000 Accounts Payable – Trade Creditors 2010 Deposits Received 2020 Customer Accommodations 2030 License & Registration Fees 2040 Service Contract Payable 2050 Trade-In Lien Payable 2060 Affiliated Company Payable 2110 Notes Payable – Used Vehicles (Floor Plan) 2120 Notes Payable – Lease & Rental Vehicles 2130 Current Portion – Long Term Debt 2140 Notes Payable – Other

Accrued Liabilities

2200 Interest Payable 2210 Salaries, Wages & Commissions Payable 2220 Insurance Payable 2230 Payroll Taxes Payable 2240 Sales taxes Payable 2250 Income Taxes Payable 2260 Other Taxes Payable 2270 Employees’ Bonuses Payable 2280 Owners’ Bonuses Payable 2290 Pension Fund/Profit Sharing Payable 2300 Other Payables 2310 Reserve for Repossessions, F&I & Service Contract Losses 2320 Other Reserves

Other Liabilities

2400 Long Term Debt 2410 Notes Payable – Owners/Officers 2420 Notes Payable – Affiliated companies 2430 Mortgages Payable – Real Estate 2440 Deferred Income Taxes 2450 Other Liabilities 9030 Cash Discounts Allowed/Given 9060 Interest Expense 9100 Lease, Rental & Other Veh. Income/Expense 9200 Casualty Losses 9220 Other Expenses

Owner’s Equity/Net Worth

2500 Capital Stock 2510 Additional Paid In capital 2520 Retained Earnings 2540 Dividends 2550 Investments 2560 Drawings 2570 Profit & Loss – Current Year


Do you have an Android app?

At this point we do not, but have plans for adding an Android app.

How do I download the MotorLot app for my iPhone or iPad?

Please download the app here Download App


How to Post a Payment and Print a Receipt

It is easy to post payments and print receipts through MotorLot. Take a look at the attached doc file for complete instructions.

Posting Payments in MotorLot.docx


Setting up MotorLot to run credit reports

MotorLot can run credit reports from within the contact screen. To see how, see this article. This article shows how to set-up MotorLot to be able to run those credit reports. First and most importantly, checking Credit through MotorLot requires an account with Credco. Sign up here. Once the account has been established, make note of your CredCo login information. In the MotorLot app, select “Settings” in the top right corner

Then select “Partner settings” from the setting sub-menu

In the partner list, click Credco.
In the drop down that opens after clicking Credco, enter your Credco username and password.
That’s it! MotorLot can now run credit reports.

Managing Contacts in MotorLot

MotorLot includes a full CRM (Customer relationship management) system with all packages. CRM is useful for keeping track of all contacts, set-up call reminders, and keep track of leads.
Select “Contacts” from the navigation menu to get into MotorLot’s CRM. The most basic function of a CRM is adding and deleting contacts. To add a new contact, click “Post a new contact” on the right.
Enter as much contact info as possible. This will help when creating deals. It also helps with credit and OFAC checks. Enter tags in the final field. Separate tags by a comma. Tags make that contact more searchable and also act as quick notes when looking through the contact list. For example “purchasing in October” or “Interested in small convertible” When finished filling out info, click “Add contact”
Adding the contact will take you to the contact overview screen. Information can be added or edited from this screen. Once edits have been made to a contact, be sure to click “update contact” to save those edits.
Along the right of the contact page, are options to help keep track of that contact.
Marking the lead status (hot, warm or cold) will help identify a lead’s status quickly when looking at the contact list.
Sarah is labeled in red because she is a hot lead. Her tag is also shown in the contact list. OFAC check automatically checks the customer’s name against the current OFAC list. Click “Check OFAC” to run this check. This is free to check and can be checked an unlimited number of times. Credit report can be checked from the contact screen as well. Full name, address and SSN are required to pull a credit report. Click “Run credit report” to get credit report. This requires additional set up. E-mails can be sent to the customer directly from the contact screen. Under Email, the drop down will contain any templates that have already been set-up in MotorLot. Select a template from the drop down, or select “With no template” to start with a blank e-mail. This will bering up an e-mail editor. Click send e-mail to send it to the customer.
The Notes section on the contact page can be used to add longer notes about a customer or to set up reminders such as callbacks about the customer.
To simply add a note, type the note in the text box, select a user, and click add note. To add a reminder with a note, type the reminder in the note box, select a user from the drop down, and check the set a reminder box. Select a date for the reminder, and click add note. The reminder will show on the day set in the top navigation bar
Clicking the reminder will pull up a screen of all reminders for the day. Click “Archive” to take the contact out of the contact list but save the info within MotorLot. Archived contacts can still be found by searching and can be brought back out of archive if needed. Click “Delete” to completely delete the contact. MotorLot always recommends archiving over deleting.

