The Secret to Generating Daily Auto Leads From Twitter

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Social media converts! There’s no question about that. For instance, the latest statistics indicate that over 42% of the adult population in countries like the U.S. are on one or more social media sites. The same statistics indicate that over 70% of all online customers today use online customer reviews to make purchasing decisions. Considering most of these reviews are on social media sites and word of mouth is the most effective way of finding new leads online, the power of social media can’t be overlooked by a serious business owner looking to gain competitive advantage online.

Our focus in this article will be on the secret to generating daily auto leads from Twitter. First and foremost, it’s important to note that Twitter is the 2nd most popular social media site in the world after Facebook. According to the latest statistics (May 2015), twitter has over 310 million unique monthly users. The latest statistics also indicate that over 500 million tweets are sent daily. These are very impressive statistics from a business point of view. Most business owners however have problems harnessing the power of twitter. This can be attributed to the fact that Twitter produces a very high volume of data that can be very challenging to decipher.

As a result, it’s more challenging to market a business on twitter compared to social media sites like Facebook especially if you are on a highly specialised industry like the auto industry. It’s however possible to generate plenty of leads on Twitter on a daily basis provided you use the right tools and approaches. If you’re an auto dealer looking to generate plenty of leads from Twitter, look no further. Below are the most important secrets to consider.

Do your research first

Before you even think of marketing your business on twitter, you need to do your research first. In auto business as well as any other business, you get customers by solving a problem. You should therefore focus on finding the biggest auto problems your target customers have before you attempt to launch any marketing campaign. Twitter has an advanced search tool you can use to find out the problems your target customers face.

After carrying out a complex auto keyword search, you shouldn’t have a problem finding auto problems you can solve. If you already have a twitter account, you can tweet questions with popular auto hashtags to reach your target audience. Popular twitter hashtags can be found easily online by conducting a simple search on Google or using popular Twitter analytics tools online. You can also check trending topics related to the auto industry to get ideas.

Offer a viable solution to an auto problem(s)

Viable solution

Once you are aware of the problems faced by potential auto customers on twitter, offer a viable solution. Solutions can come in many forms in the auto industry. You could be having superior auto products or services. You could even be offering both. The most important thing to do is to ensure you are offering auto products and/or services that people need. Once you have that, you will have no problem converting and keeping the leads you are able to generate on Twitter.

Set up a perfect twitter profile for your business

This is another rather obvious but commonly overlooked secret to generating daily leads from Twitter. It’s important to note that you can’t be able to attract any leads from Twitter or any other social media site if you don’t have a professional profile. Your Twitter profile creates a first impression for your business. You must therefore take time and ensure everything is perfect. A perfect Twitter business profile must reflect professionalism. The profile must also be complete for you to get the maximum impact. You also need to consider other things. For instance, you must choose a unique username that is memorable and a perfect representation of your business.

You should also include a high quality and professional profile photo, cover photo and photos of your business, photos of the auto parts you sell, your staff etc. You should focus on branding photos i.e. your company logo, the high quality parts you sell etc. since such photos are instantly recognizable. Your Twitter bio must also be complete describing your core business, products and/or services in a clear and concise manner. You should focus on making your auto business extremely unique in your bio for you to stand out from your competition. Your profile must also contain other important information like; a link to your website and business opening/closing hours.

Set up a perfect landing page on your site

Having a perfect Twitter profile for your business isn’t enough to generate enough leads regularly. Your website landing page must be professionally designed with all the features necessary to capture and convert as much leads as possible. For instance, you should be able to collect the emails of the customers that visit your site from Twitter. You can offer a free auto report, useful auto eBook etc. to be able to collect more emails. It’s important to note that most people are hesitant to give out their emails online unless they are getting something useful for free. Collecting emails is important since most leads don’t convert immediately. You need to be able to launch email campaigns often to be able to convert the leads you get on a regular basis i.e. when you have new auto products/services.

Send useful auto tweets on a daily basis

Nice Twitter profile

You also need to tweet regularly on a daily basis for you to generate daily auto leads from Twitter. As mentioned above, there are over 500 million tweets sent daily on Twitter. It’s therefore advisable to send as many tweets as you can. The tweets must however contain useful information among other features of tweets that convert highly i.e. tweets with pictures, tweets solving a common auto problem faced by your target market, tweets with popular auto mentions/hashtags, tweets with links to your website etc.

Use the pinned tweet feature

It’s important to note that some of your tweets will be more popular than others for various reasons. To be able to generate auto leads from twitter on a daily basis, you need to makes sure everyone who lands on your twitter profile has access to the most popular tweets first since those tweets have gotten the most attention for a reason. New twitter profile visitors will definitely be interested in such tweets. If you’ve been sending useful auto tweets, you shouldn’t have a problem getting new twitter followers on a daily basis.

Twitter has a special pinned tweet feature that allows your most popular tweets to get maximum exposure at the top of your twitter profile. You can find this feature by clicking on the tweet option of the tweets you want to pin to your profile page. By doing this, you make sure everyone sees the best tweets in your twitter profile first since they are likely to offer the most leads.


The above information summarises the most important secrets for generating daily auto leads from Twitter. As long as you are constantly informed of what your target market wants, you shouldn’t have a problem generating leads on a daily basis from Twitter. You should research regularly to ensure you are offering current auto solutions. You should also make sure your twitter profile and website are professional, useful and fully functional at all times to generate daily leads. Sending useful tweets on a regular basis and boosting popular tweets is also crucial when using twitter to generate leads.

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