The Top 10 Reasons To Use Web-Based Software At Your Car Dealership

responsive-layout   Web-based software is the future of computing. It can save you time and money at your car dealership and it doesn’t take a computer genius to use it. Below we’ll talk about the top 10 reasons why you want your dealership to run on web-based software like MotorLot. physical-therapy-billing_Value-business-price-tag-dollar-signs Cost No matter the size of your dealership. whether you are just starting out or have franchised your name across the entire state, keeping overhead down for your business is a top priority. Web-based software does not generally require a large up-front investment, just a monthly fee. Licensing professional software can be very costly. Even more so, when it comes to cost, web-based software saves you money in hardware, which is my next point. HP-server Hardware A lot of Dealer Management Software requires a server to be set-up in your office. This requires a large hardware investment. Servers include a very expensive computers and networking components are required. Furthermore, many pieces of software have hefty system requirements. With web-based software, no server is needed and even the simplest ChromeBook can run it, which can be picked up for around $200 for a brand new machine! With computers that cheap, it’s easy to make sure everyone that works on you lot has access to a computer. On top of that, web-based software doesn’t even need a computer, it can be ran from any device, including your phone. Google_Nexus_7_in_hand Portability Most phones made in the past 4 years have a web browser on them. While there are many different options for operating systems and ecosystems and screen sizes for mobile devices, a piece of web-based software will work on all of them. With web-based software there are no apps to install, and if you switch to a different OS, you don’t have to worry about there being an app or not. Tablets are seeing a huge gain in popularity. They’re great and easy to travel with. With them you get more screen real estate than a phone, and all the benefits that apply to web-based software on a phone also apply on a tablet. With web-based software, you can manage your dealership literally anywhere. Lock-icon Security Security should be a top priority for every company. Even more so, companies like auto dealers who have access to information like customer socials, driver’s licenses and more! Most dealer management software stores this information on a local server with very little security. Web-based software, and MotorLot especially take security very seriously. We use state of the art encryption and we are continually update to the latest security patches. It’s also good to consider that a small server in your office could be easily walked away with. With MotorLot storing information encrypted in the cloud, there’s no risk of physically losing the server. vault800wi Back Ups On top of the level of security web-based software offers from outside attacks, it also offers protection from hardware failures. MotorLot backs up your data hourly, ensuring that there is extremely limited downtime if a piece of hardware fails. A failing hard drive can be catastrophic for a small dealer (and failing hard drives are more common than you probably think). Using standard software a hard drive failure can mean a loss of your entire business records. With MotorLot, your information is safe from hardware failure thanks to our state of the art back up system. UPGRADE_sticky Automatic Upgrades With traditional software that needs to be installed, at best upgrades have to be periodically downloaded and installed. This can be a nuisance because it interrupts your workflow so you either have to stop to install an update or dismiss it and possibly forget about it (we’ve all done it). If you dismiss and forget about an update, it can put your system security risk or miss out on a great new feature. At worst, with traditional software, you have to buy a new version every year or two to keep up to date. And as we talked about before, licensing software can be expensive. Too expensive to upgrade every few years, so again it come to a decision of spending money or missing out on features. With MotorLot and other web-based softwares upgrades and fixes can go live instantly. With MotorLot we are continually adding features, and they go live with no action required from the dealer. Just the past month we added a new post to YouTube feature to help our dealers gain visibility. Man on beach with computer Access From Anywhere Sometimes it’s nice to get away, especially as a small-business owner. Web-based software makes it easy to get away while still being involved in your business operations. Anywhere you have an internet connection, you have access to your company. You can be on a beach in Hawaii and check in with your company in Michigan. All your information will be up to date! Apple vs Windows Compatibility In the competitive world of technology, there are a lot of options out there. None of the options seem to work well together. A piece of software that works on a Mac won’t work on a PC, and a piece of software that works on a PC, won’t work on a ChromeBook. And then factor in the different versions of each operating system and try to get them all to work together? If you can make it work (and that’s a very big if) you’ll need a full time IT person to keep it all working together. With web-based software, there’s no need to think about compatibility. MotorLot and other web-based software will work on anything with a modern web browser (We recommend Chrome of Firefox).   Info Stays Current With MotorLot, you can have unlimited users. Multiple users can get confusing on some local server based software, but with web-based software there is no need to update. If a salesperson sells a car, it instantly comes off the site and out of your inventory. These things stay live and requires no updating to a central server. All of your users always have the most current information. harddisk Nothing To Install With Web-based software there is nothing to install ever. There are multiple benefits to this. First being that the software doesn’t need to be installed so your valuable hard drive space is saved. This is especially important on ChromeBooks and netbooks where space is particularly limited. The second, is that installing things opens up your computer to virus risk. Hackers are known to package less than honorable software in with good software. Without installing software, you are not at risk to install a virus. As more and more software goes web-based, viruses will become a thing of the past. Web-based software is the future of computing. MotorLot is there already and it is very easy to use. Do yourself a favor and make the jump to MotorLot and see all the benefits of web-based software for yourself!

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