How do I add an alert to follow-up on customers?

Under an individual Contact, look on the right-hand column for Notes. You’ll want to add a little reminder message, select who the reminder is for, click Set a reminder, pick the date and click Add note! Easy as that.

Is there a way to run an OFAC check?

Yes, you do that right inside of the Contact edit screen or in the Deals section when first entering a Contact.

How can I run a credit report of a customer?

We work with CredCo to run credit reports. You may signup for an account by going to Settings – Partner Settings and clicking on the Create an account link under Credco.

Craigslist Posting

One Click Craigslist Posting

Now that Craigslist has gone paid in most markets for cars and trucks, Craigslist auto-posting has changed. In paid markets, auto-posting no longer works. For those markets, we have now switched to a one click posting system. To post to Craigslist now, make sure your Craigslist credentials are entered in partner settings.
Enter the e-mail address associated with the posting Craigslist account in the account email field. Enter the account password in the password field. Default post type changes the default category vehicles will be posted in. Default Craigslist area will edit which metropolitan area Craigslist posts will go by default. Default Craigslist location will change the written location on Craigslist posts. This can be an address, cross streets, even a website. Default Craigslist trailing title will edit the default text that follows the year make and model of the vehicle in the Craigslist listing title. EG. 2006 Mazda Miata Best Prices In Town. In the example, “Best Prices In Town” would be the trailing title. Multiple trailing titles can be entered. Just press enter between each one. Once all settings have been entered, click “Update vendor settings” at the bottom of the page. This will save the changes made. Once that is set up, go to inventory and select a vehicle to post to craigslist. On the right of the vehicle page, under the export heading, there is a link to post to Craigslist.
From there, a box of posting options will open. Edit setting and then click “Post to Craigslist” You will then be sent an e-mail from Craigslist. Click the link in the email, enter payment info, and save post. Your post will then go live.

Current Craigslist Posting Information

4.18.13 In the past several weeks there have been a lot of unannounced changes in what types of ads Craigslist will allow. It is a FREE service, and their choice to not give any information or guidelines out. We can only react based on trial and error. Please keep in mind that these changes are not happening with MotorLot. You pay us to help market to the Craigslist service, but we can only work with what we are given. Craigslist typially makes small changes without warning. And every year they seem to come in with one big nuke that changes things completely. Most likely this latest adjustment is a result of too much spam. Usually along with those big changes, they tighten up on what is allowed to post. As of April, 2013 there is simply less flexibility than there was before. We expect that things will gradually open back up. Cleaner search results benefits everyone. Easier for customers to search through and more coverage of the ads you do post. —————————————————————————— We’ll keep a list of updates on this page until things calm down. – We’ve had to remove IMG (image based ads completely). As a results we can’t track ad status, view or clicks. – We’ve replaced IMG ads with text based ads. The benefit is that the ads will come up more often in search results simply because there is more content to search. – You can view all of your live TEXT based ads by simply searching for your dealership name on Craigslist. – KEEPING ADS LIVE There is no rhyme or reason to what they are flagging. Around late afternoon their bot goes in and flags vehicles for deletion. Typically they go after ads with links. It seems the more basic the ad the higher the chance of it sticking. We’ll continue to adjust with the goal of having every ad stick. – MAKE SURE to match up the Craigslist login email that you are logged in with on the Craigslist site with what you have set as the Craigslist posting email under Settings -> Partner settings. – Continue to randomize titles and content to create a unique ad each time. – USE THE RENEWAL FEATURE. Once an ad does go live you can renew them with no penalty as frequent as every few days. This is a great way to push your inventory to the top of the list.

