Tips For Selling Cars On Ebay

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Discover why eBay motors is the perfect place to buy and sell used cars, what kind of cars do well on eBay, what your car’s eBay value, tips on buying and selling with eBay and more.

Ebay motors has changed the way people by cars.

So, what’s the advantage of using an online auction site to buy or sell their vehicles? And why would so many people rather choose to do it online with strangers thousands of miles away with a car purchase?

From a seller’s perspective (a car dealer or a private seller), selling used cars from eBay can be a dream come true. You won’t see strangers come to your house to see your car, there’s no test drive involved, and you only deal with serious READY, WILLING and ABLE buyers who’s truly interested in buying your car.

Tips For Selling on eBay Motors

1. Make your ad easy to read. This is not the place to show off your design talent.

Instead focus on providing thorough information about the vehicle. Pay attention to the picture you upload, make them good and keep the file size small. Your description should be short paragraphs, use bulletin points to highlight the features and benefit of your vehicle.

2. Let your buyer see the bad stuff.

People are making a purchase decision based on your description. Take your time to list and describe every dings, chips, cracks or imperfections in the vehicle you are selling. Better yet, take a  picture with a ruler next to the “wounded spot” to show people exactly how big it is.

Trust me you will get more people to bid on your vehicle because you are good honest, trust worthy seller. And people will appreciated your effort to tell them the bad stuff.

3. Research your competition. If you are not sure about where to set your initial price, you can take a look at similar vehicles that your competitors have listed.

Notice some have bids and some don’t, spend sometime and study their auction will get you a head of average eBayers. Another good practice is to do a search on completed auctions to see how much is the car sold for.

4. State your shipping terms in the listing. Try to quote an exact shipping fee in your shipping terms.

Many buyers are put off by the “buyer pays actual shipping fess” option and won’t bother bidding. If not too sure about the cost, invite your potential buyers to email you with their zip code for a shipping estimate.

5. Fill out the About Me page. This is a great place to let your buyer get to know you before bidding.

Treat it like an online dating profile if you will, write something to show your personality, your car and hobbies etc. Let your buyers see you are a real person.

6. Avoid reserve pricing.

Reserve pricing is the minimum price you are willing to sell your vehicle for. You are the only person knowing it. Reserved pricing doesn’t foster much trust between buyer and seller.

Most people are hesitant to bid in reserved auctions. You will be surprised to see how many more bids you’ll get when you do not put a reserved on your car.

7. Communicate with your buyers. This goes to the entire auction process.

Be friendly and professional on the phone and emails. Answer all the  with “Hello and thanks for bidding” and end the conversation with the question like “let me know if you have any other questions” will help establish rapport with your buyers.

Do not just rely on automatic end of auction notice. Take the initiative and send the winning bidder a personal message to congratulate on their purchase and give them any instruction for payment and shipping information.

8. End your auction on weekends. Start your auction so it ends late on a Saturday or Sunday. That way you will get maximum bids. Your last two days will bring you most bids; also pay attention to the time zone difference.

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