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So you have your used car dealership – you’ve picked out the perfect location to have your business.  The vehicles have been washed and vacuumed. Now what you need are the best employees possible to help your business become profitable and stay profitable. Great employees make you more money. The Wall Street Journal published an article discussing how businesses should hire new staff members. Former General Electric CEO Jack Welch says “people with integrity tell the truth and they keep their word,” he writes. “They take responsibility for past actions, admit mistakes, and fix them.”Jack also discusses it’s not necessarily about how much education one person has over the other, but that an employee should have “a strong dose of intellectual curiosity, with a breadth of knowledge to work with or lead other smart people in today’s complex world.”When interviewing applicants, consider using mock assignments, job simulations and role-playing exercises to suss out candidates’ true talents. Simulations can give you a first-hand look at how well a candidate prioritizes or handles pressure.

We’re going to discuss some qualities when looking at potential new candidates for hire – hiring people you won’t have to fire.

1. Attitude Is Everything – a person’s attitude is a sign of a person’s character. When potential customers pull onto your dealership’s lot a negative attitude can put a customer not at ease quicker than anything. Your employees only have one shot to make a good first impression and you don’t want to hire an employee who doesn’t showcase a great attitude.


2. There is no “i” in team Every car dealership owner should run their business on the premise that everyone must do what is expected of them, and the best way to assure that happening is to conduct regular performance reviews. Of course, not everyone likes to have their performance measured, but it makes everyone on your staff accountable for their work and their actions, which will in turn keep people on their toes. This will keep your employees performing at one-hundred percent, one-hundred percent of the time, instead of one-hundred percent only ten-percent of the time.

3. A good listener can become a great employee – not everyone who comes through your door with an application filled out might have the background and experience necessary to do the job. However, as a used car dealership owner, just as you look for the special features in the cars to sell on your lot, you need to look for the special features in potential candidates for hire. Exceptional listening skills shows you that they are able to process information, retain information, and implement the tools and tricks of the trade into action towards success. Perhaps a candidate has a youthful spirit with a creative background – use their creativity and energy to your advantage and present them with the tools to help them and you make more money.


4. Hire Slow, Fire Fast if you were stuck in a elevator for four hours with a potential employee, would their company keep your calm or raise your blood pressure? Any new employee needs to mesh well with the family, but overall, they need to mesh well with you. If that person is a nuisance to be around the whole vibe spreads around like a stinky bag of garbage.

5. Execute The Art Of Closing The Deal – every employee represents your business. But what’s the point if they aren’t able to sell vehicles? A great personality, kindness, a positive attitude – those traits cannot be taught. That comes with a person’s genuineness. Anyone can be taught the art of closing the deal. You as the business owner need to make sure your employees have the skills and tools for executing and closing the deal. A car dealership is all about numbers – how many cars move on and off the lot every single month. A lot of times you find employees at used car dealerships who are able to wrap up the present, but don’t have the skills to put the bow on top. Make sure you hire candidates who focus on putting the bow on top.

Your used car dealership will flourish with flying colors if you have the proper employees working at your dealership. When you have the right people representing your business moving cars off of the lot becomes an after thought. For more information on managing and marketing your used car dealership go to

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