How to set up Craigslist auto posting

Note that craigslist auto-posting requires one of the Craigslist plans or the Pro Plan. MotorLot can automatically post inventory to Craigslist. In addition it will monitor posts and automatically repost flagged posts. In addition it will renew active posts every 48 hours and repost every 5 days, in accordance with Craigslist’s Terms of Use. A free Craigslist account is required to use MotorLot’s Craigslist auto-posting tool. Sign up for an account here. To autopost to Craigslist, Craigslist account settings must be entered in to MotorLot. To do this, select “Settings” from the top right of the MotorLot app
In the settings sub-menu, select “Partner settings”
Select Craigslist from the Partner list. This will bring up the Craigslist settings pane.
Enter the e-mail address associated with the posting Craigslist account in the account email field. Enter the account password in the password field. Default post type changes the default category vehicles will be posted in. Default Craigslist area will edit which metropolitan area Craigslist posts will go by default. Default Craigslist location will change the written location on Craigslist posts. This can be an address, cross streets, even a website. Default Craigslist trailing title will edit the default text that follows the year make and model of the vehicle in the Craigslist listing title. EG. 2006 Mazda Miata Best Prices In Town. In the example, “Best Prices In Town” would be the trailing title.Multiple trailing titles can be entered. Just press enter between each one. Once all settings have been entered, click “Update vendor settings” at the bottom of the page. This will save the changes made. Be sure to set up an auto-forward with your email provider. Craigslist auto posting will not work without this. Instructions for auto-forward will differ by email provider, but general instructions can be found here. Once these settings have been set, MotorLot will automatically post all live inventory to Craigslist.

Setup an autoforward rule or filter

To forward Craigslist email notices from to us you need to setup a rule or filter in your email client. Below are some examples of how to setup common email clients like Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc. Gmail: Hotmail:… Outlook: Mail: Here is how it would look in Gmail:


Can I download all my files at once?

We don’t offer mass downloading of files at this time. Data from each section of the app can be exported via CSV, XML or JSON to easily get your data in and out of MotorLot.


How do I add a customer or contact to the deal?

You can either pull them in from already saved information in Contacts or add a new one. Adding a new contact under Deals will automatically save their information as a new Contact.

Creating a deal – Adding a trade-in

This article will show how to add a trade-in while writing a deal. To see how to write a deal from the beginning, see this article. When editing a deal, to add a trade, click the “add a trade-in” link.

This will open a box within the deal edit page. Be sure to the trade allowance and ACV for the vehicle. The ACV is the appraised value of the vehicle, and the trade allowance is how much you are offering the customer for the vehicle.
If there is a payoff still on the vehicle, check the payoff box. This will open another new box to enter the payoff info.
Make sure to fully fill out this portion as well. The Vendor is the current loan holder that the payoff is due to. If the vendor for the payoff is not currently in your vendor list, click add new vendor. This will open a new box. Again, fill out all info as thoroughly as possible.
Account number is the customer’s account number with the vendor. Payoff value is the current payoff for the vehicle. Finally, enter in the VIN of the vehicle being traded in and click decode. This will auto populate most of the info about the vehicle. Make sure to check the info and fill in any info the decode missed. From there, write the rest of the deal as normal. MotorLot will automatically calculate the deal with the trade in. Note that multiple trade-ins can be added to a deal. Click add a trade-in as many times as needed. To remove a trade, click remove trade-in from the trade-in field.

