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Today’s businesses can’t afford to operate without a web site.  It is imperative that you maintain a positive brand on the Internet. You can do this with some website content tips for used car dealerships. We all know that one bad review from someone we trust will influence the decision about whether or not to spend our hard-earned money. A great website is mandatory for your used car dealership so here are some tips when thinking about the content you have on your website for your dealership.

1. When You Look Good You Make Money.
The old saying is true. You have to spend money to make money. Do your homework. Look at your direct competition. You want your site to be well designed and well maintained.


2. Whoever Manages The Website Should Have Grammar Skills.
This may seem like a small thing, but the spelling and grammar of your content is vital. Any misspelled word will be a red flag to customers. It suggests a lack of intelligence, interest and professionalism. When potential clients visit your site, it’s like they are essentially visiting your dealership.

3. Do We Know You?
Your brand should be clear. Your logo and corporate colors should be represented. Customers should know it is you. If your colors are blue and green, why is your website red and white? Is your contact information placed in my line of sight? If we don’t see we won’t search for it.

4. Keep It Simple.
Don’t clutter your site with superfluous information. Look at the content from a consumer prospective. Does the information have any effect on the success of your product? If it’s not relevant get rid of it.


5. Put Yourself In A Place To Achieve The Goal Of Your Website.
What’s the objective of your website? As a used car dealership the objective of your website is to get a prospect to view your inventory, complete a credit application, come to your location and drive away with a car. Does your website cause these to be the next steps? Use your website as a sales tool. If you don’t, your competitors will benefit!

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