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Over the years, many marketing savvy business owners have been using Facebook retargeting as a way to increase their sales. Some of the best & most profitable dealership business use this secret to drive more sales. This gives them the ability to capture the attention of visitors to a website who often leave without taking any action at all. Consider this, only 3% of web traffic converts on its first visit. However, with the use of Facebook retargeting, it gives the business owner the possibility of reaching the other 97%.


How Does Facebook Retargeting Works?

An invisible tag is embedded in the footer of the dealer’s website and this “cookie” allows the advertiser to target the person who has visited the site.

For example, an advertiser can create Mitsubishi ads for visitors who have browsed this automobile brand on his website. These ads will be visible on other relevant websites. So, if the PPC ads are placed with Google, these ads might be visible on sites, such as,, or

In simpler terms, retargeting reinforces the dealership’s brand with target customers, directing them back to the advertiser’s website.

Retargeting allows the advertiser to control how long visitors will see the ads, how often they’ll be visible, and the details of the ad. The advertisements could be tailored to feature a certain model of vehicle, or even service to customers.

Considering the fact that the advertisement is specifically tailored to the customer’s needs, there’s a higher chance of getting a better conversion rate. This also leaves a mark to the consumers who have already visited the website or Facebook page.

Facebook: One of the Most Popular Uses for Retargeting
Recently, one of the most popular uses for retargeting is with the help of social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. As a matter of fact, Facebook even introduced retargeting through FBX (Facebook Ad Exchange), and it has successfully taken more than 50% of the overall retargeting market.

It works in a way wherein, when someone visits the website and goes to Facebook, FBX displays an ad for the particular product on the user’s account.

How Facebook Retargeting Could Bring the Visitors Back

1. Cookies
With the use of a retargeting platform, such as Perfect Audience, you’ll give a site tracking tag that can be added to a website.
This tag is in javascript code and it should be added before the </body> tag of a website. After that, the tracking tag places a cookie in the browser of those visiting the website.

2. Finding the visitors across the web
After tagging the visitors with the unique cookie, the retargeting platform will look for the visitors across Facebook. That’s why, when that visitor loads a webpage anywhere on the Internet, he’ll see the ad in the space where other ads usually appear.

3. Visitors clicking the ad
Traditional online banner ads have a click rate of 0.1%. This means there’s only one out of thousands of users will click on the ad being shown.

On the other hand, retargeting campaigns reach people who have already shown an interest in the product being offered, and that’s why it has a better chance of having the ads clicked.

The Benefits of Facebook Retargeting

Just like what has been mentioned earlier, you, as the advertiser, buys traffic and redirects it to a website. That’s why the main goal of Facebook retargeting for auto dealers is to have the user complete an action, buy a vehicle, and complete a form– helping the dealership business grow.

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy from Facebook retargeting:
1. Build Awareness of Your Car Dealership
All you have to do is keep a logo and brand name on top of your customer’s mind and this will increase the likelihood of a future action. If you’re not aware, it takes several times for someone to remember an ad. Thus, repetition is essential, but you shouldn’t overdo it either.

2. Generate Interest
Service advertisements with images about what the visitors have viewed or liked.

3. Drive Mailing List Opt Ins
This is perfect if you often experience someone visiting your site, but has the tendency of forgetting to join your mailing list. With retargeting, there’s a huge chance of generating more opt ins.

4. Drive Traffic
If you’re a blogger and you want to advertise your blog and the contents you have there, then you link these visitors to your content in the newsfeed.

5. Increase the Likes of Your Facebook Page
So, they have visited your auto dealership website, but is not a fan of your Facebook page yet. Keep in mind, visitors who have visited before have better chances of clicking the “like” button as compared to those who haven’t.

Best Practices for Facebook Retargeting

The more personalized the user’s experience is, the more likely they’ll be interested in doing business with you.
Being an auto dealer, you should have to be in your customer’s shoes. Perhaps, that person is browsing an auto dealer website and looking for a vehicle that will be perfect for his family. He’ll do some research first before he even makes a call and see what the company has to offer. If you’ll be able to display the same website he’s looking at earlier in his Facebook page, this will increase the chances that he’ll consider your service.

Retargeting Tips to Follow

1. Spend some time and ensure that your ad fits within the larger goals of your automotive campaign.
2. Think outside the box.
3. Never overdo it. Although retargeting gives the benefit of repeating the message, know that it can be annoying to customers if you’ll keep on repeating the same thing over and over again.
4. It’s alright to commit mistakes. Retargeting is all about trial and error. The key is, you shouldn’t lose your patience and determination to ensure that everything is working smoothly.


Although retargeting isn’t straightforward, getting it right will allow you to reap positive results. As with any marketing techniques, Facebook retargeting shouldn’t be your sole way of getting leads, traffic, and customers. This can help a business succeed, but you should also experiment on other ways to promote your business online.

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