Using Google Places for Business For Your Car Dealership

Dealers often ask us what the best way to get their website more attention is. There are countless numbers of ways to make your website more visible, but one of the first and probably easiest is getting a Google Places listing. According to ComScore, as of July 2013 nearly 67% of all web searches were done through Google. 67%! Significantly more than half. Without a Google place listing, your dealership will show up in a list without much information, easily lost in a crowd.

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With a Place listing, much more information becomes instantly available, including a map, a logo, business hours, reviews, and more. Which do you think is better?

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Most dealers are very cost conscious and are weary of putting out money on advertise unless they are guaranteed a return on investment. I can guarantee there will be return on investment with Google Places. How am I so confident? It’s FREE! 100% free, no tiered pricing, no premium features for a premium fee, it’s all free.


Great, you’re with me so far. Sold on the idea of getting going with Google Places. Let’s look at how to set it up. Really, it’s simple.


1. Head over to the Google Places for Business page and click the big blue Get Started button.

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2. If you already have a Google account (Gmail, Google+ etc.),sign in. If you don’t, click Sign Up For An Account and you’ll be taken to the account set up page. Note that Places aren’t transferrable so make sure you plan on being the only one to use this tool, or use a Google account you don’t mind sharing.


3. Once you’re logged in, click Add a Business.

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4. Use the search field to find you business. Sometimes Google will already have some of your business information. If you business is listed, select it and continue to the next step. If Google does not have your business information, click None Of These and Google will let you fill out your basic business information.

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5. Click Next once you’ve filled out and verified your basic business info correct. The next page will allow you to add more detailed information about your business including business hours, payment options available, photos, and more. Fill this out and be as thurough as possible, then click Submit.

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6. From there you will be asked to verify your info. This can be done one of two ways. The first and easiest is by phone When you submit for phone verification, Google will immediately call the phone number listed in the Place listing. The automated call will give a PIN code that needs to be entered on the verification screen. The second and much longer and more difficult route is verification by postcard. If you choose this option, your PIN code will be mailed to the address on the Place listing. When the PIN is received in the mail, you must login to your places account and verify the PIN number.

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Once you’re verified, that’s it! you’ve got a Google Place listing and you are significantly more visible to those who search you on the web. Your customers now have quick access to the pertinent information about your dealership directly on Google.

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