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YouTube is rapidly becoming one of the largest search engines in the world. Why would you not leverage that to promote your dealership and the cars you have for sale? According to a ComScore study in February and March of 2010, YouTube search placed second behind Google as most used searches on the web. On top of that, in just the two months, searches went up 4%. Now four years later, that number has assuredly increased even more as YouTube has only gotten more popular. According to YouTube, they currently have:


-1 billion + unique visitors each month


-Over 6 billion hours of video watched each month


-Nielsen states that YouTube reaches more adults age 18-30 than any cable network


-Millions of channels are subscribed to daily. The number of people subscribing this year are up 3x from last year and the number of subscription overall is up 4x.


Furthermore, according to Dealer.com, 59% of car buyers would buy from a dealership with video descriptions than those without. Finally, YouTube videos tend to rank much better in Google searches as well. All this is to say you should use YouTube to sell your cars! Let’s talk about how to really leverage YouTube at your dealership.

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MotorLot recently introduced a YouTube posting tool for our standard plan and above. With this tool, MotorLot will create a YouTube video for each vehicle in your inventory. These videos will play a slideshow of all your photos, along with slides with the vehicle features. In the video description, MotorLot will put the vehicle description and feature set, as well as contact info for the dealership. MotorLot will also automatically tag the video so it will be easier to search.




Now that you’ve got a great YouTube video, use it! We’ve talked about how great Social Media  is for your dealership. Now that you have this great new video for your vehicle, share it on your social media sites. Be sure to share your video on FaceBook, Twitter, and Pinterest! This will not only help your dealership gain exposure with your social media followers, but it will also help your video rank higher in Google! Also, having people watch, share, and like your video, will increase your search visibility! YouTube makes sharing your video very easy with its share buttons.

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The other thing that is a must do with your new video is post it in your vehicle description. This will help convert your sellers that visit your site. As I previously mentioned, 59% of buyers will buy from a dealer with videos than those without.


Make sure and utilize YouTube with your dealership to increase visibility, drive traffic to your website and dealership, and ultimately SELL MORE CARS! And the easiest way to utilize YouTube with your dealership is with MotorLot!

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