Use These 21 Sales Email Templates Today to Close More Deals

21 email templates
As a car dealer, you don’t have time to design, compose and send emails; but email sales templates– quick and easy fill-in-the-blanks frames—can work wonders keeping your brand in the eyes of potential and existing customers. The advantage of using templates is time! You can take one of these 21 frames and plug in names, pertinent information, a call to action and an invitation to follow up on previous communications. By utilizing email templates, car dealers can maintain constant contact with existing customers, build databases and listings, and realize greater potential profits through low- or no-cost electronic marketing.
What Are Sales Email Templates?
Sales email templates are electronic messages and sales pitches sent across the Internet to potential and existing customer email inboxes to sell products, goods, or services. Instead of using traditional methods of advertising like television, radio and direct mail; sales emails offer no- to low-cost marketing options that can help build your brand and, more importantly, close the deal. Templates offer suggested formats, titles and subject lines, marketing messages, and call to action verbiage that help advertise your brand. Emails that include auto responder forms allow dealers the chance to reach car buyers and get an almost instant response. If a potential buyer opens and reads your email, chances are pretty good that they will respond by filling out an online form, calling for an appointment, or requesting more information.
Partner with Professionals
The first step in waging a successful email marketing campaign is to partner with a reputable and efficient electronic mail service. Mail Chimp, Vertical Response, Infusionsoft, and Constant Contact offer templates and software to help you build a good customer listing and monitor when emails are sent, when there has been a follow-up and when recipients respond. Online email marketing companies usually charge a monthly or annual fee to provide sales templates that keep your brand in customer inboxes on a regular basis. A mass email blast can boost marketing efforts with greater returns, less time, and fewer headaches. If you are all thumbs when it comes to graphics or writing, consider hiring a freelancer to design or write effective sales pitches. Your money will be well spent.

Sale Emails Dos and Donts

Types of email templates

Do Keep It Simple: Determine what you want to say and say it with as few words as possible. Email subject lines are the hook that entices recipients to read. Titles and subject lines should summarize your marketing message and compel readers to continue reading. Cut to the chase: if you’re offering 10% discounts for people who visit the showroom, let your title say it succinctly: “Visit Our Showroom and Save 10%.” You only have a small window of opportunity for recipients to read and respond to your email, so make the most of every minute.

Do Blow Them Away with the Basics: The body of your message should basically answer the questions: who, what, when and where. Include your company name or brand, your product, time and location, and contact information. Don’t try to inundate email recipients with too much information; but present a perceived benefit that leads to a positive response.

Do Build Email Marketing Around Special Events: Christmas, Back to School, Graduation, Mother’s Day, and Tax Refund Time offer the chance to contact potential car buyers when they want to spend money. If you schedule email blasts to coincide with holidays and special events, you can take advantage of the biggest shopping days of the year.

Don’t Shout, Pout or Push: Sales email templates that “shout” at recipients are those that are written in all capital letters, and that can be a turnoff. Be sure to use friendly sentences with an upbeat tone to reach your target audience. Don’t pout when you don’t get the expected response or resort to insulting recipients who have not emailed you back. Instead of focusing on why there has been no response, simply invite them again and highlight the benefits of buying a car with you versus the competition. Always include your contact information in the closing. Don’t push! If recipients feel that the language in sales emails is too pushy or aggressive, they will only back off or opt out. Reiterate the benefit, sales pitch or product line, stressing your ability to offer superior service at an affordable price.

Sales Email Templates That work

Email templates that work

Email sales templates can become your best friend when it comes to reaching car buyers. Market new inventory, product discounts and service offers to potential and existing customers with the following 21 templates (Check out the bold text):

Cold Outreach—Similar to a cold call, cold outreach templates are used to just get your foot in the door with potential car buyers who might not be aware of your brand or inventory. Targeted sales email templates might cater to a specific demographic (age, income, and address) representing buyers who have purchased new or used cars in the past. If last year’s sales were most successful in a specific zip code, then use an email marketing database which closely matches that area and income bracket. The objective with a cold outreach template is to introduce your brand or sales staff to potential customers who might be in the market for a new vehicle. These templates usually offer auto responder templates for individuals to respond quickly via email.

Researched Outreach: Open the door even wider to potential car buyers by sending out emails that demonstrate some knowledge about the customer that your sales staff has researched. Local newspapers carry wedding and birth announcements, graduations, home purchases and job promotions. Make great use of local news by filling out a researched outreach sales template to let potential and existing customers that you care about what’s important to them! If Mr. and Mrs. Jones have a son who is graduating from high school and going off to college, they might need a new vehicle. Emails sales templates designed for weddings, births, graduation, new home purchases, or job promotions can help open the door and close the sale.

Referred Outreach: Use networking and business associates to open doors to sales opportunities with mutual friends. Referral sales templates provide fill-in-the-blank forms with verbiage naming the mutual acquaintance and gives credibility to a cold call. New customers are more likely to deal with you if they feel that a trusted associate is willing to give you the thumbs up!

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