Using YouTube Video to Skyrocket Auto Dealer Sales

YouTube for auto dealers

If you are a car dealer or sell cars through online channels, you can increase your business with highly effective online advertising using YouTube videos. You can experience a remarkable rise in your auto listing rank status on Google, gaining top page positions in consumer searches. Once you post engaging videos of your car inventory on YouTube with direct links to your car dealer sales site, you are well on your way to a dramatic upswing in sales numbers. YouTube is a powerful search engine with unlimited possibilities for bringing you new customers and a growing client base for future sales.

If you are have a small, independent dealership selling used cars through an Internet marketplace like eBay, you will find YouTube extremely helpful in boosting sales right from your first posting. If you work as a salesperson for a large car dealership, you will discover that, by posting quality car videos on YouTube linked to your site, your website’s SEO ratings will increase overnight. Your web traffic will jump appreciably, bringing you increased sales conversions rapidly. YouTube videos have high visibility rates, with millions of members and visitors viewing video postings daily. You will find that YouTube videos embedded on other websites usually gain many more viewers than other videos of equal quality. Consumers know and value the YouTube site and platform, trusting the validity and accuracy of ads and marketing videos included on this powerful online resource. You can truly skyrocket your car sales as an auto dealer through use of YouTube videos.

Main Features and Valuable Benefits of YouTube Videos for Boosting Automobile Sales

Posting attention-getting car videos on YouTube can greatly increase an automobile dealer’s sales rates for several primary reasons, including the following:

• Reaching a Wider Audience. – Your attractive, informative auto videos posted on the most frequently viewed video content website on the Internet will reach a rapidly growing audience of potential customers.

• Increasing Video SEO. – Video SEO (vSEO) rates for your car dealer website will increase immediately due to backlinks to your site from your YouTube video description. SEO will also be favorably impacted when you embed this video on your home page. In addition, your SEO rates will be very favorably impacted by the many other vehicle videos also posted on YouTube. Customers searching car videos on this powerful search engine and resource site will often find your video grouped with those of similar autos.

• Gaining Sales from Lasting Impressions. – We live in a very visual modern world where video presentations make a more powerful and lasting impression on the public than the printed word. People tend to retain visual impressions, opinions and information they gain from videos. They also tend to view the same video multiple times although they may view a printed ad just once. This focused attention on your car videos will most likely send many new customers to your website and business.

• Benefiting from Consumers’ Overall Product View. – Consumers often grasp a more accurate overall view, understanding and appreciation of a product from viewing the item in a video than from reading or hearing a description or explanation. The best car videos show the vehicle from all angles so the viewer can see all its most valuable attributes. When viewers contact you to discuss purchasing an automobile, they already have a clear picture of its major features and accessories from watching your footage.

Creating YouTube Videos for Car Dealer Sales That Bring Results

If you are considering making your first auto video to post on YouTube, but not sure how to start, try one of these three suggestions for creating a simple, easy presentation:

1. Vehicle Slideshow

On the YouTube site Upload page, you will find options to upload videos, webcam captures, image slideshows and Google+ Hangout screenshots. You can start by creating a simple slideshow of your vehicle. By taking a series of photos of this auto from different angles to show important features, you can make an engaging marketing slideshow. You can then add powerful SEO with use of keywords and phrases as photo captions or overlays. You can also add music from the convenient YouTube database or use your own music files. When completed, you are ready to publish your slideshow on YouTube. You can then add this slideshow link to your car dealer website or embed the video slideshow on your site to entice your online visitors to buy a car.

2. Webcam Answers to FAQs

Using your webcam, make a video of yourself answering some of the questions customers most often ask. Use common, but good quality keywords in your explanations and direct viewers to your car dealer selling website for viewing current cars for sale. You may want to post this video on your site after publishing it on YouTube. You can either post it on your site’s home page for good visibility or on your FAQ page as helpful input for answering customer queries. By creating and posting a new video weekly, you can boost Web traffic to your site considerably, increasing your sales conversions rate.

3. Google+ Hangout Screen Share Promotion

Google Hangouts

Google+ Hangout is the simplest venue for creating a screen capture of activity on your computer. You can make a screen capture of your own online activity as you navigate the pages and content on your auto dealer website. You can also walk your viewers through the process of applying for an auto loan on a loan broker’s site. You can show a shot of your dealership location via Google Maps and give directions for getting there.

Tips for Shooting Outstanding Vehicle Videos

When shooting a car video, if you are outdoors, make sure the sun is behind you and shining toward the vehicle. Afternoon hours are best for shooting footage because it is easier to avoid dark shadows during these hours. You want to be sure all the automobile’s best features are well displayed for customers. White and black cars are the most difficult to video so that all their best qualities are clearly shown. Sometimes shadows can help distinguish different characteristics of black or white vehicles, so you may want to video them around 4:00–5:00pm using the natural shadows at that hour for emphasis.

You can get tips from photos in your favorite auto magazines for car placement and for enhancing your shoots. Get creative with video angles so your viewers get a clear picture of the overall effect of the vehicle. Include some low shots, and you may want to use a ladder so you can get some good shots looking down at the car. Make sure your feature vehicle is meticulous inside and out before shooting your video. This includes tires and car seats as well since it is important to include some interior views for the benefit of your customers.

How to Write Engaging Car Video Titles and Descriptions

Car dealers using YouTube

Your car video titles and accompanying descriptions on YouTube should include major keywords for SEO enhancement. Titles should be eye-catching, engaging and short since many YouTube searchers and browsers skim through titles as they select videos to view. Make your descriptions brief, writing in clear, concise language. Short descriptions will catch the attention of viewers and attract them to your website for further information on this car and other automobiles you are offering for sale. Clever and humorous titles and descriptive content can add unique qualities and flair to your product, site and brand if used tastefully and creatively.

The August 2014 Video Content Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study from Demand Metric gathered data from 295 companies relative to their ROI from video marketing. Over 70 percent of these businesses gained better notice and sales from online video ads and marketing efforts than from other forms of advertising and promotion. Especially since this trend is predicted to continue with increasingly positive results, why not skyrocket your car dealer business to heights of success. Start posting your auto videos on YouTube, today’s most popular and powerful online video venue.

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