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Do deals in all 50 states with less hassle and more accuracy with MotorLot’s auto dealer desking software. Calculate trade-ins, add co-buyers, calculates city and state tax automatically and print forms. Don’t waste the customer’s time running slow software. Reduce your deal making time from an hour down to a few minutes.


Quickly calculate payments, finance charge, total payment, amount financed while the customer is at your desk. Closing just got easier. Cash deals and vehicle pay-offs are all handled easily. Step-by-step tabs guide you through each section to complete a deal. Save, edit and archive any deal.


Add inventory, customers, service contracts, warranty and GAP contracts to create deals with ease. 


Forms for your state are ready to go! If we don’t have the one you need, send it to us and we’ll have it in the system ready for you to use within 24 hrs! Data is overlaid on the form. No more hand writing on forms! Professional forms are created for you and ready to be signed by the customer.


Print forms using the printer you’ve already got! Works with any common ink jet or laser printer.


Our process for mobile app design includes:


  • Quickly calculate deals for your state.
  • Add additional products.
  • Print forms for any of the 50 states & DC.
  • Works on any printer you have.
  • Do it all from anywhere you have a browser.

At MotorLot, we build more than just good desking software. We create solutions that drive engagement and growth. Let’s connect and bring you more deals!

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Jessica Simon

Our new website from MotorLot has been a huge improvement. It’s easy to navigate, looks great, and has all the features we need to showcase our inventory. We’ve seen an increase in online leads since launching!

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