Creating a deal – Adding a co-buyer

This article deals specifically with adding a co-buyer to a deal. To see how to write a deal from scratch see this article. To add a co-buyer, click Add a co-buyer underneath the customer field.
This will add another customer field. You can use an existing contact, add a new contact, or edit an existing contact.
To use an existing contact, select them from the drop down, or start typing their name in the field and then select them from the list of matches. If they are not already in contacts, click add new contact. This will bring up a box to add a new contact. As always, be a thorough as possible filling this information out. When finished, click Save contact & assign to deal.

Proceed with the deal as normal. Note that as many co-buyers as needed can be added to a deal. Just click add a co-buyer until there are enough co-buyer fields on the deal. To delete a co-buyer, click remove the co-buyer under the co-buyer field.

How to add BHPH deals

This article will deal directly with BHPH deals, to see how to create a deal from scratch, see this article. In the process of creating a deal, under Type of sale, select Buy Here Pay Here

Payments can be calculated by the number of payments or by the payment amount. When calculating by number of payments, Enter the total number of payments the customer will be paying. Enter the interest rate (e.g. entering 20.00 would be 20%) Enter the payment frequency (Generally monthly or bi-weekly) Enter the first payment due date. This can be done by manually typing the date in or by clicking the calendar icon and selecting the date.
Enter in the late fee percentage (e.g. entering 20.00 would be 20%). Or, enter a flat or minimum late fee. If using a flat fee, do not enter a percentage. Enter a maximum late fee if there is one. Enter a grace period, if any, in the “Grace period” box. Check the “Don’t report to credit reporting agency?” box if delinquencies will not be reported. Save the deal as normal from there. Be sure once the deal is completed, select “Sold? Close” from the deals list. This will archive the deal and the vehicle. BHPH payments can only be received once the deal is closed.

Editing defaults for deals

To edit the default values when writing deals, select “Settings” at the top right from anywhere within the MotorLot app.
Enter either a default commission percentage OR Flat rate commission amount. Not both.
Enter Local tax rates and dealer related fees.
Under state specific setting make sure to select the correct state the dealer is in as different states have different tax requirements.
Finally click update default deal settings to save these settings. Note that this will not edit past deals. Changing default settings only affects future deals
If update was successful a green success banner will appear near the top of the screen.

How to use the price adjustment tool

Sometimes a customer has specific terms in mind when creating a deal. The price adjustment tool within the deal is built to help. When entering the payment info in the deal, click the “Pricing adjustment” button.

Pricing adjustments can be made by selecting a number of different criteria.
There are three different criteria that can be selected from to be changed: Total amount financed, Payment amount, or the Total payments. This can be achieved by auto adjusting three different criteria: Cash price, cash down, or interest rate. Once selections have been made, click the “Make pricing adjustment” button. This will change the selected criteria in the deal and close the pricing adjustment box.

How to manage BHPH accounts

To process payments for BHPH deals, select BHPH from the navigation menu in the header
From the BHPH screen, an overview of all BHPH accounts and their status can be seen.
Note that under days delinquent, a negative number indicates the payments are on time and the number shown is how many days until the next payment due. To process payments on an account, select a name from the list. This will bring up a payment screen.
Enter the payment date. Enter the type of payment, generally it will just be a standard payment. Enter payment amounts, and charges along with any notes. Click the “Enter amount” button to process the payment.
The payment will drop down after the “Enter mount” button is pressed. From there, click “Receipt” to print a payment receipt for the customer. From the right hand column, the account can be closed for repossession or complete payment. Payment coupons can be printed, amortization schedules can be printed etc.

Creating a deal – basic

To create a deal in MotorLot, Select deals from the navigation menu and then select the green “Post a new deal” button on the right.
If the customer is already in MotorLot, select their name from the Customer drop-down list. If they are a new customer, select “Add new contact”
If using an existing customer, make sure all of their info is correct in contacts before making a new deal under their n